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Since my romp from the beginning to the 4th seal, I ran into 4 schemas of varying evolutions. Not a single one I've managed to obtain thanks to the absolutely terrible drop rate, so I have a question.
Are Schemas worth farming at all if their appearance rate is seemingly tiny, and their drop rate even more so?

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I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
you can only farm them at 5 seal but the drop rate is terrible anyway

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you can farm them everywhere, but 5th seal have guaranteed encounter at 5-5.

I found my dark novice at seal 2 though.

I have never received a schema drop in my 4+ months of playing this game.
But they are very common in the diamond seal, and do occasionally appear in the friend seal.
Don't bother deliberately farming for the schemas. Farm for feeders, but if the schemas drop, then go buy a lottery ticket or something. You are way more likely to get your schemas by drawing diamond seals for something else.
I have currently got 3 of them from friend seal (event get 1 earth pala), so that you should only pay attention to farm which you need most and stock up friend points to draw 3-4cards a time (it is just superstion but it does't hurt to try).
scheme is good, their stats are good, their required XP to max is low and their leader skill is good so ya... schemes are good
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I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

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Like the aboves said, don't deliberately farm them, you'll waste a lot of stamina doing that, you'll get heaps of schemas from friend draw ( i had a total of 6 fire schemas with 4 from friend draw and 2 from diamond ) if you aren't a pay to win player then beast team I hear is one of your best options assuming you haven't had lucky draws, but if you do go frenzy drawing diamond seals like me, I'd skip it Tongue altho the dark and water are really good for mono , especially water due to its 4.3k total stats ( equivalent to some 6*)
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Got 2 of my schemas from 5-5. And then i drew from seals and got dupes :p
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Of all the dups I get from diamond seal, the ones I mind least are the schemas as compared to the DDs, fates, golems. Duplicate schemas can still make team, in fact some teams need duplicate schemas, eg duplicate GSoF/GSoDs for mono heart. Duplicate fates are rather pointless, and duplicate DDs are just horrendous.
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I got earth, dark, fire from friends and another fire from diamond.

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