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Seeking Advice - Dark CC (Isabel vs Clown Statue)
Hello guys,
Need some opinions on whether which of the card is better worth maxing:
Isabel or Clown Statue??

Below are some of my own opinions, though I'm more likely to pick Isabel, I would like to hear others' inputs:

1. Guarantees a three turn Crowd Control Skill
2. Benefits from amelioration (Increase in Recovery and shorter initial CD of 12)
3. Easier to farm?  Tongue (only requires 200k gold and 30 stamina per stage, and the stage is rather straight-forward)

1. Longer CD than Clown Statue (Isabel CD 15, Clown Statue CD 10)
2. Weak overall stats (2616 including amelioration)

Clown Statue:
1. Shorter CD compared to Isabel
2. Higher overall stats (3855 when dual maxed)

1. Will delay enemies for 3 turns only when there are three enemies at once (else, only delay for one turn)
2. Stage is more difficult

So... your thoughts, senpais out there? Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

i choose another reason. Isabela sounds better Big Grin
nah. i choose Isabel too. can put in Diablo team, either for team requirement or combine skill.

one thing Clown might be better than Isabel... if the enemy is Uncontrollable, one example is recent ZhangFei sm boss 2nd HP... believe Clown works, Isabel doesnt.

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