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Stuck... need a hand
I don't know/can't read the names, please accept my apology & try to muddle through my description.
Working for the new Hel card. I'm trying to clear the blue dot alt world. On the Fire island, 3rd tier, 3rd battle, 2nd rnd- I'm stuck. It's the dark skeleton w 2 pawn minions & time reduction. He's constantly CD 1 & regenerating sidekicks. I can't damage him w them on the board but they're brought back every turn.
What am I missing here folks? Help me out

Thanks, Jinxy

Use a card that delays enemy CD? Poppy or I&U or Medusa/Iquitos/Urd? I don't actually know the stage but based on your description I'm guessing this works to get through it.

UID: 86478773
Adjutants: Cornflower and Rose. 

Allies Available On Request:

LF: Not much. Running out of friendslots tbh.
Worked like a charm, thanks! Smile

The other option is a delay craft.

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