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Skill level-up by feeding 10 cards
After this update, we can feed 10 cards simultaneously. It will change a bit in skill level-up. My question is that: has MH twisted with jumping rate (skill level leaps by 2-3-4) between feeding 5 and 10 cards.

So I made 2 attempts. The 1st one, my Galileo jumped from 5 to 9. The 2nd one, Patra jumps from 7 to 10.

Shall we make a statistics about the rate of feeding 10 cards, in order to know which method is more effective?

Your thoughts?

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I have started feeding the new cards with 10 of the smallest Soulstones.

Some of the jumps are amazing, like from SLV1 straight to 7,8,9.

Caveat: this works at SLV1 , if you feed 10 at SLV 6+ you will at most jump 3 skill levels.

Right now is the best time to test it because you can use small soul stones and not some hard-to-farm feeder.

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And here I am with testing 5 only got me to level 4, 5, 6. 10 at a time to 8, 10. Amazing how that works out for me.

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Since round accumulation jumps trigger before lucky jumps, you can accumulate more rounds before lucky jumps are triggered.

With 5 cards (min 10 rounds each):
SLVL 1 => SLVL 3  (50 rounds) => SLVL 4 (min 1 lucky jump)

With 10 cards (min 10 rounds each):
SLVL 1 => SLVL 4 (100 rounds) => SLVL 6 (min 2 lucky jumps)

Hence you get higher levels when starting from level 1. 

However, I suspect that 5 card feeding may actually give you more skill levels per card fed due to the pity system.

From what I recall, this is how lucky skill jump worked so far.
1. There is some probability of lucky skill jump per card fed. 
2. If feeding 5 at a time, 1 skill jump will always be given if no "lucky jump" was triggered.

Let's assume this was added (I believe 2 guaranteed levels was confirmed by MH, but I don't know if there were any details on how it actually works): 
3. If feeding 10 at a time, 2 skill jumps will be given if less than 2 "lucky jumps" were triggered. 

This seems like the same, but for example, if you triggered 2 lucky skill jumps out of 10 cards fed:
In the 5 card system, you have a chance of getting 2 lucky jumps in one batch + 1 pity jump in the other batch for 3 levels total.
In the 10 card system, you will not get any pity jumps as you already got 2 lucky jumps. 

Of course, I haven't tested this in-game. Perhaps they just run the 5 card skill jump system twice (it would have the same probability as before). 
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