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Returning player after 3 years need help with Metagame
Hi all, last I've played TOS was in 2015 during the memoirs of Xuan Yuan promotion. I got a septem and was looking to build a septem/nicole deck but then life got busy and uninstalled. I noticed that Greek gods have 7 stars... wow. Used to play an Athena deck, even drew an Unfortunate Knight on my first day back (yeah!) but not sure if it's the meta now.

These are the cards that I have and hope to get some help getting up to scratch. Thanks!


My friend you have a LOT of catching up to do. Were you around when VR just got introduced? I can't really remember. If not, you should first familiarize yourself with some of the new systems. I'll explain it briefly:

Material inventory: First thing you should do is move your mats. to the material inventory to save space. Click on settings --> storing materials to move your soulstones, evolve mats, harpies etc. into a separate inventory. To switch between your monsters and your materials click on the top left icon next to where it says "monster inv.".

VR: Virtual Rebirth. After power release some cards have the option to evolve even further through virtual rebirth. To do this you'll need a duplicate (any rarity) of the card OR the more expensive option using three power release mats and other evolve mats. Once you've completed the stage, your card has the option to switch between two forms. one looking like the PR form and one with a whole different artwork. Generally, OVR(old VR, same artwork) is used as a leader while NVR (new VR, different artwork) is used as a member. To switch between forms, click on the card and select 'power alternation'.

AR: Awakening Recall. When your card is all maxed out you can challenge the elite stage to unlock it's AR skill, which either improves upon a monsters' active skill or gives it a passive skill on top of massive stat increase. Currently this option is only available for the Twelve Zodiac series but with your cards right now, I wouldn't hope of challenging the elite stage but do keep this in mind.

Arena: I'm not gonna explain this one but I'll provide a link for you to read up on this system. DrFluttershy has written a comprehensive arena guide which you should definitely read. It's basically free diamonds and more rewards every week.

Exclusive Seals: Much like the Xuan Yuan seal, there are now packets of 8 cards being released every 6 weeks on the regular. Of these 8 cards 3 are rares and they make up the bulk of today's meta leaders. Oriceles' meta analysis is what you should check out for the latest analyses on meta leaders.

Void of the Realm: Alternate era story stages that take place in another dimension which unlocks upon completion of the 7th seal and is accessible through the portal. These are end-game level stages so no need to focus on this right now.

Not sure if you already know this, but nowadays most cards have feeders for you to skill level your monsters to save harpies for cards with unique skills. Fauxy has written an updated skill leveling guide

There have been extreme power creeps while you were away. This isn't to scare you but normal mobs in Soulmaster stages (new one every week) these days have HP in several millions. Mini bosses with 10+ million, some 20+, and bosses with HP that can go up to 100m on top of complicated skills that will hinder your spinning. I'd stray away from any of these new stages now if I were you.

From your screenshot the meta leaders you have are Nobunaga and any of the new VR Greeks. Nobunaga's a bit restrictive in that you want only fire dragons and humans in the team for the multiplier. You could make Nobunaga - Nobunaga - PR Sean - PR Agatha - PR Cthuga - Nobunaga but the team is very rough around the edges and far away from being the best. Any of the VR Greeks are super strong provided you have the right members, but even without them you can clear most story stages.  

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I'll get back to you.

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VR Greeks will definitely be the way to go for now. The old playstyle of Greek teams - filling it with big converters - isn't the way to go anymore, as just having VR Greek leader and ally will produce plenty of runes from their team skills. Instead, you'll want to use boosters, especially ones that can last multiple turns (such as Medea and Cassandra, who were powerful cards even back then and only got better).

Athena | Medusa | Duncan | Sagittarius | Yang Jian is the best I can make out of what you have, and also the only Earth cards really worth training.
Fire is in the same spot, with Hephaestus | Sean | Nobunaga | Cao Guojiu | Aries as your worthy cards. Nobunaga is a decent leader as well but as put1572 said you don't have the biggest pool of members to choose from.
You've got no strong leaders for Water, Light or Dark quite yet, so I'd hold off on those attributes for now.

I see you've done some draws from the Eight Trigrams seal already. Wait till this Friday, when the chance of getting a rare card is increased, before you continue to draw from there. Even if you don't pick up one of the rare cards, you should be able to build something decent with the commons. The Eight Xian series is the newest external seal, so even the common cards' leader skills will only be a step or two behind the meta (in this case, they give God ATK 4x or Human ATK 4x, which means you've got a stronger multiplier than Septem's with no conditions attached). The entire series also has the gimmick of dealing 2x damage against Demon(Fiend) and Elf enemies, which can be pretty helpful in some stages.

As part of your catching up, do check out the card info (question mark button in the top right when viewing a card) for everything you pull; that's where you'll see the card's team skills and combination actives, as well as what cards you can use to train their active besides themselves. This post and some of my Version Update Contents threads might be helpful to read up on new additions as well.

Nidhogg, Michael Lucifer (ML) and Yog-Sothoth SMs ought to be coming back within the next month or so; those ought to be reasonable goals for you to aim towards at this point. Train up some teams that can pass the Ultimate (SM) difficulty, so that you can acquire the cards to bolster your inventory (this shouldn't be hard once you have one of the current meta teams).

Another thing to note is that you can now use coins for more than leveling up cards or guild donations. The Trade Fortress lets you buy cards, tokens for the Traveler's Memories and Dragonary Crafts, or exchange cards for more useful ones. The Lost Relic Pass Registry lets you buy entries to certain stages, so that you can farm cards like the Fate Sisters (Norns) or the Newborn Elves (Sprites), among others.

(03-11-2018, 05:58 PM)put1572 Wrote: My friend you have a LOT of catching up to do. Were you around when VR just got introduced?

VR Norse was introduced a couple patches after the Chinese Paladin collaboration, which came well after Xuan Yuan. So nah.

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