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Rose and Sakura (Perennial Monoelf)
[Image: 50?cb=20171023090038][Image: 50?cb=20171023090003]
Hostile flora. Two teams with slight variants on member setup but a shared strength in being the premier defense and recovery grind teams.

Leader Skills:
  • Rose: Elf Attack x 4.5. Heart Runestones also possess 25% effect of all Attributive Runestones (can be superimposed).
  • Sakura: Elf Attack x 1.3. Additional 1.5x Team Attack for 3000 team recovery, up to 2x for 4000. Fire and Heart Runestones also possess 25% effect of all Attributive Runestones (can be superimposed), Fire and Heart will dissolve in groups of 2. Drop rate cannot be altered.
Teamskills (as dual leader/ally):
  • Rose: Elf attack on enemies of the element which the summoner last received damage from 1.5x additionally. Hearts will equal 100% of all other runes (75% from leader 25% from ally). For each row dissolved in any pattern (so long as 6 adjacent horizontal places are dissolved), 5 Heart Runes will be guaranteed to drop.
  • Sakura: 4 Enchanted Fire Runes will drop for every WFE dissolve. 4 Enchanted Heart will drop for every LDH dissolve. 1 Fire Elf Race Rune will drop for every 10 Fire or Heart dissolved cumulatively.
  • Shared: When HP is full, the next attack can only reduce you to 1 HP at most (negated by Phantom effects). Activates only once per round. Requires at least one additional Perennial Elf member and a monoelf team.
Shared Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ Tumbler effect means they are capable of surviving attacks that many teams cannot and safely pass through many stages by grinding.
+ Highest average recovery in the game and members capable of buffing it further, making them first pick for bypassing very common overheal shields.
+ Both generate their own attack runes.
+ Both generate hearts for heart shield and to maintain their needed turn by turn recovery.
+ Wide choice of utility and boosting members.
= Low HP, which doesn't matter most of the time.
- Weak to Multihit attacks and multiple enemies attacking on the same turn.
- Weak to Phantom.
- Weak to outside damage such as poison effects.

Rose Specific S&W:
+ Fast boost and convert active.
+ Competitive multiplier, fairly good damage.
+ Has more room for utility than Sakura.
- Highly skill based gameplay with no built in spin help.
- Weak to board hazards like flaming runes and sticky runes.
- Weak to time reduction.

Sakura Specific S&W:
+ Typically high combo output from 2-dissolve and guaranteed drop.
+ Very easy to use.
+ Because of combo effect on recovery, will tend to have higher recovery than Rose especially against inexperienced Rose players.
- Relies mostly on bulk dissolve, combos, and enchantress effects for damage, her actual multiplier is very low.
- Awkward utility active that does not mesh well with her leaderskill and requires some strategy to use correctly.
- Weak to recovery reduction effects, which will lower her already tiny natural multiplier.

MH refined Diablo's playstyle to create Rose and Sakura. From tree to flowers, it would seem. The two are primarily teams whose main strength lies in being able to survive a ton of damage and then hit back while recovering to full every turn. Rose has strong damage output if you follow her pattern, so her priority members are utility which will allow her to bypass shields that she normally couldn't while retaining her pattern. Sakura has a much looser spin, but considerably lower damage so her priority is members that provide persistent damage boosts, which thankfully MH released many of alongside during the Perennial patch. Elves are among the few races with a very good selection of utility cards (and in recent times a very good selection of boosters), which they paid for with their unwieldy stat distribution, so they really needed their leaders to make up for that, and thankfully Rose and Sakura seem to have stuck to do so.

Members (Perennials):
At least one additional Perennial is necessary in order to achieve the tumbler effect that defines the Perennial archetype. I've separated them for easy viewing.
[Image: 50?cb=20171023090002]★★★★★
Best choice for both leaders is the third rare of the series. A versatile burst, combo booster, board explode.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090004]★★★★☆
The elven Circe. Better for Sakura than for Rose.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090038]★★★★☆
A strong boost and convert. Better for Rose than for Sakura.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090037]★★★★☆
Amazing burst card who only really reaches her full potential in elf teams.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090039]★★★☆☆
Half a full board convert, but at least it's very neatly done. Better for Rose than for Sakura.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090103]★★☆☆☆
Fast converter with team CD reduction. Kind of suboptimal for both, but he'll do in a pinch.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090102]★☆☆☆☆
Rainbow gnome with CD reduction. You can run two of her back to back to simplify the board, permanently removing hearts, but it's not an effect that is particularly useful to teams that use hearts to attack.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090003]★☆☆☆☆
She's really not member material, but if she's all you have, then you'll have to make do.

Members (Other Elves):
[Image: 50?cb=20171026154010]★★★★★
One of the best SMs, and she was made for these teams. Damage, defense, speed, and she can't be neutralized. What more could you want?

[Image: 50?cb=20171123190759]★★★★★
The other elf Medea. He kind of runs opposite to Shyplant, but there are many situations where you would actually want to use both in the same team. The recovery boost he grants is particularly good also.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130250][Image: 50?cb=20160125130251]★★★★★
Top pick for Rose. Her dragonware is currently the only way to give Rose more spin time.

[Image: 50?cb=20170731083833]★★★★☆
Strong but sometimes unreliable enchantress. Probably better for Sakura.

[Image: 50?cb=20171117151341]★★★★☆
A little bit scary to use but actually fairly unproblematic enchantress, provided your spin is good enough. Better for Sakura.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023085933]★★★★☆
Essentially a prolonged 2x boost with a recovery bonus.

[Image: 50?cb=20160919072205]★★★★☆
Self-booster, great for defense breaking and just general bursting. Her PR is on the horizon too.

[Image: 50?cb=20170715092825]★★★★☆
Explode and boost for those without Cornflower. But even with, she has her uses as a sniper.

[Image: 50?cb=20161215215117]★★★★☆
I'll put this at 4 star because it is pretty neat and actually functional once you have the whole gimmick team set up (3 Rose + 3 Sengo), but this is a special case where the card is really only worth its rating in one specific team set up, which is probably not even the best possible team that could be built.

[Image: 50?cb=20170731153007]★★★☆☆
Board refresh, quintet shield breaker, time extend, monochrome removal. A little bit of everything, yet somehow not the most all-purpose of cards.

[Image: 50?cb=20161006053626]★★★☆☆
The lowest in the pecking order for elf enchantresses. But since you want as many as you can get for Sakura, he might be just the right card to have.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130251]★★★☆☆
Decent fast converter for Rose.

[Image: 50?cb=20170619071458]★★★☆☆
An even faster converter for Rose.

[Image: 50?cb=20160808080233]★★★☆☆
The fastest converter for Rose. Also the most flexible.

[Image: 50?cb=20160218151512]★★★☆☆
A wave buff damage boost. Good for fights against enemies with multiple HP bars.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023085933]★★★☆☆
Her effect is quite complicated but it's powerful once you know how to use it. Board enchant is useful for enchanted quintet shield also, but most of the time you can grind through that.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023085933]★★★☆☆
Again, similarly complicated, multi-use card. Important in very niche situations. Kind of functions as a sniper.

[Image: 50?cb=20180208114524]★★★☆☆
A board enchant in monoelf teams, with Shyplant-esque CD reduction. Not as great, and harder to maintain.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023090103]★★★☆☆
A nice stable burst with recovery boost and popup chance.

[Image: 50?cb=20151005100730]★★★☆☆
She's actually alright in terms of increasing bulk dissolve for Rose. Very similar to Yvette though, so she faces slot competition from her.

[Image: 50?cb=20180111102048]★★★☆☆
F2P Time tunnel, an alternative to Daji.

[Image: 50?cb=20161020131253]★★★☆☆
One turn delay with Mufasa-esque attack boost. Not as good as Pupuro, she has more than twice the self-boost and his is variable.

[Image: 50?cb=20170523210235]★★★☆☆
Another one turn delay, this time with a potential board convert. Good in Rose for pure bulk dissolve of hearts, but it's probably better to actually make combos.

[Image: 50?cb=20140622115709][Image: 50?cb=20140622115235]★★★☆☆
This is actually a really great card. Shame they're no longer available.

[Image: 50?cb=20140622115746][Image: 50?cb=20140622115318]★★★☆☆
Andromeda has outmoded this but it'll do if you're returning and are scant on elf options.

[Image: 50?cb=20150912131718]★★★☆☆
Similar to Nyx, in that he has a wide range of uses, but none of them are essential or even amazingly useful compared to other cards.

[Image: 50?cb=20160808080232]★★★☆☆
A genuine defense breaker.

[Image: 50?cb=20160808080232]★★★☆☆
Recovery enchantress and heart convert. Somewhat niche, but useful enough for general play.

[Image: 50?cb=20160808080232]★★☆☆☆
Niche, for quickly overcoming overheal shield.

[Image: 50?cb=20170320105035]★★☆☆☆
Almost the same thing as Clara with a different restriction. If there were a way to activate her second effect in an elf team she'd rate higher.

[Image: 50?cb=20140717102436]★★☆☆☆
This is a feeder for Marchosias/The Queen of Hearts, and currently the only way to get their active which is the only elf status clear. I'm rating it even lower than them because the stats were already bad for the base card, imagine how much worse for the feeder.

[Image: 50?cb=20140622115653][Image: 50?cb=20140622115222]★★☆☆☆
She's okay, but this CD is very outdated.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130253]★★☆☆☆
I actually have no idea what the pattern for this card's convert looks like, but based on CD12, I can't rate it above a 2 in the current meta.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130251]★★☆☆☆
Standard 2x burst at 8 CD, plus snipe.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130252]★★☆☆☆
Doubles attacks, removes attribute relation, for one turn.

[Image: 50?cb=20141105103310]★★☆☆☆
His CD for both his skills are longer than is considered standard. But even if they weren't, he's not so special or essential to either leader.

[Image: 50?cb=20150720122815]★★☆☆☆
A boost designed for use at the 1HP mark. Outdated, stats and CD wise, but good enough.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023085934]★★☆☆☆
Functionally an elf delay card. Very high CD like most delay cards have, not particularly useful for regular use but valuable in some stages.

[Image: 50?cb=20171023085934]★☆☆☆☆
Elf rune trail. Pretty weak as a booster.

[Image: 50?cb=20160808080233]★☆☆☆☆
Not very useful for her CD. Other converters are superior for Rose, not much reason to use her at all for Sakura.

[Image: 50?cb=20161124082206]★☆☆☆☆
A F2P option for an explode. With these stats and this CD though, I'd rather just wait out drawing into Cornflower.

[Image: 50?cb=20151005100251]★☆☆☆☆
Very, very niche.

[Image: 50?cb=20140622093046][Image: 50?cb=20140622093056]★☆☆☆☆
Also very niche. But there are specific stages I can think of that call for them, so in a way they're better than the scarecrow.

[Image: 50?cb=20180214115814][Image: 50?cb=20180214115815][Image: 50?cb=20180214115815][Image: 50?cb=20180214115816][Image: 50?cb=20180214115816]★☆☆☆☆
Uhh. Well, these exist. Still not entirely sure what for. Hopefully they're not just collab feeders?

Conclusion: Survive merciless blows with elves. Overgrow your enemies. Believe in Tinkerbell.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
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Nice overview, I'm glad Elves are back on the agenda although I hope one day Diablo's overheal can deal with enchanted shields.

One other card that's worth mentioning is [Image: 50?cb=20161215215117] Muramasa.

(03-19-2018, 05:47 AM)joetjef Wrote: Nice overview, I'm glad Elves are back on the agenda although I hope one day Diablo's overheal can deal with enchanted shields.

One other card that's worth mentioning is [Image: 50?cb=20161215215117] Muramasa.

Oh, I keep forgetting things. I just added in Diablo and Saruman a while ago. Tell me if there's more I missed that aren't terrible. Some terrible ones, like Oni the Snake Conjurer, I kept off because there's no reason to use them ever.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
You might want to mention the evolved Fire Pawn - it's Marchosias with lower stats and no amelioration. It's a nice alternative to know about if you need the effect removal, though often these Elves just spam their own buffs to get rid of things.

Hsing Hsuan from the Chinese Paladin collaboration is also an acceptable (2/5) option, with a similar effect to Clock Vine.
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