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Saint Seiya Deck for coliseum
Any deck building idea for said title?

Have no idea how to dish out enough damage to attempt 30stamina runs

Currently have:
1. Sagittarius Aiolos
2. Aries Mu
3. Eagle Marin
4. Andromeda Shun

Who would be best as leader and how can dish out more damage? 

Currently using as a team:
Sagittarius Aiolos (L), Aries Mu, Eagle Marin, Andromeda Shun, Rocco, Pegasus Seiya(A)

[Image: 301353d2.jpg]
If you have another recent human leader, you should use that instead, and fill the members with Saint Seiya cards.

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Ooo, recently saw:

Dragon Shiryu (L), Capricorn Shura, Leo Aiolia, Phoenix Ikki, Andromeda Shun and Dragon Shiryu (A)

Max Damage: 279,249,440 ._. with 5 rounds into the arena and 4265 score
Just wondering how it was pulled off Big Grin

[Image: 301353d2.jpg]

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