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[Story]The Adventures of Summoner
The Fortune Teller found himself wandering around the realm again. He had waited for what seemed like weeks. The creature had already crawled elsewhere.

The Fortune Teller brought up his Astral Plate. He tried to conjure an image, any image, but all he saw was the black void of space. He stared at the black surface...

He suddenly jumped back, dropping the Astral Plate. He saw two eyes, white and insane, staring into him.

"... And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

The Fortune Teller, shaken up, slowly and cautiously made his way to his Astral Plate, lying on the strange black floor, face down. He extended a hand to pick it up, and trembled as he turned it over.

There was nothing anymore. Suddenly, the stars and constellations appeared on the Astral Plate. He was puzzled. Didn't it always show nothing here? Unless...

... some sort of connection had been established between this realm and Enochia!

The Fortune Teller, excitement taking over fear, scanned the vicinity for a portal. Yet, he saw nothing. Strange. The Fortune Teller checked his surroundings again, now on the move. Still nothing.

Then, he heard it. Some sort of commotion. Oddly enough, it came from below. The Fortune Teller glanced down, and saw the creatures imprisoned in this realm gathering at a huge platform beneath the one he was on.

Gnoph-Keh with fresh snow on their white fur; Serpent Men wielding all sorts of weapons, staring at the centre of attraction with their slit-like eyes; Dark Young's Minions hurtling themselves through the crowd; Silver Twilight Adherents murmuring among themselves; Cthonians emerging from the earth. And there was also the crawling chaos.

There was a temple-like structure on a lonely platform, far from all of the others. The only way there was a narrow stone bridge. Nyarlathotep was at the closer end, preventing others from heading onwards before it.

"We have been exiled from our home! A home we shed blood, sweat, and tears to build! The accursed gods brought the burning light to our marvelous home! They threw us out! Now, it's time for revenge! We shall overtake this world and return it to how it had been."

In the temple, there was a portal, similar to the one which Nyarlathotep dragged him in from. However, this is far larger.

"We shall kill the gods! A weapon waits where the portal leads us. We shall eliminate those that stole what was rightfully ours!"

The creatures cheered. Satisfied, Nyarlathotep turned around and headed for the portal. The creatures wasted no time in following their master. They charged across the bridge, even pushing some of their peers down into the abyss.

The Fortune Teller wasn't gonna wait around either. He levitated towards the temple, and entered the portal.

He was glad he was leaving this hellish place behind, but it was like going out of the frying pan and into the fire. This hell was being brought to Enochia.
-The Storm of Armageddon: Realm of the Nightmare

Paladin King of Dark - Palace Courtyard, Holylight Palace
The PKoD had emerged from the palace only to come upon a scene of chaos. Metallic Wolves and golems were tearing the place apart. Salamanders tried to fight back werewolves, only to be knocked down to the ground.

The PKoD drew his sword and quickly rushed into the battle, slicing apart the mechanical wolves. They were easy to kill... but there were plenty of them. Soon, a Luminosaurs appeared, trampling golems and werewolves.

The dragon fired electrical beams at Metallic Wolves and managed to overload their systems. Yet, there was still so many of them.

As the PKoD continued slashing the beasts, a gnome shouted out to him, "Watch out!"

Before the PKoD could turn, he was smacked across the courtyard. The white tiger gave chase. By the time he got back onto his feet, the giant furball had reached him, and leapt, ready for another attack.

The PKoD couldn't react in time. The tiger was going to tear him apart.

There was a "thump" sound and the beasts stopped attacking. Looking at the source of the sound, the PKoD saw the Elf Queen, and a fairly large salamander to her side. The salamander held a huge green staff, with the tip, holding a golden cube within, touching the ground.

At that time, the PKoD noticed Minamoto had appeared in the courtyard, with salamanders dragging a large armored bull.

"Subjects! Listen up," the Elf Queen shouted. "Salamanders, deactivate all golems and Metallic Wolves. Elves, tend to the wounded. Gnomes, clear up this mess." Then, noticing Minamoto and his haul, she gave one last order, "Minamoto, bring that bull to the dungeon."

With that, the Elf Queen returned to the palace, with the salamander that had the staff.

Minamoto gestured and the salamanders complied, dragging the KoDB to the palace.

The PKoD stopped him. "What just happened there?"

"I'll explain it to you later. We'll meet at the west tower rooftop," he replied, before making his way to the Holylight.

As the PKoD headed back in as well, he realized that he missed Yidhra a lot. As he walked up to the entrance of the palace, he looked at the sea and wondered whether she would be fine.

Then, the PKoD caught something blue zipping around. Yidhra? But Yidhra doesn't zip around like that... the one that zips around is...

"Heyo! Go and swab the poop deck!" Beano said, jumping around in front of the PKoD.

As the PKoD facewalled, he wondered how he was going to explain the appearance of another very annoying slime to the Elf Queen.

Minamoto - Dungeon, Holylight Palace
Minamoto locked the cell door, before using the security system to add a force field in the cell. That should trap that bull. The salamanders hurried out of the dungeon, and Minamoto was about to do the same when the Elf Queen entered.

"Minamoto, you're in charge of this case. Go and interrogate the bull about stealing my Staff of the Untamed."

Minamoto gave a nod, and the Elf Queen, satisfied, turned towards the exit and left. At that moment, the KoDB regained consciousness. Although disoriented, he immediately flew into a rage, throwing his massive body against the walls of the cell.

It was a good thing the Holylight had access to force fields, if not the KoDB might have been able to break the door down with his body weight.

"It seems you're awake," Minamoto said calmly.

The KoDB turned and faced him.

"You! Release me now!" the KoDB shouted, wriggling in his chains.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, not when you've stolen something as important as the Staff of the Untamed."

The KoDB grunted, and continued trying to free himself from the chains.

"It's no use, demon bull. Now, tell me -"

The KoDB broke free from his chains.

"You think a few bits of metal will stop me? Think again, boy!"

Even if metal couldn't stop the bull, Minamoto was sure that the light force field would. Suddenly, bullets, hundreds of them, flew towards him. A great deal of them hit Minamoto and excruciating pain spread through his body. Dark red blood spilled out and pooled on the floor.

It was thanks to his immortality that Minamoto survived. However, he was losing consciousness, and all he managed to do was catch a glimpse of his attacker. A tattered red cape...

King of Demon Bull - Dungeon, Holylight Palace
"Send my thanks to Queen Daji," the KoDB said, as the force field dissolved into nothing. "It seems that beast-elf alliance is really worth investing in."


With his weight, the KoDB smashed his body against the metal door, and it gave way.

"We don't need those little elves anyway as long as Queen Daji is still on my side."


"Yes, but first, I need a weapon."


Mark-II pulled out the Emerald Staff from his red cape with a mechanical hand. The KoDB marvelled at its beauty as he held it in his hands, the power surging through him.

Dragonbane - Coast of Regalia, Vast Ocean
Dragonbane easily got his hands on an armored ship belonging to the Holylight. It seemed that the Holylight was in disarray. Stealing something so large had never been so easy! In fact, Dragonbane had also gotten his hands on a sword from the Holylight, similar to his previous one but stronger.

The new ship was very advanced, however. Instead of sails, it had funnels. Instead of steering wheels, it had computers. Instead of cannons, it had torpedoes. The only thing that remained the same between the traditional pirate ship and the armored ship was the anchor.

While Dragonbane explored the interior of the ship, which was air-conditioned, to his annoyance. Mere seconds later, the air-conditioners were spewing fire instead. Dragonbane fiddled with the dials and buttons on a dashboard, when a torpedo was suddenly launched at the Holylight.

"Well, I think we should get going," Dragonbane muttered as the torpedo detonated on the side of the central tower.

As Dragonbane spammed all the buttons, a steering wheel popped out behind him. It seemed that he managed to press the button for the emergency steering wheel. This ship isn't very different from a traditional pirate ship, it seems.

King of Demon Bull - Central Tower, Holylight Palace
There was a sudden "BOOM", and the wall next to him was blown into smithereens. The floor collapsed, the infrastructure weakened by the blast. Two poor gnomes who were slacking in the corridor below got crushed by the debris.

"What was that?" the KoDB asked, getting to his feet and reorienting himself.


Not understanding half of what Mark-II had said, he asked, "How about our escape route? Does it remain the same?"


Lü Bu - Labyrinth of No Return, Misted Woodland
"Hello? Guys? Anyone here?" Lü Bu said, hearing his voice echo through the never-ending corridors.

He turned a corner and stepped on a pressure plate. Arrows immediately rained upon him, but he simply swiped his spear across the air and smacked the arrows away. Moving along the corridor, he continued calling out for Urd and Achilles, but received no response other than the echoes. He soon found himself at a dead end.

"Silvers," Lü Bu muttered, and backtracked, careful of the pressure plate. This time however, he realized that the turn led to a different direction instead of the one he came from. Glancing around, he found no other pathways, and decided to follow what the Labyrinth had decided for him.

After a dozen hundred traps, Lü Bu finally saw an exit. "This better not go to the Chamber of Blood," he said, and headed towards the opening.

Outside, Lü Bu was greeted by treasure chests and piles of gold. He was in the thieves' hideout, the Lost Relic. A pyramid structure laid on the center of the room. On the tip of the structure was a beacon, its dazzling blue light shining into the sky. Two Evil Gargoyle Golems stood to its side, growling at Lü Bu.

Dragonbane - Cerca Trova, Vast Ocean
The journey to the Rainbow Reef was rather peaceful. Before long, Dragonbane could see the variety of colors under the glistening water. Dragonbane wss starting to like Cerca Trova. Maybe he could add some of the parts into the Dreadnaught.

He guided the ship into an area with a heavy snowstorm. Known as the Lost Sea, this section of the ocean was notorious for its reputation to cause ships that sail in it to never be seen again. There were even rumors that a ghost ship haunted this place. Dragonbane knew the place like the back of his hand though, or rather, his paw.

Cerca Trova entered the blizzard. Dragonbane spun the steering wheel furiously and the ship lurched back and forth. With whatever little visibility he had, the lizard could see rocks all around him. There was only one way to the other side: through the maze of rocks. One wrong turn and the ship would sink. As a matter of fact, he had gotten his crew to loot the many shipwrecks under the sea.

After a while, things got a lot worse. There were strong winds that go against the correct path. Then, whirlpools made their appearances. And as if things weren't bad enough, the sea turned rough and cyclones dragged unwary sailors to their doom.

Knowing the route, however, it was not a difficult task for Dragonbane. Cerca Trova had powerful engines and did not rely on sails, so it was even easier for the salamander to navigate through the Lost Sea, ploughing through the water, while the devastating cyclones and strong whirlpools had no influence on the ship's path.

Soon enough, he reached his destination: a cave. While his crew anchored the ship, Dragonbane got off Cerca Trova and entered the cave. The cave was large, allowing a ship to be hidden here. A rocky pathway lined the side of the cave, allowing the lizard to stomp his way into the cave. He entered the recesses of the cave, where the darkness replaced the snowstorm in its job to reduce visibility.

Dragonbane drew his sword, the flames lighting the cave. Above, stalactites hanged and dripped cold water droplets on the cave floor. Making his way forward, Dragonbane felt like something was amiss. But what was wrong? He couldn't quite place a claw on it.

Finally, he reached the end of the cave, only to find, to his astonishment, the Dreadnaught was missing! He turned around and realized his salamanders weren't around. He quickly ran out of the cave and into the freezing winds and harsh blizzard.

There, he found the Dreadnaught, and an old enemy.

"Looking for something?" Odous said from atop the Dreadnaught. Dragonbane growled at him. Odous responded with a taunt, "So it seems. Well, if you want it back so much, then come and get it."

Lilith - Lilith's Potion Shoppe, Dark Cove
Lilith tossed the intestines into the cauldron. It was a good thing she had planted Intestine Shrubs in her backyard. It was just a pity they didn't bear any fruit when the gnome and the slimes came seeking for a cure for insanity.

Her hands reached out to grab a live frog and threw it into the boiling water. The sound of footsteps came from the entrance. Another customer.

"Welcome. What would you like? The blue potion is on sale today."

The customer was silent. Then again, it was the Dark Cove, a place of undead, terror, and oddballs. She continued mixing her concoction without looking at the customer.

More silence.

Eventually, she gave up. "Well, Lilith, do you have a potion for stargazing?"

Lilith turned around upon hearing the familiar voice. "Alice!"

Bubbling concoction forgotten, Lilith pulled out a couple of creaky, wooden chairs from her dusty storage room. She poured a cup of Eyeball Tea and handed it to Alice. They sat down and began chatting about their lives.

"How're things going along in the Dark Cove?"

"The business is kinda bad though, since everyone here is learning black magic and stuff to do stuff instead of using potions. How about you, Alice?"

"Barrovale is still the same. Christmas spirit round the clock. Speaking of Christmas, have you come up with your wish list yet, sis? These few months will go by in a flash."

"No, I've got potions to brew."

"But I thought you said you rarely have customers."

"That's true, but people are coming up with weird orders nowadays. I had a gnome ask for an anti-death potion and a cure for insanity. And the Intestine Shrubs were out of order."

"Well, this is a weird place. By the way, Lilith, you should look at the stars some day. The stars are acting really strangely. They're either in the wrong places or shine brighter than usual."

"You sure it's not because you're taking morphine?"

Alice cast a glare at Lilith. The alchemist had always made fun of her addiction to morphine. "No, it has nothing to do with morphine."

The concoction exploded, and Lilith rushed to deal with it. Alice continued, "And here's the thing: according to records, the stars have only behaved this strangely during the Traveler's era."

The rock had been eroded by this soft winds, like a millennial patience by the incessant pass of time along each era. Novalis sat on it, no longer as innocent or young as he had been when he had embarked on his journey. After his encounter with the merchant his hunger had grown. He had vowed to visit him daily, and chatter from sunrise til sunset when no customers arrived. When kids form the neighboring towns appeared he’d patiently sit and hear the tales of wonder with the rest of the crowd. It was impressive to say the least, how the merchant captivated the hearts and minds of kids and grown villagers alike. Novalis never felt it like a waste of time to hear those stories. However fabulous and fictional they might have been, there was always that hint, that marvelous aftertaste of truth hidden beneath many layers. It had been cycles before the devouring hunger for knowledge had been quenched—when the merchant’s vast knowledge and travels had hit the spot Novalis had never been able to fill. And it had been on this rock where he had the need to sit and ponder, to understand it all.

He came upon the knowledge of Yggdrasil, the nothing-short-of magnificent tree at the center of the misted Woodlands, a work of art Life itself had carved into the beauty of Enochia. However beneath its splendor lay what his captor truly desired. The marauding beast corroding beneath it, dubbed Nidhogg by prior generations unfortunate, and greedy enough to attempt to excavate the area, gnawed at the roots of life incessantly to maintain itself. The vile creature never stopped, never slept, and it never died either. The Lord of the Undead they said. It had taken a while for Novalis to understand, but it had been the wizard himself who had given him the clue that unraveled it all, the night he had been almost beaten to death. He had carelessly allowed the young Dragon Spiritor to witness it: as he fused the twins in the cerulean egg to make them stronger. It had then hit him, the purpose of their kidnaps, their arduous training, their imprisonment—their goal in their ‘miserable’ lives with the wizards.

They were with him to die.

They would deliver the powers that, would not end the vile creature beneath the World Tree, but that would rather help him absorb it as well. Immortality.

His neck itched. Here he sat the spiritor, on the eroding rock at the northern shore of the woodlands, with the abysmal look of a man who understand the inevitability of it all, in the simple shape of a mire chain. He was a prisoner on death roll. He had thought of ways to save the others, but it was futile. He could not think of a way to save them without explaining, or giving himself away—the blasted chain made him more docile than a rag doll, in the sense of disabling any type of harm he could think of. Then there was Barbara, who seemed to have vanished out of the face of the Earth. He sat thinking for what seemed like an eternity, as his neck continued to irritate him more and more. He thought of the white-bearded man that had given him a pendant which had been of absolutely no use, and which seemingly was going to outlive him. He wondered if that man knew something else, or had simply played his part in it all, like the merchant said about all his characters. Novalis coughed. His throat was raspy. He tried to dismount the rock and fell backwards as he jumped, his neck felt tied. He was confused for a few seconds, then the chain slowly began to retract. His eyes went wide wondering what he had done now, when he came to a horrible realization.

The chain sped up. He tried to pull, to move away, and the chain, angry, retracted at breakneck speed. Novalis shouted, clawing at whatever he could find to try to stop it but anything he attached to became undone—the chain was too powerful. He had forgotten the time and the Decennial finally came undone as he sped across the woodlands, scraping against the floor, bruises and blood appearing everywhere. He continued gathering speed as he screamed with his mind spiraling, trying desperately to think of something, anything that could stop his arrival at the tower. What would he find there? Had the other spiritors been absorbed? Did he even stand a chance? How long would it take to end the suffering? Ironically his mind stopped working towards survival and simply wandered towards the picture of the Horror Form the Hills, the one he’d never tame, or even meet.

He tumbled for an unknown amount of time, when his mind registered that his speed had slowed down slightly. He began to be softly dragged, the gravel burning across his broken scales. He came to a complete halt. Dreading what he could see, he opened an eye, his gaze unfocused, still seeing mostly green and birds chirping in the distance. No stone walls, no den. He tried to move unsuccessfully, and took a few more seconds to adjust his gaze, as he noticed someone was watching him, placing a hand on his arm. He made a last effort to raise his gaze enough to see an unmistakable Barbara, kneeling by his side.
-Dragon’s Blood.- The Decennial of Wisdom: Part 5

Power Release Memory – Molly

Even considering the adventures she had set out with Duncan, or the time she had been with the summoner, nothing compared to the chaos and insanity that arose during this war. She ran pale, somewhat lost along the snow—no, ash—it was not possible to discern where one started and where one ended. Screams where everywhere, and small pools of blood adorned the scenery more than she could have ever felt possible.

The noise had somewhat died out once her father had reached the coast and reached a kayak. The Memories traveler had conjured one for her as well. She had been paddling behind her father’s kayak, staring at the back of his head. He could not see her, or answer her. She was a ghost to him. It was nerve-wracking, to be so close. So many things she wanted to ask him… to tell him.

It turned out he had needed little help at the beginning. He was a master fisherman, and treated anything that reached him as bait. Sköll and Hati also moved seamlessly at his side—they were like an impenetrable shield. She maintained at margin, to ensure she did not get in their way, simply thinning mobs as much as she could for them.

It had been close to the tower’s base when things went foul. There were seemingly several beasts awaiting their arrival. A particular one had the shape of a mermaid, which looked out of place, except her evasive skills were formidable. Molly focused her entire efforts in trying to keep her from reaching her father, but every now and then her attacks seemed to vanish into thin air. After a while Vepar turned to face her, and Molly felt for the first time outmatched.

Panting in disbelief as a full-face hit vanished before hitting the mermaid, she felt herself trip with a root beneath the snow. The mermaid grabbed her by the neck and kept her pinched to the ground. 

‘This is where you say your last.’ Murmured Vepar in a sweet voice. 

Angered, Molly swung a hit at her—and the punch hit home, but not even close to as hard as she would’ve expected. Angered, Vepar raised a claw to finish her, when the Memories Traveler popped beside her, smiling. 

Congratulations.’ It said with a glint in its eyes.

Vepar slashed at her but Molly’s body began dissolving like sand into the wind. The mermaid, confused, began slashing her futilely, filled with rage, as Molly turned towards the Tower’s Entrance. While the mermaid had been busy battling her, Sköll and Haati had cleared her father’s path, and she saw him storming in. Molly felt a knot in her throat, as she saw him go in again, hoping she could change something, before she dissolved into nothingness.

Molly opened her eyes slowly and saw herself being brought back into consciousness. In front of her Nathaniel was nodding, and Duncan stared, mouth open. She saw the air around her swirling in a golden dust and felt… ‘free’ somehow. Like the air around her was lighter, or some burden was undone.

She turned to a close-by mirror and saw her appearance had somewhat changed.  She FELT somewhat changed. She noticed the Traveler still floating beside her, still smiling. He spoke to her in a voice not like its own, but one resembling her father’s.

‘Go forth, child…
…make me proud.’

Light Palace—2 hours ago
A loud burp was as good as an unceremonious greeting Beano had been able to offer at the Holy Light Palace’s mess hall. He had requested an audience with the Queen, which was scheduled several days in advance. It had taken him a while to … convince a few hundred people on the waiting list to let him cut line. He had decided to ask the chef for a few Harpy Wings before entering, which had really just hit the spot. The Grand Doors opened, and the guard looked down, disgusted, at the slime. 

‘You may… enter’ The lizard said, a statement that clearly weighed heavily on him.

‘Wheeeeeee!!’ Sped the blue slime past all the guards and jumped straight onto the queen’s Face where it squished saying ‘My god, you’re gorgeous!’. 

Every guard unsheathed every weapon available at the desecrated slime who clearly had signed its death sentence but the Elf Queen gracefully lifted a hand just barely, to stop the guards’ assault. She remained with a calm and pleasant look, one that reflected nothing from her interior. She was unfazed at the tiny slime with its blue sticky ‘hands’ grabbed unto her cheeks. His eyes seemed to her to project a childish but dangerous insanity, which for some reason, she liked.

I beg your pardon my beauty of Light, you see I have a request to make!’
‘A request… are you not being persecuted by our authorities? (The guards tensed)’

‘That is not important’ added the slime hastily changing the subject. ‘What is important is you have aided one of our terrible foes! That lizard is dangerous ma’am! Maybe as dangerous as we a—I mean as the bad guys! And it cannot stand like that! Now that Lt. Kablooey was told that we need to pick up more people at the crazy light dude’s house our rubber ducky can’t afford to—‘

The Queen stopped smiling. The slime droned on and on but she was elsewhere now. The only crazy person she knew there was the Duke’s son. She had made sure of it. However if they made contact with him… they would know the Beacon was a sham. She was at a loss. It was unusual for her not to know where all the chess pieces rested. However her mind calculated as swiftly as her cold slyness could abide. She smiled again. The slime had proven useful. No one would have to know. After all she was a Queen, and a bearer of peace.

'—and this rash is just not leaving since the powder was traded at the port for some—‘

The Queen shushed the piratey slime like a baby, which made the whole guard shudder. The slime however did not catch the subtle threat.

‘Yes, of course my little friend, I will be glad to help you, whatever you need from my kingdom ask our engineers at the palace, they will be of aid.’ She asked, needing to leave as soon as possible. 

Captain Chillz was ecstatic. This would be the best day the Slime Squad had seen.

Nathaniel - Mansion

Nathaniel breathed. Everything had gone well and Molly was back, as Duncan stuttered at her asking how things had gone, what she had seen, and how great she looked. She laughed somewhat awkwardly, and explained to them the journey she had made with her father—what had taken her over half a day to achieve seemed to have taken just a few hours in real time. Molly turned to Nathaniel, thanking him for what he had done so far. He shook his head, saying it was nothing. He knew there was much more yet to discuss, which would not make them very happy.

It’s nothing really. It’s the least I can do after your rough journey. Your turn Duncan, after you are done, we will talk, as promised.’

Duncan nodded, serious again. As Nathaniel pressed his thumb on Duncan’s forehead, two clouds produced inside the hall. Both Molly and Duncan got ready to fight (‘Not again!! Said Duncan), but Nathaniel did not budge. Maleficent and the Horned King erupted into the room. Maleficent immediately addressing Duncan.

‘Calm, we mean no harm! We—‘

‘Like hell you don’t!’ Growled Duncan, readying his spear, but Nathaniel took him by the wrist.

‘Wait, no, don’t do it, they’re with me. No time to explain yet. I promise I will but they would not have come if it was not for something important. Nathaniel turned to them and the Horned King nodded, with a very stern look.

‘He’s right.’ Said Maleficent ‘Time’s up Nathaniel, we’ve been overheard.’

The Horned King threw a Metallic’s Rhino head (it had been burned and ripped off the rest of the mechanism) onto the wooden floor.

‘It was eavesdropping. Modified just to keep tabs, not attack. Took a while to track him down. He’s not the problem. His report is.’ The Horned King explained in a very heavy air.  Everyone stood still awaiting the ill news.

‘It’s time to move. Now. She knows.

She’s coming.’


The mansion was thrown into mayhem. Nathaniel had ordered to begin gathering as much as was needed from the library to take. Maleficent and the Horned King knew what and how much to take. Molly and Duncan were asked to barricade the entrance with the furniture. They did not know who ‘she’ meant, nor what had made him so alert after what it had taken them just to make Nathaniel agree to help. Things had changed, and once again they were on the run. Once the entrance and Northern windows had been blocked as much as possible, they returned to Nathaniel, who was pale.

‘I think we’ve done as much as we can.’

Nathaniel nodded, and simply called into the air.

‘Is everything ready Horned King?’

The King appeared as if summoned.

‘Almost. We must travel lighter, it’s a long way to go.’

‘No time, she’s here, two miles out.’ Said Maleficent, appearing beside them.

Nathaniel’s eyes went wide open. He grabbed Maleficent and the Horned King’s shoulder, with a grave severity in his eyes.

‘We will start our way, do NOT risk yourselves. Bar her as much as you can. We’ll meet you by the shoreline, you know where. BE SAFE.’

They nodded and disappeared. Nathaniel looked at the painting where his parent’s now resided, one he would probably never see again. He thought of the painting where all five friends were also gathered, too big to carry with him. So many things that had not been the way he would’ve wished, so many things he hoped could be different. He turned to Duncan, remembering the words he had said bare hours ago. Would it really be like that? He could hear Maleficent’s thorns growing at the front garden, he knew it was now or never. Turning to his guests, he gave an internal ‘good bye’ to his parents, to his estate.

‘Let’s go.’

Atop the highest balcony stood in a majestic pose Maleficent, overseeing the deadly prey close to the door, and began conjuring the garden walls of thorns, to come to her aid.

A mere meters from the entrance came a black-hooded figure, gracefully gliding across the plains. The softness of her glide and grace of her pace were deceiving, as she reached the wrought-iron doors, the Queen Elf lowered her hood, looking at the massive thorns so entwined a leaf couldn’t blow across.  She did not lower her pace, as the ice of her stare fixed in the mansion, and the traitor within would soon be silenced. She raised her staff, high and mighty, and her magic casted an invisible power beyond anything the world had experienced. Her glide reached the thorns, and as if inside an invisible sphere, the magic from her staff instantly incinerated any ivy, thorn, branch or anything that came near her.

Maleficent continued to enchant as much as she could the Queen’s path, but it was futile—her deadliest thorns, fire, spells, nothing came close to even touching her. The Queen’s serene, innocent smile was now visible as she was halfway across the garden, the coldness behind her stare now fixed at the enchantress on the balcony above. The Elf Queen extended her arms without stopping her glide towards the mansion, and a set of magnificent wings spread, the beautiful rainbow within her reach took the breath away of anything that had set eyes on them (and lived). The made an elegant flutter and sped through the incinerating thorns that just blew into ash through her way. The horned king appeared beside Maleficent. 

It’s over, we must go.’

They disappeared from the balcony.

The garden was almost over, when a giant black dragon came from the sky, and began flaming the queen in its descent. It set itself between the Queen and the entrance, roaring at full might. The green flames extinguished, and the Queen set feet on the ground, unharmed. Her placid smile did not change, and her peaceful manner directed the ice-filled stare towards the dragon.


The Horned King appeared one last time within the mansion that had served as their home for untold ages, regretting Master Nathaniel was now forced to never return. He wished there was another way. He wished he could have helped him better. Upon raising his arms focusing all his might, the king set the mansion on fire.

It had taken a bit to subdue him, but the dragon now breathed slowly on its side, unable to move. It was in an intense pain, though no visible wounds ailed it.

The Elf Queen slowly walked up the entrance staircase, not a hair out of place, and opened the grand doors into the Atrium, just to see the Duke’s son gone, along with all his belongings as the fire consumed everything Nathaniel ever owned.


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