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Returning Player - Help Focus!
Just returning to TOS after a year or so break. Having recently become a father, found that this is the perfect game to play at the moment!

However, a lot has changed and I'm at a complete loss for what teams I should be focusing my time on building now?
Not to mention when I should be using my diamonds and what cards/series I should be trying to get?

Collection images below. Originals here if they're not visible or too small.

Using: Artemis - Yan Xi - Zeus - Hades - Alma.
Thoughts: Not sure Greek has what it takes anymore. Recently drew Sunnie, thinking about swapping to a Dragon team.

Using: Poseidon - Zeus - Pisces - Wen Zhong - Dagon.
Thoughts: Likewise not sure about Greek team now, do like the look of Azazel maybe as a new team. Also drew Andromeda when I restarted.

Using: Dumuzi - Bull King - Circe - Dual Lancer - Medusa.
Thoughts: Not seen Bablyon users in my friend list since re-starting. Not sure what route to go here, maybe a Norse team with Freyja if Norse can still cut it.

Using: Tyr - Meda - Merciless - Thetis - Odin.
Thoughts: Haven't used fire teams much in the past, not sure if I have anything good here to build around.

Using: Thor - Odin - Yan & Xi - Minamoto - Imanotsurugi.
Thoughts: Same with fire, didn't use Light teams much when I was playing last, feels like I have enough cards but not sure what combo.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give.
Long time reader of this forum when I played before, but never had an account... So also huge thanks to everyone for the guides / tips on battles over the years. An amazing resource!

[Image: wkYWJQS.png][Image: BVCbGmg.png]
[Image: rhbdbeT.png][Image: kXfmoJN.png]
[Image: QTZaVHR.png]

Congrats on becoming a father!

For diamonds:
You want to wait till the next seal card event comes. kof (king of fighters) collab is coming next patch so there will be an exclusive seal. However you do want to wait and see if the series is worth drawing depending on if the cards are good.

What to build:
- Skip norse since they take way too many resources to be meta, also odin stage doesn't seem like its coming back anytime soon.
- Dragon teams are alright but they take more xp to max, also you don't have Nidhogg

- Todd: Crimson grace series recently got a vr and they're pretty strong rn
- Cat Duke: Recently got evolution, worth leveling. Can fit into Todd team
- Artemis: Its ok, situational, based on luck

- Elizabeth: Crimson grace vr, once Robert gets his pr they will be tier 1
- Babylonians: are still a good team but more situational since a lot of skills counter them these days
- Azazel: Still alright
- Andromeda: Is a strong leader but also a pretty good member, should level her
- Poseidon: Situational, based on luck

- Yang Jian: Can make for a pretty good team, especially since you have Circe and Medea. You can pair him with Dipankara or another Yang Jian. However dmg is still a little lacking nowadays even with enchantresses. Relies on skydrop.
- Duncan: You should pr all your starters, very useful
- Dumuzi: Still a good team but again more situational
- Sariel (forest keeper): You should level her, pretty useful for certain stages.

- Medea: you should max all your enchantresses they are very useful, not to mention she just got an amazing outfit

- ml (michael lucifer): He's strong, you should level him for the future

Teams you can form:
Elizabeth - Pisces - Skogul/Swegde - Molly - last card is up to you, depending on the stage (andromeda, azazel, wenzhong, poseidon etc) - Elizabeth

Yangjian - Circe - Medea - Duncan/Sean (preferablly duncan) - last card up to you, depending on the stage (mufasa, medusa, forest keeper) (try to focus on one attribute so try to slot in earth since you have better earth members) - Dipankara

Todd - (kind of special, you can use both forms so ill list out some good members) Cat Duke, Yan Xi, Endor, (more situational: brynhildr, osiris, pr cancer) etc

+ your current teams right now can clear certain stages just depends on the enemies skills.

Hope this helps!

Add Me: 41,330,671

IGN: [RGK] Apparition

All Max Allies:
Guan Yu • Water Xi • VR Elizabeth • Yi Yeh Shu • Hideyoshi • Arthur • Haza • Honda • Madam Chyan • PR Atrahasis • PR Dipankara • VR Daji

Guild: Ragnarok [1333]
Thanks 573RN7HUND3R!

This is fantastic, all very useful Smile


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