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Skill Level Training Guide [Patch 15.0]
(10 hours ago)emailtim Wrote: One thing I find useful when skill levelling is the percentage amount a Baby Harpy will add at each level. If I have been manually skill leveling and want to get to the next level quickly for some reason (such as wanting the card for an SM) I will often feed baby harpies to get to the next level. This may be useful for the first post.

The rough percentages a Baby Harpy adds at each level are:
5: 67%

6: 40%
7: 11%
8: 8%
9+: 7%

This way if you are at 86% at level 10 you can see that 2 Baby Harpies will bring you to level 11 (give or take 1 percent).

Thanks! I'll edit it in.

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