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[Skill Guide] Max Skill Level Guide for EVERY TOS Cards (most updated)
(09-02-2015, 02:10 AM)SailorMercury Wrote: just pulled SGB, and reading this thread is giving me the horror of how to max his skill.
can i just use 5 baby harpies ( to skill level 7 ) and then another 8 harpy to max his skill?

I would personally recommend feeding baby harpies (or grinding) to skill lvl 8 before using harpies. Unless you have a ton of harpies to spare.

It's still better to farm though since it's easier now coz the feeder for SGB can be fed to skill lvl 10 so no more grinding is needed. You just need to keep farming these feeders which might take a while.

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ghost of willow drop rate is very very low. how do i make them to skill level 10?
it is not like i can feed them witth dark salamander. and they are very different compared with slime.
ghost of willow is very....troublesome?

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Step 1 - Farm 6 copies of Ghost of Willow

Step 2 - Feed a baby harpy to 1 of them (gets it to SL5)

Step 3 - Manually grind the other 5 to SL5 (ally Nezha to make this quicker)

Step 4 - Feed 5 copies to the 6th. This will guarantee a result of SL8. If you are lucky SL9, if REALLY lucky SL10

Step 5 - If only SL8 or 9 after step 4, farm 5 more copies and feed (no need to SL grind)

Step 6 - repeat step 5 until SL10

Step 7 - evolve and feed to SGB

This method will require either 6, 11 or 16 copies. But you need to do this 3 times!

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Cant i just feed 5 SL1 Mouse to SGB?
For the +1 SL in general and do it this way?
Like i have SGB SL8 and then just put in 5 of these mouse till he is maxed?

How many would i need tho?
Like 35?
You have to evolve the mouse for it to have the same skill than SGB. feeding the required 25-35 slvl1 evolved mouse would require lots of materials. It is doable baut definitely useless at least for the first mouse, since upping a mouse for 1 slvl = upping your sgb for one level.
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