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Proving people wrong is such sweet bliss
[Image: 30kr4t1.png]
For my fellow players with available KoF Leaders but no other rares:
KoF Lead(Iori/Kyo or Mai)* - Alma - Any Dark w/ Atk Boost(or Mai if no Mai Lead/Ally) - Any decent non-fire non-dark(filler, ideally Atk Boost) - Any Dark w/ Atk Boost - KoF Ally(whichever you didn't pick as Lead)*

*Iori and Kyo are interchangeable, but it is imperative you have Mai as either part of the team or as Ally due to her MAX skill.

Rd1 - Kill two out of three early, try to delay for 2 to 4 rounds

Rd2 - Spin till killed, try to delay for 2 rounds

Rd3a - If using Kyo as Lead/Ally, activate Alma first if plenty of Hearts. If not using Kyo or not that many Hearts, activate Iori/Kyo first then Alma(Don't use Kyo MAX skill, unless you used Mai as filler and placed her next to Kyo)

Rd3b - Activate Mai MAX skill, activate Atk Boost(if boost is below x1.5, just one more spin should kill)

Rd4 - Spin, try to delay for 5 rounds

Rd5 - If you're confident, just spin to win. If not, activate Alma, especially if more than 9 light runestones on board. Make sure to heal up before killing enemy

Rd6a - Ideally you didn't use Alma earlier so you can add to first round burst. If you did, that's okay. Just activate Kyo and 1 Atk Booster, then spin to win. It is important you one shot unless you have some decent recovery or hearts available

Rd6b - Full burst, use Mai MAX skill. Easy finish.


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