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[Story]The Adventures of Summoner

shown inside, the immense, squid like beast jiggled the water with fierce waves. Yidhra, confident, swam swiftly and launched multiple powerful attacks.

"Wow.. She is good isn't she?" Dark paladin commented. Which was unusual for him to say because of his rather rash and arrogant accent. The team, gaining confidence came along and helped.
The beast did minimal damage to the team, as Yidhra's recovery was superb. The team had no trouble. Although their damage was little, it was steady and sure.

Suddenly, a massive bubble covered the what's called a Cthulhu, and all of their attacks were absorbed into it. Paladin dark, suddenly fearing Yidhra's betray stopped. But not noticing, Paladin earth continued his earth attacks.

Meanwhile, Yidhra was still attacking, but as if she were waiting for something.

Suddenly, the bubble exploded. But not only the bubble, so did the Cthulhu. As the body fades into nothing. A pile of gold dropped on the ocean floor.

"Whoa, what was that? "Paladin dark exclaimed.
"It was my bubble burst skill, I gathered all of our damage, then burst it upon him when he became weak." Yidhra explained.

"I didn't even use my lethal strike! And you killed it!" The surprised paladin dark said, impressed.

Yidhra smiled. "Let's go."

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Yidhra's a badass ain't she? I look forward to evolving my own =w=
(11-28-2013, 02:52 AM)Universal Wrote: "Whoa, what was that? "Paladin dark exclaimed.
"It was my bubble burst skill, I gathered all of our damage, then burst it upon him when he became weak." Yidhra explained.

"I didn't even use my lethal strike! And you killed it!" The surprised paladin dark said, impressed.

Yidhra smiled. "Let's go."

The trio moved on ahead. With Cthulhu now defeated, they can advance even further into the palace.

"So where do you think the Water Key would be?" asked the Earth Paladin. Yidhra swam around the corridor, looking around the many doorways that filled it. "Beats me, this place is a massive maze."

As they travelled further in, the Earth Paladin started to feel dizzy. The place seemingly goes on forever, with stairs going up and down and all around, and there were odd design choices, with doorways on the celing, secret passageways at the push of a nearby ornament, and he swore he saw a fish swim right through a solid crystal wall.

".....we're lost aren't we?" the Dark paladin finally said. Neither the paladin nor the mermaid answered, their confused faces were answers enough.

Suddenly, a warbly roar echoed through the waters. Without warning, a reptilian creature with amphibian features burst right through a wall. Behind it lay a MASSIVE treasure trove, but the dragon was in the way.

"Well that was convenient! I think we found Cthulhu's guarddog!" Yidhra shouted, and readied her spear.

The Icigon bellowed a challenge, and swam straight at the trio, vertical jaws wide open to feed on them. The trio jumped out of the way, and the Earth paladin quickly notched an arrow, slid under the dragon, and fired a volley into the creature's midriff. Purple blood started to leak out from the puncture wounds, and the reptile roared in pain.
Yidhra readied her ability, and a bubble swelled above the Icigon. "Everyone, attack the bubble!" she cried. Everyone jumped straight at the bubble immediately, with the Dark paladin slashing at it, the Earth Paladin firing arrows within it, and the mermaid jabbing away at it, all the while the bubble grew larger and larger.
The Icigon, now half wounded, lunged at Yidhra with incredible speed and bit into her left shoulder. As she screamed in agony, it started to wave it's head left and right, attempting to tear her apart.
"This isn't good! Brother, do what you do best!" the Earth Paladin cried.
"With pleasure." the Dark Paladin replied, and chopped away at the puncture wounds the Earth Paladin inflicted on the monster. It immediately let go of Yidhra, and swam straight at the Dark Paladin, not realising it swam right under the bubble, which is now three times as large as it was.
Yidhra, seeing her chance directed the bubble straight at the Icigon. With a massive pop, the dragon lay motionless, and it dissolved into tiny bubbles.

"You okay there Yidhra?" the Earth paladin said, looking at the bite mark on her left shoulder which is still bleeding slighty. "I'll be alright. What should be inside the treasure trove would help." With that, the trio swam inside into what has got to be the biggest treasure trove they have ever seen.

A massive mountain of gold and jewelry lay before them, heaps of rubies and sapphires piled on top of silver goblets and golden jars, with skeletons of all kinds buried within the mountain of loot. On top of the mountain of treasure, lay the summoner barely conscious, and the Blue Key they had been looking for.

"Looks like he's still alive but not for long! He needs air and fast!" The Earth paladin said.

Yidhra obliged, creating a bubble around the Summoner. A few moments later he awoke from his sleep. "Urgh.... where am I?"

"A massive mountain of loot of course! I think we could carry a handful of this stuff back topside." the Earth Paladin said with a slight hint of cheerfulness in his voice now that the summoner is safe. Nearby, Yidhra picked up a large turquoise jewel, and held it briefly. The gem shimmered brightly, then Yidhra's wounds were healed.

"This is what I was looking for, the Sea Jewel. It's got the power of healing within it. This was taken from my village only two days ago when that dreadful creature attacked." The Summoner was briefly puzzled by the newcomer. "Who's that mermaid?" he asked.
"That's Yidhra, a mermaid that also had a pick with that tentacled beast that kidnapped you earlier," the Dark paladin replied, "You better thank her for saving your sorry ass later."

Yidhra then noticed something next to the Sea Jewel. it appears to be some kind of photo. "Hey... what's this?" she said as she picked it up. It appears to be a family of three, depicting a man, a woman, and a small child with brown hair. The summoner recognised the child. "Isn't that child the same one that helped me defeat the Light Golem weeks ago? What's this doing here?"

"Dunno," said the Earth paladin, picking up the Blue Key along with a small pouch of 600 coins, "I suppose we can take it with us." The summoner nodded in agreement, taking 4 diamonds from the hands of a nearby skeleton.

The team walked back out of the treasure room into the maze of corridors. Looking into the labyrinth, they realise they have another problem.

"Um..... where's the way out?"

Sent from a diamond studded cardboard box.

[Image: c31ba0e2.jpg]
[Image: c9818c78.jpg]

I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
I wrote this on the computer because it'll be a lil' easier and the whole fiasco of my post being deleted just because I went to a different tab won't happen ever again... I hope
(11-28-2013, 03:27 AM)Ultrapyre Wrote: "Um..... where's the way out?"
As the Summoner said those words the water suddenly became... colder.

"Why did the water suddenly become so cold? Is it because we slayed the Icigon or what?" the Summoner said with a shiver. "I think I might get hypothermia."

"No, this isn't natural." said Yidra, "Someone is behind this."

"You are completely correct." said girl with blue hair. She had on a frilly blue dress and wore brown boots. There was golden armband on her arm and she was adorned with a strange white headpiece. A little swan was following her around as well. And was that thing that she's holding... a teapot?

"I have frozen the palace so that you cannot leave unless you hand over the key."

"Do you really think you can stop us? What, are you going to use your little teapot to freeze me? HA!" scoffed the Dark Paladin.

"B-but I might get hypo-" the Summoner began.

"I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU" the Dark Paladin cut him off.

"Well I'll show you what a teapot can do." The blue-haired girl said as she pointed her teapot at the Dark Paladin. A little blue swan made out of magic came and 'flew' towards the Dark Paladin.

Yidra suddenly had a worried look on her face. 'Blue hair, blue dress, a swan, and most importantly a teapot. ' Yidra thought to herself. It reminded her of someone her village chief told her to be weary against. But her memory was failing her at that point in time so she dismissed the thought.

"Is this the best you can do? Summon a little swan from your little teapot? Well sorry to say but that won't take me down!" the Dark Paladin scoffed.

But the girl wasn't worried in the slightest. In fact, she was smiling. And as Yidra was staring at the smiling girl she remembered what the chief had said,

"Beware of the goddess that dwell within the palace. She is the Memories' Keeper Urd. She wields a mystical teapot- hey stop laughing. I'll have you know that the teapot can freeze you for eternity as long as you are in the palace so be careful and pay attention! Young people these days..."

"Get away from the swan!" Yidra shouted in desperation.

But it was too late. The swan made contact with Dark Paladin and he froze, becoming a frozen statue of what once was the Dark Paladin and to never see the light of world above again.

"You, how could you do this!" Yidra screamed at Urd.

"He underestimated the mystical capabilities of my teapot so he got what he deserved. If you cared for your 'boyfriend' you should've made him take back his rude remarks."

"He's not my boyfriend!" Yidra said exasperated "And why is that swan always with you? If you like so much why don't go marry it!"

"Oh no you didn't just say that"

"Ooh, a cat fight!" the Summoner said to the Earth Paladin.

The two girls were exchanging blows verbally and physically. Things like,

"I know he's your boyfriend"
"No he's not"
"Yes, he is"
"He's not!"

The Summoner along with Earth Paladin were watching gleefully and then the Earth Paladin said, "Don't you wish that we had some popcorn with us?"

Well you guys can go continue this cat fight and I hope I added enough 'details' for there to be more 'character development' with Mr.Dark Pally and Ms.Yidra hur hur hur Tongue

Oh, the freezing part was over dramatic and overpowered but there's the Sea Jewel to revert the Paladin back to normal so everything's alright :3

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Oh, and I'm faboo

Angrily, Yidhra left the palace and swam up the ocean. Dark paladin made a worried face, blurging out sounds. Urd made a judging face as she left.

Meanwhile, the distressed Verdandi shouted,
"Stop! She is my sister! Now stop cat fighting! This isn't getting us anywhere."

The shocked team stood silent. Meanwhile, Yidhra appeared next to Dark Paladin, and he felt his face hot.

"First, why are you here with these not able to swim what-nots and.. --" Urd questioned.

"I went to take them," Yidhra said firmly, "The icebergs are a dangerous place."

"Where's Sean?" earth paladin asked.

"Oh, he was frozen, so it was too heavy for my bubble to carry that ice cube. I left him hidden next to a cave. He will be alright."

"Wait, so that Women is your sister?!"

"She indeed is, she is the controller of the past, and I am the controller of the present."
"Pshhh, who cares about the past, and you think your so important." The angered Yidhra mocked.
Verdandi, in defense of her sister, said "she is indeed important, with our youngest sibling, Skuld we determine fate and destiny, the future of the person's lives.
"Well why not fix the tower now?" Earth paladin questioned.
"The problem is too important and big for the lone three of us to fix" Urd and Verdandi said together.

At this point, yidhra rolled her eyes.

"Sister, you should unfreeze paladin dark, he is on our team."
"But he insulted my teapot and swan, that alone is unacceptable."

Paladin dark, incased in the thick ice, struggled to muffle out a voice of disagreement.

"Fine, I will unfreeze him, but you must leave the palace at once."
"Summoner, you also must take responsibility."

Indeed he was getting tired of her mature and nosy acts.

With a snap of her fingers, the ice shattered into small pieces and melted into the ocean, now warm again. Paladin dark began to protest, but paladin earth slapped him with his bow as in telling him to shut up.

Rolling his eyes, they reluctantly left the palace after Verdandi hugged her sister and waved her goodbye.
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'So she will not be following us?'
The summoner felt a little down that Urd shared not their quest, but Verdandi did not press the matter. She had agreed to help them; however, that did not mean her sisters would immediately want to do the same.

Yidhra proved to be a valuable friend as her bubble ensured the summoner would not drown on his way to the surface. His fellow friends seemed to have grown a bit during this underwater expedition, as the Earth paladin matured a bit as well as Verdandi, reinvigorated by her sister's appearance. As the Bubble resurfaced the rest of the team spotted them at the glacier and cheered their return--well all except Crank who still had a freezing cold.

The summoner thanked everyone for their help, in both his rescue and obtaining the key, especially Verdandi, who blushed and said it was nothing. The team had, however had been busy unfreezing Sean, which took a while. But the moment he regained control of his sword, he took care of the rest. They told the summoner of their weird encounter, who showed them the memento they had recovered beneath the ocean.

'So you think this is Molly's family?'
'Probably, dunno, we'll give it to her if we meet her again'
(Don't give it to her until the second seal is unleashed! XD )

For the time being the summoner pocketed it, looking at the vast tundra in front of him. It was time to embark to a different place. The gang set the pace with their new friends, Yidhra, Medusa and Griffin towards the land set ablaze. Deep within the eternal blizzard ravaging the glacier, the group was unable to see the distant figures flying above.

Honor and Novalis had carefully traced every step of the Summoner, and after a few miles each took flight to a separate island, to prepare should the summoner dare continue his futile flight.

**Ühtep Archipelago**

The team reached shore at the skirts of a massive volcano, where the land was still fertile due to the magma's flow, cleansing the earth every once in a while. Dangerous cannbalistic tribes surrounded the area, reason for which other villagers had been gone decades ago. The team pressed forward, with the Summoner , Sean and Verdandi at the front, while the slimes and Crank brought the rear. One of the slimes had a banner that read "Spear me" on the back.

'Sean, this is your territory, where do you feel we have our best shot at finding the key?'
Sean sighed 'The hardest place I guess? I'd say maybe one of the tribes has it, but none of them will be very talkative towards us. The Feast of Rebirth is coming.'
'Feast of Rebirth?' Asked the summoner puzzled.
'Yes, Feast of Rebirth. The volcano has not erupted in a while, and for them, that's bad.'
'How so? I would've thought that meant less danger around here.'
'Well yeah but not for them. The volcano erupting means people run away careless, and run into one of their villages, which means erm... dinnertime for them.' Said Sean, somewhat uncomfortable. 'So soon they'll try to anger the volcano to erupt, to get enough prey to run into them and celebrate the Feast.'

The summoner, as well as the rest of his team stopped, meters ahead of the impending jungle.
'So you mean then-'
'Yes' Said Sean, frowning. ' We'll have to search while they are at their hungriest.'

At that point a deafening roar shook the treetops, and a flock flew at top speed. Sean unsheathed his sword and the rest of the group prepared themselves.

'And the hungriest here, as you may have heard now, could probably be Cerberus.'
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I welcome new players to add me--I have a few good allies to offer, PM me in game or forum if I can help! =)
As the Cerberus approached them it let out a hideous snarl. It had 3 big, ugly heads and a mane of red fur. To the group's surprise the slimes went up and said,

"Don't worry guys we've got this" they said as they combined into one ginormous slime.

"Wait wait wait wait wait" the Summoner said " You can do that? Isn't that breaking some evolutionary law or something else of similar likeness?"

"Whateeeveeerr we break laws" the new ginormous slime said in response, then it promptly enveloped the Cerberus within its gelatinous body.

The Cerberus was being eaten. At a rather fast pace at that too. The team watched as the Cerberus was eaten through the rather watery and see-through skin of the slime. As it dissolved all there was left was... diamonds?

The slime hurled the diamonds out and then split into their original numerous form, albeit they were a bit bigger this time.

"And here I was thinking I would finally be rid of you slimes" said Crank with a disappointed look "And how'd you slimes get bigger?"

"Well too bad, so sad and we'll have you know that Cerberuses are rather nutritional" the now bigger slimes all chimed in response.

The Summoner, not concerned with the slimes separating nor their increase in size, was very intrigued about how they turned the Cerberus into diamonds.

"How did you guys turn him into diamonds?" he asked.

"We only absorb the physical matter of being and not their magical energies. Normally when anything dies it will die and rot slowly and while it rots the magical energies escape, but when we eat something we condense the uneccessary magical energies into pellets or diamonds as you call it." the slimes replied all knowingly, "But of course we're not going to let you abuse out powers so keep on dreaming."

While the Young Summoner and gang were trying to convince the slimes to let them abuse their power, two fire gnomes were talking about something...

"Brother, they look like a fine meal don't they? My mouth is watering right now" said the younger gnome.

The older gnome licked his lips and said,
"Oh, no dear brother. We mustn't forget about the village. We should head back to tell them about these tasty looking adventurers..."

The slime ability is btw, totally not overpowered and please don't kill me
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Sliming all penguins into the slime side.

Oh, and I'm faboo

"There was a legend about a dragon, a dragon so destructive, and forever hungry, that even the cannibals of the Afire Volcano fear it."

The summoner picked up the diamonds, and decided it was time to summon another creature. And his next summon was............
A flaming bird with an archer sitting on top of it. The Great Schema of Fire has answered the summoner's call!
The team moved on, and eventually, saw some buildings made out of stone. It seems like a village, which means a place for the team to rest during the night. The team entered the village.
As the team approached the buildings, Gnomes, Elves and Salamanders emerged from the buildings. Hungrily. It was only then that they remembered what Sean had said about the villagers.
It was too late. The villagers surrounded them and were closing in. They tried to fight them off, but they were still coming, determined to devour them. Then, there was a sudden explosion. Lava spewed out of the volcano, and that momentarily stopped the villagers from approaching as they celebrated the eruption of the volcano.
The team seized the chance and slashed and shot their way out of the mob and sprinted away from the village. The villagers gave chase; their first meal in ages isn't going to escape them so easily.

The team got lucky. There was a fork in the road ahead, and the villagers went down the other path. The team could finally rest, but for how long? The villagers will return and what if the roads merged again later on? They had to keep moving.
They started hiking up the volcano. Now, the full moon was hanging overhead, a silvery disc on a sky of darkness. The mob didn't seem to be close by, and everyone was tired.
"Alright let's make camp here," the summoner said.

The villagers couldn't find their dinner, and they were quite sure the adventurers should have stopped. Did they pick the path that went up the volcano? No, no one is that stupid to go and find the Flamisaur.
"Finally some time to rest..."
Verdandi thinks to herself as she lays her gentle body on the cold ground just at the edge of a cliff, near where the team has made the camp.
"Oh, that is cold... Real world feels really different." says Verdandi, as she sits up and hugs herself around her bent knees to lessen the cold feeling as much as possible - and maybe the fear.

On another corner Griffin and Great Schema of Fire keeps on arguing about something apparently, but no one can really understand them because, well, they "talk" in a different language of grunts and snarls.

And the summoner is sitting around there somewhere around the fire, watching his comrades under the moonlight and revising what they have been through so far. It is when he turns around to see where the noise he just heard had come from (and that was Yidhra's giggle from the pond nearby, somehow PKoD can be funny when he wants to it seems) that he notices Verdandi, a little further from everyone else, but still close, sitting there all alone.

"Yeah, that's your move now."

Summoner startles a little from how sudden Sean came out of nowhere. He looks up to face the standing Sean next to him.

"What do you mean?"
"Come on, you can't be that dumb. A little love hurts no one, does it?"
"Uh... I don't really know what you're talking about..."
Sean holds out his arms to sides in the "I don't know" manner and reproaches.
"You are that dumb and she still likes you. Sigh... I don't understand women, man..."
Then he walks away.

As Sean leaves as sudden as he came, summoner FINALLY gets what he meant earlier.
"She likes me, huh? Maybe I shouldn't trust Sean in this, since he's not able to get a girl for himself..."

"...well never mind. I think I'll go check on her."

A few minutes later now there are two people at the edge of the cliff, sitting together in complete(ly awkward?) silence. Since it's usually Verdandi who starts the conversations between them, summoner especially feels really uncomfortable since he has no idea of what to say. But Verdandi doesn't seem like she's gonna speak up anytime soon, summoner decides to start something.

"It sure is cold."
Most genuine and original idea he could come up with.

"Yes..." replies Verdandi, sounds more depressed than her usual self.
"Is something troubling you?"
"No... Yes, I don't know. After seeing my sister today, I remembered things about my mom and all... Nothing to worry about though, I can still pull a fight!" she puts on a sincere smile on her face.

Her eyes were the greenest and her smile was the loveliest that the summoner has ever seen. Everything about her was so green and so beautiful.

"You sisters sure have a different taste in fashion, you wearing all green and her wearing all blue..."
Summoner: Not the most romantic teen on earth.

"Huh?" says Verdandi, then giggles:
"Skuld wears all orange too! Are you into fashion?"
"Uh, no... I was just thinking..."
He was thinking how beautiful she was and all but he blabbered about fashion, maybe he is a dumb after all!

", uh, grew up all of a sudden during a fight, Verdandi. You were much younger and then you're my age... I know you summons are not like humans but how did that happen?"


An owl in a tuxedo -a familiar face it is- appears on the summoner's knee.

"And here I am exactly to answer that question, young one."

"Oh! That friendly owl!"

"Summoner, I have to talk to you in private. Dismiss your summon."

"Oh, of course." Verdandi kindly stands up and makes her leave.

"She is my friend, she could have stayed." says the summoner, a little offended by how the owl behaved.

"Friend? A summoner is always friends with his summons but do not forget that they are your summons, your underlings. You must have full control over them and never be so emotional."

"That sounds...harsh!"

"Listen to me now. There are a couple of things I have to explain."


"You have began your journey of significant importance. You were raw and inexperienced but now you have witnessed a small part of what you will be facing. There are more and worse things that you will be seeing, I am here to guide you through.

Your summons are your weapons. They are all you have and you must use them carefully. In time you will have more summons beside you, some from your summoning and some will join you by their own will, like the King of Dark. But unfortunately you won't be able to use them all together in a fight.

Have you realised that you grow tired faster recently?

That is simply because you have more summons that are bound to you. Your summons aren't completely individuals, they are connected to you, let's say, they are a part of you. Precisely the same reason why you are hurt when they are.

To put it in simpler words, each summon will have a cost and your powers have a cost limit, let's just call it "team cost." As you enhance your powers, your team cost will increase so you will be able to use more summons in quality and/or quantity.

Every fight will require you to place your summons tactically. You must know which summon to use when. Train day and night. This is the only way you will achieve your goal.

For the summons you won't be using, you just "dismiss" them; which means you will send them back to their own dimension until you call them again.

Your summons will gain experience as you use them actively in fights, and this will make them stronger just as it does you. Another wya to strenghten your summons is to use "Soulstones" which you will sometimes come by. Soulstones are tricky creatures, they will appear instantly in Lost Relic, you have to watch out for the timing. When you got your hands on some of them, they will be willing to help you -because it's their duty and they "join forces" with whichever summon you want them to.

That Dark Prime Soulstone is the greatest soulstone you'll ever see. Its main duty isn't to fight beside you but to strenghten your summons. So make use of it.

And one last way to strenghten your summons before I go, is to make them join "souls" with the same summons. Since you are not experienced enough yet, you may unintentionally call a summon that you already have or you don't need to. That is because the dimensions aren't singular and you may interefere with multiple of them therefore calling the same summon from another dimension. In that case you can always use them to strenghten your main summons. Just like what happened to Verdandi back there. But it was different as other Verdandis did it with their own will.

That is about all for now, young stylite, beware of the danger ahead and remember: The safest you feel will be the weakest you are.


The owl disappears.

"The safest I feel... What does that even mean, should I be uncomfortable all the time?!"

The time he questioned this was the time PKoD and Yidhra ran up to the summoner.

"Summoner, we have guests!" said Yidhra anxiously.

Could it be...
[Image: xbxtzn.jpg]

If life gives you silver cards, make lemonade.

Gonna update my whole ally&wanted list soon. But I'm lazy. For now:
Allies: PKoE, Virgo, Freyr, Apollo
Looking for: Minamoto, PR Molly, Cassandra
Well, this would be boring to keep it to TOS game style so lets have a bit of spice, hopefully my writing can match the plot im thinking of.

From a distance, there was the sight of an army. An entire company of witches was lead by a knight in red, as they approached the summoner's party. a 150 of them, this would prove to be our hardest battle yet. Even though the summons are already alerted of this battle and gripped onto their weapons, this opposing reality was crushing.

"Whoa, this is too much.."said Verdandi, while the griffin went hyper and start squeaking left and right in shock, soon cowering behind the summoner's back. Sweat trickled down the entire party's forehead, this might be their last battle. "Dum dum dum......"three slimes went.

Soon, the army reached the very face of the summoner and the fire paladin move his hand towards his back where the lance was. Sean went on alert mode and began to draw his sabre, however their companion the great scheme of fire stopped him with a wave of his hand as the giant vermillion phoenix blocked his path from the fire paladin.

The earth paladin then asked his younger brother, "Red...don't tell me even you will oppose our journey. I thought you were the most justice loving amongst all of us, but to prevent us from stopping the evil!"
"It has been ages since we last quarreled, i'm eager to see your improved skills!"Dark said as he fold his arms and gave a huge grin.

"Calm down, green. Now where is that thing? Here? Nope, then here? Ahah!" The fire paladin said as the started fidgeting around, and finally withdrew a scroll from his pocket. "This is a message from the oracle of the Phoenix Order, Mistress Skuld. You are invited to the Phoenix Order's headquarters to have a talk with her of utmost importance and our half of our army has been sent to fetch you. The contents of the talk will be regarding the climb up the tower. Our oracle, the goddess who weaves the future has seen something of your future ordeals and would like to assist you on your journey."

"Red, so you are on our side""Tch"Earth and dark paladin said at the same time

"Now then, may I ask you to kindly follow us back to base, the army here is just a formality and there is no need to be so uptight."The fire paladin waved his hand and the army split into two flanks, giving a path for the summoner's party to walk through the center. The party began their walk to the phoenix order.

During their walk, the great schema of fire and the fire paladin seem to be having enjoyable talks, as they engaged themselves in continuous laughter. The rest of the party felt mildly uneasy due to the two long flanks of witches, but it was a day's walk before they reached the magnificent phoenix order, or what was left of it. The glorious fortress which was deemed impenetrable was in ruin as dead witches lay all over the ground.

"What...what on earth happened!?"the fire paladin seemed shocked, it seems this setting was not just a welcoming act. The summoner shouted,"Everyone to arms!" His party readied themselves for what may be inside that caused this havoc. The entire army and the summoner's party then rushed into the fortress.

The sight of the bodies that laid around was horrid, blood was smeared across the walls and floor. "Ugh horrible..."Verdandi said as her face frowned. The summoner was quite surprised and entranced by the image of a sad beauty but soon he placed his hand on her shoulder and another one to cover her eyes from this gruesome sight. "Let me guide you through this, it must be hard to see such a thing." Griffin tightly hugs the summoner's shoulder as it closed his eyes, while the great schema of fire remain silent and continued walking by. Sean looked at the summoner enviously and imaged himself doing that, however the imaginary Molly gave him a slap on the face the moment he tried to sling the arm across, waking him from his fantasy. The party slowly advanced through this scene of gore until they reached the center of the fortress where the sounds of swords clashing occurred. The centre room which used to glow in the radiant seven prismatic lights was filled with grim darkness and nothing could be seen across this pitch black room.

"Clash"A bright spark went on as a crimson light went aglow. Accompanied with it were sparks of light and darkness, as these lights merged to form various other colours in their afterglow. The speed which the battle moved at was astounding, the clashes flew from one side of the room to the other only leaving behind countless afterglows. The entire army just stood there dumbfounded as the magnificent battle was in place.

"Dark Wave!""Iridescent storm!"two voices shouted out as the light and dark attacks merged and pushed the red glow to where the party was. "Kyaaaa.....*Thud*Ugh..."a sweet sounding voice was let out, followed by a series of deep breaths. A matured girl wearing a dress of vermillion red with the crest of the phoenix was before them.

"Mistress Skuld!"Fire paladin went as he went to help up his mistress. Verdandi followed behind as she was worried for her sister. So this is the oracle, the summoner thought. Then who is she fighting? From the darkness then came out two large gargantuan figures.

"As expected of the Unwavering Faith! Even with our mounts, you are able to fight on even grounds with us!" "Well, this battle should not take any much longer...hmm? Looks like our guests have arrived..." Two young men dressed in purple and white came out from the darkness, standing high on their dragon whilst looking down on the army that stands before them. "Honor, Novalis....I won't let you get away from causing this!" Skuld said in rage while being supported by fire paladin. "Get away?We wouldn't be the ones who will be dying here, so what makes you say that,"Novalis said with a huge smirk on his face. Honor then raised his hand to his face to hide his grin as he said proudly,"Well then, now lets clean up the trash. We who are the servants of the Orthrus are far too great for the likes of these opponents." So these are the people who wrecked the order...

On a nearby tower, two silhouettes were seen. "Hooh...Novalis,Honor,Tzulscha and Faugn huh. The Orthrus, no Sirius brothers must have seen this summoner as a great threat....he is still far too green for us though,"said an alluring female voice. "Don't say that Artemis, I would really like to see how far he can climb before he falls. What do you think, my queen?" another husky voice rang out. This was directed to a last shadow that was wrapped in the deepest darkness were behind the two, however she remained silent with a nod as she continued to observe this battle with interest.

So what will happen to the summoner and the phoenix order? How strong are Novalis and Honor? And who and why are these three people watching the summoner's actions? Stay tune to find out more. God, that was a big expansion pack. Looks like i have the ability to make a seal 2 stage to a seal 6 one(like with dark paladin), anyways welcome to the next BIG BATTLE of the story.
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Ooo! Shit just got real. Looks like we have a major battle on our hands! *chrono trigger boss fight music goes heer*

(11-28-2013, 01:45 PM)Miner00 Wrote:
"Get away?We wouldn't be the ones who will be dying here, so what makes you say that,"Novalis said with a huge smirk on his face. Honor then raised his hand to his face to hide his grin as he said proudly,"Well then, now lets clean up the trash. We who are the servants of the Orthrus are far too great for the likes of these opponents." So these are the people who wrecked the order...

On a nearby tower, two silhouettes were seen. "Hooh...Novalis,Honor,Tzulscha and Faugn huh. The Orthrus, no Sirius brothers must have seen this summoner as a great threat....he is still far too green for us though,"said an alluring female voice. "Don't say that Artemis, I would really like to see how far he can climb before he falls. What do you think, my queen?" another husky voice rang out. This was directed to a last shadow that was wrapped in the deepest darkness were behind the two, however she remained silent with a nod as she continued to observe this battle with interest.

The summoner ran quickly into a nearby collapsed piece of masonry. A split second later, a powerful beam of light blasted the spot where he was standing moments before.

"Is that all you got, summoner? This will prove to be much easier than I thought!"

It was clear to the summoner that the battle was severely one-sided. Sean had charged forth first to attack, but he was quickly incapacitated when Faugn hit him square in the jaw with a swipe of his wing. He's currently unconscious behind another piece of fallen rubble while Verdandi attempted to patch him up.

"So.... do you have a plan, mister tactician?" the Fire Paladin asked, barely ducking a blast of darkness as he jumped behind the fallen masonry with Skuld lagging behind. The summoner peeked quickly at their opponents through a shattered mirror opposite to him.

He can see Honor and Novalis riding on Tulzcha and Faugn respectively, the dragons attempting to blast their cover open. There appears to be an aura surrounding the dragons and their respective riders.....

"I think I got it. Those odd looking dragons are somehow bound to their riders. If we can knock them off their dragons, they might become significantly weaker." Skuld, who just recovered enough to sit back up, was listening closely. "I think you might be right there, summoner," she replied with a slightly tired tone to her voice, "I was able to knock Honor off balance for a moment and his dragon's attack was not as powerful as usual. If they fall off completely I imagine we might stand a chance." She looked up at the riders, and ducked back down quickly just as a combined light and dark blast almost singed her hair. "We've got one chance to pull it off. I think they're closing in."

Novalis is starting to become impatient. "Very well then, if you wish to hide like the rats you are, we shall hunt you down like a cat devours his prey." He motioned his dragon to smash the rubble to dust.

"NOW!" Skuld shouted, and jammed her sword into the ground.

All of a sudden, everything seemed to go into a standstill except for the summoner's team and Skuld's posse.

"I stopped time with my ability, but I can't hold the flow of time for long. Kick them off their dragons!"

Sean just barely recovered enough to get up. He smiled at the sight of Skuld using her ability. "Well well, now that's something that can be useful in many ways, miss oracle...." This just earned him a slap in the face from Verdandi. "There's a time and place for making a move on women, Sean. Can it!"

The summoner saw his chance. "Griffin, Phoenix! Knock those riders off their dragons!" With barely any time to blink, the Griffin swooped down onto Honor and rammed him off of his dragon, while the Grand Schema of Fire grabbed Novalis by his shoulders and tossed him off instead.

This proved to be too much for Skuld, and she collapsed unconscious as she withdrew her sword from the ground. As soon as time started to flow again, Tulzcha and Faugn suddenly flashed a burst of light and devolved into smaller forms.

Sean saw his chance, using the rubble as leverage for a jumping slash. Honor and Novalis attempted to stop him, but he was momentarily stunned with a well-aimed arrow from the Earth Paladin. Latching onto a chandelier on the celing, he swung on it, and flew down onto the weakened Faugn and decapitated the dragon with a single slash of his sword. It immediately exploded in a cloud of darkness, which sent Sean flying into a corner, but it was enough to severely wound the gaseous dragon that was once Honor's mount.

Seeing his chance, the Dark Paladin gathered his strength, then lunged at Tulzcha. With a single stab, he pierced the dragon's heart, and it exploded into a cloud of shimmering particles.

Honor and Novalis were dumbfounded at their sudden change in fortune. The summoner motioned everyone to advance on the two dragon followers.

"Alright, which one of you two wants to get their asses kicked first?" Sean said with a crackling of his knuckles.

"Hmph, you may have won this battle, foolish summoner, but we will return!" Novalis said, and with that, he and Honor spread their own wings and flew off into the ashen clouds.

In the adjacent tower, the shadowy beings saw the dragonoids flying off. "My my, looks like the Sirius brothers were correct about the summoner's threat." one of them said with a slightly surprised tone.
"Indeed, Artemis. Come, let us retreat before they notice us." the other being said, and they disappeared with a whoosh of black smoke.

The Fire Paladin turned to the summoner, with slightly more respect than before. "That wasn't too shabby, summoner. We'll clean up this mess, then we'll talk about why you came here."
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