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[Registration closed] ★ vVv ★ guild
vVv stands for Venimus Vidimus Vicimus (I came, I saw, I conquered) from Julius Caesar.

We are a band of enthusiastic international TOS players and we go by three core principles:
1. United group over individual skilled members
2. Committed and responsible
3. Deep lasting friendship

Guild Structure
Leader - VictoryLaw
HR - Leya(shue), wniterchillz, 5566, username
PR - VVV, poogu
Treasurer - MoonChild, Dreadmonk, Savior
Social Media (FB) - minced, siohw
Social Media (Forum) - Arda, Metacreeper
Social Media (whatsapp) - weezy
Multimedia - VictoryLaw, smof, moodswings, kenneth
Leveling - Nighteleven, Pershmegea

Facebook group
We have created a facebook group. Pls check in game announcement for the fb link. Pm us your in game Nick and fb Nick so we can accept u.

[01/01/2014] Happy New year! We have created a poll on Facebook for the upcoming saruman guild event. Pls vote your option there.
[19/12/2013] In view of the santa event, we have come up with a plan for lower wave members (who are not in guild) and wish to obtain santa card. View this post for more information.
[15/12/2013] We have re-released the full set of waves, pending acceptance list and waiting list.
[15/12/2013] We are under going heavy re scheduling exercise. Pls bear with us as we release the waves. Waves 3 and 4 are released.
[13/12/2013] We have updated the wave lists till wave 10. Pls do double check your positions as there are minor some adjustments.
[13/12/2013] V^3 is officially up. Our number is ****. Pls PM me for guild number.
[13/12/2013] Waves 1-3 pls be ready. We r back in business.
[13/12/2013] We are stopping all recruitment till further notice.
[12/12/2013] Thanks to the gracious efforts by MoonChild, VictoryLaw, VVV and Nighteleven, I am pleased to announced that V^3 will be open for business tonight. Stay tuned for more updates.
[12/12/2013] Recruiting strong members for the initial waves! Register your interest by replying or pm shue249.

Registration Fee
The following is by our mascot, VVV:
Hello fellow guild members!

As mentioned earlier, there will be a guild membership fee in order for our guild to continue to grow and allow other players to join!

Please proceed to the donation button after you have been added.

You can donate 1.5mil as a lump sum, screenshot the donation and then send to our guild email, which can be found in the guild announcement page.

If you need an instalment plan option please PM me and I will let you know the options.

[Image: 8a2ymugu.jpg][Image: a5yqybyg.jpg][Image: apygeped.jpg]

Guys if you are unable to contribute 1.5mil right now please PM me and let me know, also if you would be left crippled after donating that amount.

We don't want you to be unable to level you cards LOL so please message me ok I'll let you know the instalment plan

I've done my part, have you? Smile

We hope all members can prefix their username by [vVv] once they are added to the guild.

To facilitate the member wave update process and to cut down redundancy, we are putting the member wave into a centralised google doc. Pls refer to the link for more details.

[Image: 0cc7145c.jpg]
Well I'm probably not even half as good as any of you, if you can join two clans (?) then may I join?

The vigilant path -is my suggested name.

And yes I love tos or else I wouldn't be here Big Grin

Hope I can join!

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Yayy finally someone making a thread about guild things! I want to join! My name suggestion will be... Sexy Saviors LOL Yeah I'm seriously going with this.

[Image: xbxtzn.jpg]

If life gives you silver cards, make lemonade.

Gonna update my whole ally&wanted list soon. But I'm lazy. For now:
Allies: PKoE, Virgo, Freyr, Apollo
Looking for: Minamoto, PR Molly, Cassandra
Guild name - The Precision
can I join? 3389807
guild name: H.I.V.E (Holistic Integration of Vanguard Elites)
[Image: 4bf23ac1.jpg] [Image: 2rpz70i.gif]

must... follow.... victor

Regular Ally: Sagittarius, Loki, Artemis, Hephaestus, Engaged Bell, Circe, Gemini all Max, and SS Ducks
LF Engaged Bell/Hephaestus/Saggi/Daji/Soulstone duck allies
id: 17870872
I would love to join.

Siohw - 14,082,803

Guild name...hmmm, since we're into acronyms, SNOTS (Super Noobs Of Tower of Saviors)?

Or PEST (Pro Establishment Savior of Towers)?

[SG] Siohw
ID: 14,082,803

Odi et amo. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?
nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

Catullus Carmen 85
How about for the two guilds, The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance lol

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In Game ID - 4259772
Ooo yay I'm in now Big Grin
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Rebel alliance sounds nice, rotfl

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