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[Image: 60?cb=20180720125806]

Leader skill: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 5x; if a group of 5+ runes is dissolved, Team ATK 1.5x further. Initial CDs of all Beasts -5 (doesn't stack).

When Suzuko is used as Leader and Ally, and the team contains only Fire Beasts, a new effect is gained: The most common runetype also has 100% Fire effect; if Fire is the most common runetype, Team ATK 1.8x further.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Can attack without Fire runes
+ Accelerated actives to get ready for early burst
+ Bursts off converters as well as boosters
- Fire Beasts only, so member options are limited
- Best utilities are event cards

General Gameplan
Suzuko takes Beasts in a sort of weird direction - instead of using multicolor synergy like Druids or Catthieves, she leans toward pure Fire power (hehe). Upon her PR, Fire Beasts weren't exactly diverse, but Madhead seems to be moving towards making interesting Suzuko-boosting Fire Beasts. With a good multiplier, guaranteed offensive runes and accelerated actives, but base Beast REC and no HP boost, this is one of the more glass-cannon teams around today.

Note: As a general Beast leader, Suzuko is better off as ally with a Zero leader to maximize the initial CD reduction; otherwise she's completely outclassed by other meta Beast leads, so we won't talk about the general case here.


[Image: 60?cb=20181128160254] ★★★★★
Merbromin shores up one of Suzuko's worst weaknesses - a lack of REC. With him, you can play Suzuko much more safely, turning the glass cannon into... plexiglass cannon? idk I'm not a matsci dude

[Image: 60?cb=20180720125806] ★★★★★
Additional copies of Suzuko are quite effective - 3x Team ATK and 10 guaranteed Enchanted Fire at CD8 is very powerful here.

[Image: 60?cb=20180803114843] ★★★★★
Persistent damage booster that also produces more Fire to keep your damage up. Very nice.

[Image: 60?cb=20170206114632] ★★★★★
More stable and a bit stronger than Mushussu, but lacks the convert power. Column attack boosts as well.

[Image: 60?cb=20180330061528] ★★★★★
This team has no natural time extension, so tossing in Shingen really helps. The added combos are nice for breaking combo shields, or even just to supplement damage if the board is too full.

[Image: 60?cb=20180820100438] ★★★★★
Similar to Shingen. The time extension is more resistant to time-reduction enemies, but Garuda lacks a combo component.

[Image: 60?cb=20181112092239] ★★★★★
A nice damage spike, Copperfield can be effectively CD5 when used right. The convert is minor but often enough to push you into 1.8x.

[Image: 60?cb=20151005100247] ★★★★
A cheap member option, Cerberus has some pretty strong impact in Suzuko. The column of Fire is likely to trigger that 1.8x boost, and at CD5 it's ready by turn 1.

[Image: 60?cb=20170619071456] ★★★★
Your CC option. Unfortunately a bit slow to be of much use, but his column healing makes up for it a bit.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622092622][Image: 60?cb=20151117181953] ★★★★

Useful converters with a column attack boost.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093229] 
With Zhuque's convert you can expect to attack off Heart runes. Enchanted healing is good, and with dragonware it becomes a mild booster too.

[Image: 60?cb=20181103163526] ★★

Stats are nice, but enchanting and Beast runes... don't do too much on their own. Good for dealing with rune locks.

[Image: 60?cb=20151125195652] ★★
Same deal as Perillos, and even slower. Not too impactful.

[Image: 60?cb=20181128160255] ★★
Like Perillos and Qiongqi, but affects more runes and therefore has a stronger claim.

[Image: 60?cb=20181003180512] ★★
Partial explode is alright, and helps clean out your board to trigger 1.8x. Extra Hearts for healing isn't too bad.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622115102] 
Not actually a bad choice; stats are a little sucky but that heal helps in a pinch, and the boost is alright.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622115051] ★★
Basically a Team ATK 2x. Way too slow at CD 12, and with bad stats.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622092642] ★★
Your REC is bad and you're healing mainly with Merbromin.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093051] ★★
An interesting random utility, I guess. Nobody likes getting hit extra times after all. Usually you'd prefer a burst instead though, or Iquitos to prevent damage altogether.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622092830] 
If you really needed a defense break, more boosters would probably be better. Or even DC, -%defense is a pretty common skill.

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124238] 
A farmable persistent booster if you really need one? The boost may be high, but miserable stats bring it down.

[Image: 60?cb=20150720122812] 
Just a poorly-statted converter. Pass.

Suzuko's damage is quite alright; it's her relative lack of utility and limited teambuilding options that really brings her down. Nonetheless, she still has some potential, and if you have enough of the core members she does pretty well; Merbromin and some converters/boosters are all you need to make her functional to a great degree.

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Perillos main use is to keep the boost and help Mushussu to stay active, other than that he is not really impactful alone unless you use Suzuko active in conjunction to turn the runestones from her active into beast runestones and deal even more damage.


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