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Seal Card Reward Draw
Hey everyone! What choices did you get for your anniversary reward? (The part where you can choose color attribute and race of your. House) mine is:


I am still not sure what I should choose. My team leader is Nobunaga

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You shoulda researched and gotten a new leader instead of these. But what's done is done. All 3 are good members for Nobu, I'd be biased towards Nezha since Chinese Gods have a much lower draw rate than other cards except at CNY, and they're getting a buff soon.

But the buff might not be very good, in which case Rococo (3rd card) might be a better pick, Bedivere's good too, but neither are like super hard to draw into in other situations, though Bedivere rotates in and out of the seal I think.

You can cancel and withold your choice until you see what the Nezha buff is in about two weeks.

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I am not sure if I should go for other leaders though; if talking about dark, I have powerhouse Lubu (three of them gathering dust) and the other cards (Satan, Maya) I am not so keen to get just yet. I just boosted up the entire Nobunaga team and it’ll be a while before I have enough resources for another teams. For now, I’m happy with this team.

Bedeviere, I am on the fence about as I already have Medea? In the end, I went with nezha (the card was all maxed out which is great!)

From those i'd go with Nezha since he's a good converter and a rare draw.

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