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Should I power release Molly?
Molly is the only starter I have and fits ok in my low level water deck. The thing is I'd love to get an Endor either by farming tower or try and get one from friend pulls.

I know the drop rate and appearance rate is low but... idk. Don't like Molly that much.

[Image: PrIOGID.png]
If you have Xi and Artemis, Endor would be an excellent choice i guess

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
70 friend pulls:
·Aquatic Novice
·Light Novice
·x2 Dark Novice

There should be an event of bonus chance to pull starter cards from friend points.


Since I don't have Artemis, was wondering which starter to up.

Nathaniel for this build:
[Image: a000b18b.jpg]

Molly for this one:
[Image: bc2896ec.jpg]

Maybe I should just wait.

[Image: PrIOGID.png]
I thought the starters would work better in greek mono.... Have you seen the video? Scary damage.
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