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Saruman + Gnomes
[Image: 60?cb=20181112092322][Image: 60?cb=20140622092738][Image: 60?cb=20140622092742][Image: 60?cb=20140622092747][Image: 60?cb=20140622092751][Image: 60?cb=20140622092756]

Leader skill: Elf ATK and REC 3.5x. When HP is full, Elf ATK 1.5x further.
Team skill: When Refined Saruman is Leader and Ally, with a team of four 4★ Gnomes as members, the Gnomes' base HP, ATK and REC stats are multiplied by 10.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Fully farmable! Not a single diamond draw needed.
+ Cheap! Highest team cost will be 56, so you could technically play this at level 1.
+ Amusing to watch Big Grin
+ Two built-in full heals and Tumbler actives
+ Ridiculous HP and REC
- Extremely restricted team composition - there's only one, basically.
- Runs out of Hearts easily

Team Composition

While you can have any combination of colours, [Image: 60?cb=20181112092322] Saruman himself is Dark, so you generally want four [Image: 60?cb=20140622092756] Dark Gnomes. 
The Elf Carnival outfit for the Dark Gnome [Image: 60?cb=20171221093325] gives an additional 413 HP, 222 ATK and 270 REC, which is roughly a 50% increase in stats. None of the other Gnomes have such a costume, meaning the increased stats are unique to this attribute. Every single stat point counts because of the 10x Gnome stat multiplier, so we have a pretty much fixed setup for optimum performance. 

[Image: 60?cb=20181112092322][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20181112092322]
63,838 HP
26,614 REC x 12.25
35,362 ATK x 27.56

An individual Gnome has a base ATK of 8,020, which is higher than Metazord, and you've got four of them! Pretty insane for a bunch of 4★ trash mobs, eh?

With this HP and REC, you have extremely powerful stalling power against anything that doesn't one-shot or deduct too much %HP (in the latter case, you only need one set of Hearts every turn). Bursts will basically be Saruman's first active on a board with some Dark from the Gnome converts - nothing flashy, but hits into several million per Gnome, enough to take down many enemies in the 4 such turns that your actives can provide. A regular spin also easily hits the millions.

[Image: 60?cb=20181112092322][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20171221093325][Image: 60?cb=20181112092322] ★★★★★
A meme that transcended memehood to become semi-viable in clearing top-level stages that don't hold too many troubling enemy skills. Also just cute as heck!

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
crack up hahaha might try after i Pr saruman when he comes back lol

NIce team setup XD


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