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Softstar Bun??
Is there any way to get softstar bun now or is it gone forever?

[Image: 7b53c178.jpg]
No, CP collab ended 2 years ago, and MH did not release any stage in blackhole.

The only way to evolve CP cards are through black hole. Costs a bunch of keys though.

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Aether, Freyr, Poseidon, Sun Ce, Cornflower, Ninurta, Phanes, Chessia, Samael, Athena, Gaia, Beelzebub, Apollo, Artemis, Namtar

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuki, Aether, Hephaestus

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Hideyoshi
Looking for: Daoloth, Hideyoshi


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