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Returning user
Hmm. I don't think your inventory has changed that much since the last time you posted. Why the bump?

Lu Bu is still your best Dark leader, followed by Tsukuyomi and Erebus (Loki is good too if you have VR Odin). Edward is a good card to train as a member since his stat bonuses from ame are unusually high and he's just a solid booster. Go for AR Pollux and Alma already, I would imagine you should have built up enough by now to do it. You don't have Mochi Bunny, so I can't recommend Lynx.

Light... Light has some pretty hard set leaders in the meta. There's not really so much room to play around because the archetypes of Light are so well defined. There's TSZ, Maya, Arthur, Daoloth, and Beelzebub. You have Beelz, but generally she's run as a ML deck and you don't have ML? Can load up her team with converters and hope for the best. You have Yi Yeh Shu, who is a bicolor leader, you don't like him? Or you just need the achievements?
UID: 86478773
Adjutants: Maya and Rose.

On Request:
All Max: Ophiuchus, Erebus, Chessia, Amaterasu, Aloha, Wukong, Shuta, Yidhra, Magrence, Jackie, Jack, Barbara, Azathoth.
Nonmax: Aether, Khaos, Mai.

LF: A good time. Wink

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