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Returning Player - Need Deck Help
Uh so, been out of the loop for more than two years now. Decided to come back as a casual player but I'm guessing most of my cards, which weren't that great back then either, are out of meta. If anyone could give me some advice I would be very grateful. These are my cards.

By attribute:

Stormbringer Susano'o
Qinglong the Prime King
Princess of Troy (is it still worth it to PR cass?)
Freyr the Immortal Warrior (PR only, but I have a spare Freyr to VR)
Pisces of Empathy - Cateua & Ravniss
Grand Sage Molly
Carrie the Phantom Dancer
Skogul (worth evolving?)
Cold Sword Empress - Celsius
Dreamer Matthew
Oceans Keeper
Yue Qi
Maragrite The Faerie
The Great Mother of Lust
Elizabeth the Noble
Adjoined Android - Gretchen H.
Aloof Odous
The Water Roe
Frosty Melog
Kappa the Child of Rivers
Gluttonous King Slime
Beowulf the Dragonslayer
Combative Whale Monstro
Urd, the Valkyrie of Memory
Captain Ice - Treasure Raider
Paladin Queen of Water
Dagon, Father of the Deep Ones
(new) The Devoted Dog
(new) Dweller of the Sea

Princess of Kolchis
Medea, Sorceress of Love & Hate
Lord of Blaze - Phanes
Rococo x2
General of Flame - Musbile
Agnesi x2
Jackie the Postwoman
Cauldron of Divinity - Tuo Ba You-Er
Poppy the Armed Handmaid
Ibarakidouji the Gate Keeper
Santa Claus the Deep Thinker
Blazing Golem - Liberated
Armstrong the City Taker
Paladin Warrior
Advanced Metallic Lion
Cthugha the Embodiment of Flare
Fiery Dance - Martial Master
(new) Pyro Knight-errant
(new) Thetis the Wilful Shield

Warlike Soldier Stinger
The Squally Ethereal Dragon
Terra Solitary
Engaged Belle
Gusty Puppet
Yang Jian the Deity of Fidelity
Lu Cheng-Syuan
Chen Jing-Ciou
Barbara the Dragon Maiden
Advanced Metallic Rhinoceros
Court of Sagittarius - Hertz
Tribal Chief Mufasa
Jade Hunter - Tribal Chief

Idun the Everlasting Priest
Sick Masochist - Darkness
Beelzebub (should I evolve?)
Lyra (or should I evolve this instead?)
Dragon Spiritor - Light
Modi & Magni (evolve or nah?)
Copper Bullet (evolve?)
Threader of Love - Yue Lao
Metallic Wolf
Luna the Saintly Warrior
Imanotsurugi & Usumidori
Jack the Gentleman
Miles the Devout Knight
Baihu the Sage of the West
Jyu Yun & Cloudy
Persephone the Harvest Maiden x2
Sacred Golem - Liberated
The Merry Puppy
The Holy Ethereal Dragon
Paladin Swordsman
Pugnacious Puppet Pinocchio
King Griffin
Marquess Nathaniel

Underworld Rebel Lucy
Spider Demon the Silk Cave Mistress
Deadly Annihilator - Schnauzer
Basti the Solar Deity
Baphomet the Demonic Goat
Ageless Beauty - Wiz
John the Shadow Assassin
Shadow Solitary
Malphas x2
Alma the Sickle Assassin
Du Gu Ning-Ke the Tender Brute
Todd the Puppet Barber
Paladin Gladiator
Faugn the Dread Devourer
Martial Wizard Geppetto
Advanced Metallic Leopard
Court of Gemini - Castor & Pollux
The Grumpy Puppy
(NEW!!) Odin the Knight of Runes

Advice on what teams I can use right now, which cards to focus on, and which draws I should aim for are all really appreciated. Thank you!

UPDATE: just hit lv 150 so I get to redeem a Greek God. Any advice on which one I should pick or can I just choose whichever?

Allies: VR Poseidon, PR Phanes 
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