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Returning player
Hey guys I just returned to this game yesterday after 3 years. I have no idea what are the current meta and whether my current decks are even good anymore. Please guide me on my team building and which heroes should I look for when drawing?

Thank you very much.

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I had a post a while ago I'll just copy paste and edit to be up to date.

(11-01-2017, 02:56 AM)Fauxy Wrote: Many of the decks that are "meta" right now revolve around particular "rare" cards from either limited seals such as the currently running Garden of Thorns or from the less frequent Black Platinum Card Seal. This is only my opinion, people don't all agree, but the strongest leaders (of these rare cards I mean) for mono elements at least should be:

Water - Atlantis, Su Huan Jen, Cornflower, Abraham, Water Bride
Fire - Nobunaga, Chessia, Amaterasu(there are many VERY different ways to set her team though), Fire Bride
Earth - Izanagi, Uncle Tuu (who is no longer drawable), Hideyoshi
Light - Tan Sanzang, Maya (basically the new home of ML and Luna), Arthur
Dark - Satan, Lu Bu

I would say those are organized from left to right how strong they are, IMO, though there are gray areas.

Special mention to one rainbow deck, Guan Yu, because it's just hard to talk about what's meta without at least mentioning her. She is one of the best cards in the game. There are a few other rainbows or duo colors, but let's keep this simple and not get into everything. I want to mention the Light/Dark human team created by Yi Yeh Shu and Ye Shiao Chai, if only because the upcoming limited seal is the last chance to get them, along with Su Huan Jen.

Of the diamond seal series that came before limited seals, leaders who have remained, for the most part, on the right power level are the Norse series with VR Odin, Crimson Grace series after VR with a Demon focus, Dipankara/Yang Jian, Aloha/Dodo, Pontos/Erebus, Aether, Haza. Then Copper Bullet, Barbara/Nidhogg, Babylon, and Origin of Demons can still compete to an extent. Recent development IDK what to think about yet: Diablo/PR Sprites. You have a lot of these cards from what I can see so take this as my recommendation to build those teams. PR Sprites are quite good with the right setup, and very beginner friendly in any case. Not to mention free. Origin of Demons will be getting a PR in the upcoming patch that hopefully gets them up to speed with other parties. Also, Khaos, the final boss of the story has been introduced as an SM and has a few interesting team setups.

For meta members: I think the cut off for converters these days is CD6 unless it's full board convert or something similar. A one turn *2 boost should be at least CD 8. If your card has a stronger effect or a lower max skill level CD than those standards, then it's up to date, you just have to match it to a team that synergizes well.

Most cards with a teamskill that goes with a meta leader are strong and worth farming, such as the currently running Haunted Objects series, the Fire and Water cards boost the HP and ATK of Demons in their respective Crimson Grace team. Cards that have particular utility purposes such as snipers, rune crackers, time tunnels, and all of the Starters all still have their niche and are worth training. Cards with semi-permanent boosts such as Enchantresses are still integral to teambuilding and probably will be for a long time. New cards of the same sort you should look up: Fire Bride (Dancer of Blazing Flames - Yan), Bedivere, Tsukuyomi, Anubis, Tsang, Rakshasa, Andromeda, Papaver, Cactus. For racial teams you have: Boyciana, Dodo, Shyplant. There are a few others but these are among the most relevant. Probably missing something.

Also, recently a kind of "final amelioration" called Awakening Recall (AR) was released. This basically gave the series it was granted to all new passives that compounded with their normal skills, provided a very difficult stage is completed with them as members. That series was the Court of Zodiac. Alma and Pollux are considered the big winners of their respective sides of the series, both have very strong self buffs that can't be dispelled that are activated by dissolving particular amounts of runes. Pollux gets a *6 self attack and Alma gets a *4 with a defense breaking poison effect on the enemy. This has rocketed them into pretty much every Dark/Rainbow team that can take them, so I definitely recommend getting those trained up.

Stuff in bold is either new or upcoming. Unfortunately you just missed the Black Platinum seal and you won't get another shot at it until CNY probably.

Right now the best leaders you can draw (and by this I don't necessarily mean the strongest, but the most versatile and easiest to build for) are Guan Yu and Izanagi. Either one will allow you to jump into current SMs, Arena, or Void of the Realm. Of course they won't beat everything, but it's somewhere to start. Feel free to ask about other teams, the one thing I have to sadly inform you is that the Greek series is very dead and that every patch people are hoping for a revival but it doesn't look like it's happening too soon.

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