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[Story]The Adventures of Summoner
(11-27-2013, 12:28 PM)Universal Wrote: "WE CAN KILL SAURMAN!" And the team cheered with hopefulness as they prepare to meet the holder of the first seal, Saurman. But the golem stood in the corner, giving a worrisome look as It was his master he was going to betray. But he wanted to fight for the end of the war and let peace spread. After all, he was tired of the lousy master's commands and noisy lectures. He made up his mind and skidded back to his team. There, it was his heart what changed him.

Lol I just realized I wrote a ton.... XD

FYI. It's gnome, not golem. There's a big difference there. Besides, it'll make more sense if a gnome was working for Saruman. Tongue

Upwards they climbed, as the stairway wounded towards the chamber where Saruman resides. It was a long walk, so they have time to interrogate who Saruman is from Crank.

"Master Saruman's the almighty leader of us gnomes. " Crank said, as he struggled to climb up the steep stairway. "He used to be....well still quite mean, but not as mean as he is now. He's been very mean since he's gotten obsessed with guarding the seal."

"So you're saying that the Seal may be causing Saruman to become evil?" Verdandi asked, twirling her scimitar. "Looks like the Seals may be more than just glorified locks...."

The summoner, at the head of the party, inspected the intricate masonry around him. Patterns inscriped from time immemorial covered every piece of stone. When suddenly he noticed a massive door at the end of the climb.

It is a massive stone archway, with a series of runes inscribed on it.

Crank finally managed to reach the top of the stairs, panting as he struggled to keep up with the rest of the party. "Oh, that's a code door. Lemme just unlock this..." He hobbled up to the archway and started turning dials.

As the team waited for Crank to unlock the door, Sean noticed a beautiful mural with a massive wall of text below it. "Hey guy! Look what I found!" Everyone else that wasn't door unlocking (i.e. Crank) gathered around to gaze at the mural.

"It seems to be some kind of history of the tower..." the Earth Paladin noted. He read the inscribed wall of text.

"Long ago, the humans from yore proclaimed to the heavens: let us build a tower that shall reach the heavens and beyond the stars, so that we may take our place amongst the gods.
They gathered the brightest minds and the strongest warriors to build the tower, bound with the strongest of boulders and the strongest of magicks. It was a beautiful tower that grew higher and higher, generation by generation. The Gods saw this and approved of the willpower of the humans. They gifted the humans with powerful arcane knowledge, and thus the summoners came to be. These first summoners called upon every creature from the world to assist in their quest for enlightment, and thus years of construction soon turned into months, and became days. The Tower stood over the land, as a great symbol of prosperity the Gods bestowed upon the humans.
However the Enochian tower was not built without drawing attention. Fiends from the depths below climbed up the tower and massacred the humans within, just as the tower reached beyond the clouds. The Fiends cried: No more shall we be confined in the depths below, we shall slaughter the gods and take their thrones for ourselves!
And thus a bloody war was fought between the Fiends and the Gods, with the surviving humans struggling to stop the bloody massacre. In the end, the Gods, out of desperation, shattered the Tower, and inscribed Seals within the tower so as to make sure no more Fiends shall ravage the skies ever again. To this day, the ravaged tower stood as a reminder of the war, and the demons sealed within."

"Well..." the Dark Paladin muttered. "This is interesting." The summoner nodded in agreement. Looks like the old legends that had been passed down word for word may have some kind of basis to them after all, but he didn't expect it to be this bad.

Verdandi had a strange look on her face after reading the inscription. Seeing this, the summoner asked her about it. She seems a bit mortified, and has a look of sorrow which the summoner has never seen before. "My mother.... she is one of the Gods that perished in the hands of the Fiends that once climbed this tower. I.... I just wanted to avenge her..." The summoner is slightly taken aback. He didn't expect this, Verdandi seems to be almost at the verge of tears. He reached out a comforting hand to put on her shoulder....

Crank, failing to read the mood, cracked the tense atmosphere. "HEY! The door's unlocked now! Have you guys forgotten about me, or do I have to sing a song??"

With that, the team advanced through the archway, with slightly heavier hearts than before. Beyond the chamber, Saruman awaits their arrival....

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I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
I'll write it here: I second Universal's idea for a TOS Author's Group Big Grin

The door opened resonating across the long, hall. The air smelled of ancient magic, deeper than any memory our heroes could tap into. Even the little slimes spoke in enthusiastic whispers.

Shrunken heads and dreamcatchers, potions and jars adorned different shelves and coves along the stone walls, a murmur surrounding the group that seemed to become louder and louder. Darkness pressed into their minds and could feel the presence of what they had long searched for.

'Who dares walk these sacred halls...'
The small voice carried everywhere and nowhere, it was hard to find the source until a gasp from Verdandi pointed the group towards a shrunken head, hanging from the side of rubble which seemed long ago had contained magic.
'Make me not repeat those words travelers...'

The summoner cleared his throat stepping forwards, bracing himself.
'We are here in search of Saruman, we have come to break the first seal to reach the gods in search for Salvation.'

The shrunken head cackled, and the halls vibrated liberating small pebbles from the ceiling.

'You seek salvation, boy.. by coming here? And what is for you this Salvation you speak of, young one...'

'We come to seek aid to end the war of ages, and for that we need to reach the top of the tower, if Saruman intends to stand in our way, we'll make sure he stops breathing!'

'Is that so...' Said the head, unimpressed. 'That is news to me, because no matter how many times you repeat that, ages ago men like you came to seek bloodshed, they came filled with greed and envy of one another. Each prayed to the gods for the death of one another. Well, considering their wishes, they all added to no one left standing. You prayed for this war human, with all your wrath and lust for power, with your corruption and ill intentions. You set the demons free. Then you fear for your OWN life, your OWN again! and prayed to the gods to save you and no one else! You know no boundaries, you have no limits. If there is something worth mentioning is that you never cease to amaze. After all the chaos ensued, here you stand before me, coming to slay those saviors you once sought to change your lives.'

'Our saviors!?' Shouted the summoner, unable to take what he had said. THEY had sought the war? Had they gotten gods and demons involved in the first place? It had happened so long ago there were no records anymore, and a shrunken head was certainly no reliable source, but something in his words sounded so... sincere... and so tired...

'Yess, your saviors, young one'
the head drawled, tired of answering empty questions. They couldn't wrap their heads around it all.
'Here you stand, tall and proud, speaking of heroism and salvation, yet willingly marching down this ancient halls speaking of Master Saruman into a bloodbath. You should be more thankful to all of them, ANY of them. After all, Saruman's seals were the only thing keeping the demons from tearing the world apart.'

'He created the seals??'

'Indeed... but enough history lessons... I guess it's inevitable for you to stomp around this place until you personally ask him, better sooner than later then...?'

And with that the head fell silent, and darkness filled the room, Crank cowering behind a column ('Uncool man!' Shouted one of the little slimes)

From the pitch black room slowly emanated a tall, ancient figure, millennia of power and wisdom in his hands, Saruman materialized in front of the Saviors.

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I welcome new players to add me--I have a few good allies to offer, PM me in game or forum if I can help! =)

As Saruman stood upon the saviors, he waved his grim staff, as whisks of souls came in and out, weaving through the worn wood. Their faces seem to beg for mercy and freedom. As they were held captive and tortured for eternity.

"Which unworthy soul has came before me" rumbled the ground.

"It is me, and for who is unworthy, you seem even more petty and unimportant." Retorted the summoner.

"Well we will see." Says Saruman before he began gathering the dark powers that the saviors have never seen before.
A sudden dark flash summoned two gnomes next to him. Sean snickered and released the water runestones at him. But the flaming attack did nothing more than crackle and spark into nothing. Shocked, Sean lost his hopefulness. Verdandi, thinking hard and concentrating as she injected her parasitic poison at the two gnomes. Earth paladin and Dark paladin made the final blow to the puny gnomes that stood next to Saruman. Crank, afraid to show himself in front of Saruman, hid behind a marble statue.

Summoner, thinking he could now unleash all the runestone's power at Saruman began spinning. But suddenly, Saruman waved his staff and two gnomes appeared again. Sean, now angered, released the spirit burst again, but the same thing happened. His enthusiasm, however killed the two weak gnomes next to Saruman.

"So you have killed my Minions..." Saruman arrogantly replied.

The slimes, annoyed by this, came out and released their elemental combos. First coming splashes of water, then flaming sparks of fire. This time, Saruman was damaged. But at the same time he hurled a dark orb at medusa and the paladins, which they were hurt badly. Desperate, the summoner spun the heart runestones and healed the team back to a sustainable amount. But as they killed each pair of golems, he became stronger and stronger.... The saviors now grew tired and wary, also noticing their attacks were incomparable to what Saruman could do with a wave of his staff.....

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Of course the main part of the battle goes to me ;___;
I suck at battle scenes so please bear with me and Uni your iPad changed gnome to golem again

Saruman shot a bolt of dark energy straight at the Summoner.He took a big hit and fell.

"Are you alright?!" cried Verdandi as he healed him back to health with heart runes.

"Yes I'm alright now thanks to you Verdandi. And I think I have figured out how he is invulnerable to our attacks." the Summoner replied.

"How?" inquired Sean.

"Whenever his gnomes are here he is never hurt by our attacks, however when the gnomes are killed it seems that he can be hurt by our attacks such as when the slimes attacked him and his gnomes were dead."

Sean got the idea and motioned to Dark PSS to strike them with his Shadow Strike.Dark PSS did and the gnomes were destroyed but Saruman was unscathed as expected.

"Ha! You think such an attack would harm me?" scoffed Saruman

"No" said the Summoner, "But now that your gnomes are dead we can!"

Sean slashed with his sword and struck Saruman in the chest.Before Saruman could response by summoning more minions Earth Paladin notched a defense piercing arrow and let it rip.

"AARRGH!!" Saruman bellowed.

He tried to retaliate with a dark bolt but before he could do that Dark Paladin swung in and finished him off with Lethal Strike.

As Saruman was disintegrating he pointed to the Summoner and said,
"Do you really think by doing this that the gods will grant you Salvation? If you do, think again because you will never get Salvation - not if Michael Lucifer is at the Last Seal. You will never be able to get this 'Salvation' of yours as long as Michael Lucifer still stands. MUAHAHAHA!"

With that he disintegrated into 5 diamonds and left the Summoner wondering what his future challenges will be.

"Well team we passed this with a little trouble but nothing too much.We should celebrate by drawing another card with the 5 diamonds Saruman disintegrated into!" the Summoner happily said.

"But before that we should really just unleash the First Seal as Saruman has already been defeated." Verdandi said with a tired look.

"Oh and that too." the Summoner said as he went to unleash the First Seal...
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Sliming all penguins into the slime side.

Oh, and I'm faboo

I never thought myself as a writer. Guess it's a lot easier with a whole bunch! Heh.

(11-27-2013, 04:17 PM)Derpzilla Wrote:
"Well team we passed this with a little trouble but nothing too much.We should celebrate by drawing another card with the 5 diamonds Saruman disintegrated into!" the Summoner happily said.

"But before that we should really just unleash the First Seal as Saruman has already been defeated." Verdandi said with a tired look.

"Oh and that too." the Summoner said as he went to unleash the First Seal...

The summoner walked up to the massive seal that was behind Saruman. It appears to be a massive glowing circular doorway with runes dotted all over it.

"Alright..... here goes nothing." With that, he called upon the power of the runes, and the Seal cracked in half and collapsed into rubble. As it happened, the entire tower shook as if struck by an earthquake, and loose pebbles fell from the celing. It quickly subsided afterward.

Sean is ecstatic. "Woohoo! that's one down! If every other seal is this easy we'll get to the top in no time!"

Verdandi isn't very sure though. "What Saruman said.... what does he mean by Michael Lucifer? My mother told me nothing about this being...."

The Earth Paladin then noticed something past the rubble behind the seal. "Wait a second...."

Behind the seal, there was another doorway. On it, five keyholes are slotted inside the obsidian doorway.

The summoner walked up to the imposing doorway. "Looks like we may need to find some way to unlock this door..." With that, he noticed an inscription written dead centre of the door:

'If you seek passage to the second seal, obtain the five sacred keys from the five elemental dragons'

"Welp.... looks like our job's not done." Sean said with a slight disappointment now that the adrenaline has worn off. The summoner motioned everyone to leave, but before that, the shrunken head that hung on the wall spoke again.

"I see something in you, stylite. You're different from the many that have passed here many millenia before you. Perhaps.... you can bring salvation to this land after all....."

As the summoner and the team went down the stairs (with Crank tumbling down instead, short legs tend to be a disadvantage), Verdandi noticed the summoner's grim expression. "I know what that shrunken head said demoralized you, summoner," she said, "but I suppose the issue isn't as black and white as that thing claimed to be."

"I don't know what I'm fighting for now." said the summoner, looking wearier than before. "Would unleashing all the seals cause the events from far before repeat itself?"

Verdandi wasn't sure about that. "If we defeat everything within this tower, the world will be peaceful again, not just humans, gods, whatever! Everyone will be happy again. That's enough of a reason to continue on."

The summoner smiled at that. "Thanks Verdandi. I guess you're right."

By now Crank's reached the bottom bruised all over. "I CAN'T FEEL MY SPLEEEEEEEEEN~"


Up on a dark room filled with the corpses of dead creatures, two gargantuan creatures appear to be whispering.

"The stylite has opened the first seal...."
"We must stop him...."
"Stop him...."
"Stop him...."

In front of the two gigantic creatures, two shadowy being knelt before them.

"Masters, we understand your orders."
"We shall make sure the summoner doesn't obtain the elemental keys."

The massive creatures shuffled in hearing those words.

"We await good news..."
"Don't disappoint us...."

The summoner has unleashed the first seal! Now it is time to revisit the islands to obtain the elemental keys! What challenges await our heroes?
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I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
Oops Ultrapyre did it, placeholder!!!!!

Now after they descended the seemingly endless stairway, they went to the icy glacier that they merely passed last time. The icy cold made the team shiver in miserableness. Sean, glad he had his runestone burst, made a warm firepit of flame as they spent the night on the chilling abyss. At night, the summoner took out the pristine, glowing diamonds and wondered if he should summon a card. Determined, he place his diamonds on the ground, and grasped the earth as a platinum glow shone in the darkness. His team waited in anticipation for what would come before his eyes. A sudden flash of light came Griffin.

Griffin grinned at the saviors who were now looking at the creature. The summoner, happy now welcomed the newest member that joined them. While cheerful, the unknown mystery of the hidden danger the icy cold has prepared for them....

Ok ok I have to go to be now Tongue you people keep me up late...
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The bright glow of the griffin lit the way through the night, the air is deadly cold and the wind was like flat blades of ice on the summoner's cheeks.

Blasting their way through salamanders, elves and gnomes, the team was quite confident in their abilities. After walking far into the frozen wasteland, the ice started cracking, huge chunks of ice was blasted into the air, the ice fell, shattered, revealing what was sealed inside, a gang of small metallic sharks. Their eyes started to glow red as they scan for signs of threat. As if it was a primordial instinct the group froze, not making even the slightest movements as the sharks look around. The PSS being afraid of sharks, broke the silence and started panicking. One shark immediately noticed this and jumped right into the huge floating stone. The Earth Paladin was the first to react, pulling out his weapon and quickly firing, his arrow pierce right through hard frozen metal when the shark was inches away from the PSS. To his surprise the arrow was literally pumped out of the machine, the shark stopped, it's whole body started to glow and overflowing with energy, it exploded...
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(11-27-2013, 07:34 PM)Balaur Wrote: Your part is probably better than mine lol, my horrible English.
You made it really easy to obtain the Key of Water though, I'd prefer it if this story drags on longer so we could have more fun Big Grin

Done! Now the key is gone again. Have fun finding it people!

"Oh no! Everyone run!" the 2* Verdandi shouted.
The team ran away from the exploding shark and they barely cleared the blast radius as the explosion sent flying bits of ice in all directions. Some of them were wounded (by some I meant Crank Tongue) but they survived. However, it's not over yet. More sharks are in the water, waiting to pulverize them.
The team can't advance, not with the sharks waiting in the icy waters. And neither can they give up, not with the fate of the universe resting on their shoulders. The summoner had to think of a way out of this ordeal. That was when one of the Verdandis screamed. The sharks leaped out of the water in an attempt to devour the team.
The summoner thought: This is it. This is when we die.
He closed his eyes, waiting for the sharks to finish him off. But Phantomasaur disagreed with the future that has been handed to them. He let out a deafening roar, and slashed at the sharks with his claws. The sharks exploded in the air; brilliant balls of light and fire engulfed the dragon.
There was nothing left in the sharks' wake. The summoner felt as if he has lost everything, and the others stood around silently, thanking Phantomasaur for his sacrifice.
One of the Verdandis eventually broke the silence. "We have to keep moving. Phantomasaur didn't sacrifice himself so that we can stand around doing nothing. We have to stop the evil and let him rest in peace."
The summoner nodded in agreement. Now even more determined than ever before, the summoner led his team deeper into the iceberg.

As the team continued their journey towards the frozen mountain to find the Key of Water, they encountered more enemies although they were easy prey, until they met a strange snake-like thing.
"Well, well, what do we have here?" said Sean.
As the team gathered around the strange creature, it suddenly lashed out with surprisingly massive force! Crank was sent flying into the freezing waters and that was enough to let them know that the Rebirth of Cerulean was tougher than it looks.
The team moved out of range of the Rebirth before it could strike again. But it was coming closer, and closer. It has to be defeated, quickly. Knowing that he has an advantage over the Rebirth, the Earth Paladin brought an arrow to his bow, aimed and fired. The arrow flew straight at the Rebirth and killed it in a single hit.
At this moment, Crank crawled back up onto the ice (after failing many times due to how slippery it is) and reunited with the team. The summoner knows that the evil of the fiends are spreading across the earth, and making the inhanitants stronger and more sinister. They have to find the Key of Water soon.

As days passed, the team had travelled a long distance through the unforgiving wasteland. Morale was rock-bottom, as tougher enemies showed up to stop them. That is, until they saw a blue-colored key encased in ice.
"Good job team! We have finally found the key!" the summoner said.
But little did he knows of a horrifying creature watching them from the depths of the ocean. It made its way up, and using its tentacles, smashed the ice encasing the key, and flung it into the water. Before returning into the ocean, however, the creature grabbed the summoner's ankles and dragged him to the bottom of the ocean...
(11-27-2013, 07:38 PM)Metacreeper Wrote: "Good job team! We have finally found the key!" the summoner said.
But little did he knows of a horrifying creature watching them from the depths of the ocean. It made its way up, and using its tentacles, smashed the ice encasing the key, and flung it into the water. Before returning into the ocean, however, the creature grabbed the summoner's ankles and dragged him to the bottom of the ocean...

Phantomasaur is DED, not big souprice. BTW Metacreeper, I think there was only one Verdandi, all of the Verds condensed onto the oldest one during the Dark Paladin fight. Well.... helps to keep it less confusing at least.

"SUMMONER!" Everyone yelled as the summoner was dragged down into the depths.

Sean was dejected. "Welp, now what do we do?" Nearby, Verdandi started to sob into her hands.

The Earth Paladin stared into the ocean for a bit, then had an idea. "Me and my brother will go down there and get him back. We're living armor, there's no way we can drown." Verdandi looked up from her hands, eyes slightly puffy from crying. "Please don't die..." she whispered....

The Paladins jumped over into the water in pursuit of the giant tentacled creature that abducted the Summoner. Sean yelled after them: "SUMMONER! I am going to wring your neck if you go to heaven before we do!"

The others sat down near the water edge, while Sean lit another fire. "Well, nothing we can do until we get news from the Paladins. Let's wait here." Verdandi didn't answer, but rather just stared into the icy waters. Sean decided to calm her down a bit. "Cheer up Verd, that guy survived worse. A little dunk in the water won't be enough to kill him! Well... if he does die I'm right here you know!" That just made Verdandi sob harder.

Crank had a guilty smile at Sean's awkward attempt. "Smooth move, Gigolo."


True to his word, the Earth Paladin and the Dark Paladin had no trouble travelling underwater. However, their heavy armor proved to be slowing them down slightly.

The undersea really is beautiful. Fish of all shapes and sizes swam here and there, glowing coral shimmered like beacons in the water, and the moonlight from above lit up the place like a crystal ball, with flashes and shimmers dancing around the sea bed.

"Huh, everything looks a lot different from down here compared to the upside," the earth paladin commented.
"Best we don't spend too much time sightseeing," the dark paladin said, "If we lose the summoner, we won't have time to enjoy the sights."

Suddenly, a fast blur swam at the duo and statched them at the direction the tentacled beast was going. The Earth Paladin looked up, and saw an unusual sight, a mermaid was dragging them by the gauntlets as if with no effort.

"I presume you two are here to retrieve the key?" the mysterious mermaid asked.

"That is half the answer." the Dark Paladin replied with a slightly irritated tone, he was used to being usually the one doing the dragging, not the other way round.
"We're here to also rescue our companion. The creature that took the key also took him." the Earth Paladin added.

The mermaid nodded. "That's perfect! Just a couple of days ago all of us felt an earthquake, and recently R'lyeh the undersea palace revealed itself from the ocean floor. It's been millenia since that eyesore appeared from what I heard. Also, at the same time that palace appeared a sea monster started terrorizing the ocean, I think that creature came from that palace. I was given the job to hunt that massive hunk of calamari down."

The Earth paladin thought of this. Perhaps that earthquake that happened when the first seal was unleashed opened up hidden places from all around the world.

"By the way, I forgot to ask. Do you have a name, miss mermaid?"
"It's Yidhra. Just call me Yidhra."

Within hours, the undersea palace is within sight, a strange crystalline structure shining from within a large crevice. The Earth Paladin spotted the massive tentacled beast swim inside the main door...

The Paladins and their new companion Yidhra are now in pursuit of the massive tentacled creature! What challenges await the trio within R'lyeh the undersea palace?
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[Image: c9818c78.jpg]

I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
Holy! One night's sleep and there's so much more now!! XD Sweet Smile

As the Paladins followed Yidhra to the underwater palace, at the surface, Sean wrapped his arm around Verdandi to console her, worried about the summoner but feeling in good company. Crank was having an awful time. Surrounded by the slimes, who had now said nothing, simply staring at him, he was shivering in his tiny, body. His only undergarment surely was not enough for this blizzardy weather, and they had crossed no blue gnomes that could borrow him one (Well they did cross one with an extra, but looked at Crank and said it was for his wife).

'There's snot coming from behind your mask' Said the little red slime. Before any answer could be given the light slime was speared right through the center (Whoah that was a good shot!! Said the red one). Sean immediately stood up, sword in hand, and nodded to Griffin who took flight, losing himself in the blizzard. Without the summoner and Phantomasaur, they stood at a disadvantage. The blizzard was too heavy and nothing could be seed past a few meters. A figure emerged, revealing the girl in the blue tunic who had helped them earlier against the Paladin.

'You!' Sean rearranged his suit and putting up a casanova look 'Well hello there, looking for me? I know I'm--'

But before he could finish, the owner of the spear hit him in the stomach with the back of a second one, blowing the air out of him.
'Don't get any nearer.'

Sean fall to his knees, feeling more angry than anything else at this moment. The griffin started coming down the sky as Verdandi conjured Poison towards the new foe, but the Blue tunic girl shouted:

'Stop please, we're not here to fight, we're just looking for something, and we'll be on our way!' Verdandi, recognizing her this time, told griffin to hold the attack, but stay nearby. The little slimes jumped gleefuly unto Sean, the spear hole completely gone by now ('You got owned son!' they told him).

Shaking them off Sean got up, fuming, towards the spearman, angry at the offensive outburst.
The girl stepped between the two, identifying herself as Molly, and her Companion as Duncan. They had lost something passing through the tundra, and had come back to recover it. Duncan looked fiercely at Sean, who altogether ignored him now that he knew he was safe.

'Yes..uh-huh.. I see... So, you to are married?'
Molly stared at him. Incredulous at his lack of interest in anything else, she stopped explaining and continued the search as Duncan stepped between the two.

'Duncan... I don't remember the Shore being so close... there was more ice before.'
'The earthquake must have split the glacier, it could now be undersea.'
'Undersea...? So, we lost it..?'

Molly seemed dismayed for a moment, but told Duncan they had to go back now. Without another word, the spearman turned away.

'But my love--!' Said Sean
Molly suddenly angry, shot water towards Sean, and Froze him solid. 'I'm not in the mood for this!!' She said angrily, tears flowing from her eyes. Without another word, Duncan followed her into the blizzard, and they were gone.

The team was confused by the sudden appearance, but shook their minds off it for the moment, hoping the Paladins were having better luck underseas finding the summoner.

'So, did anyone carry a chisel by any chance?' Said the blue slime.

Deep beneath the surface the Paladins reached the entrance of the Palace, and Yidhra stopped. The facade seemed illuminated by a Turquoise light, Two massive figures adorning the sides of the entrance. It was a beautiful place, or at least must have been long ago from what they could see. The rich detail, the elegance, the massive marble figures depicted a story they did not know of.

'Followe me' Said Yidhra, pointing towards a whole beside the Stone guardian of the right, as they immersed into the belly of the beast...

(The object the other two travelers are searching might be important later who knows! Smile Would someone like our travelers to find it underseas? Or is it forever lost? I won't write it, I'll let you decide it's fate Big Grin)

Sorry I didn't know XD How do I move it?
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