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Rainbow Leaders (Hades/Fusion/Archer/Daji/Sirii/Valac/Astaroth)
ID: 44 791 364
Main ally: Stolas ( Lvl99/ CD13)
Other allies: Valac (Lvl99/ CD 20)
Wanted allies: PR Daji, Stolas, Valac, PKoE, Hook

47070818 my id LVL 147
I have Elizabeth max and DAESUNG max FOR ALLY
I need valac and fox PR

Wysłane z mojego SM-N9005 przy użyciu Tapatalka

Georgi PL
ID: 47070818
Ally: Elizabeth, Mondays duck, Randeng

Need ally: PR Daji, PR Nors Goods ! 
IGN: Fedor
ID: 45,361,426
Main ally: Mark II (Lv Max, CD 17)
Other Allies- All blood fiends (lvl 80+), Spirit catcher valk, Loki (2 max cept for cd)
Wanted allies: Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji, Any frequent users

Userid: 56 497 715
Looking for: Daji / Hades
My ally: Poseidon, Artemis, Thor, Hades
IGN: Ikkoru;
ID: 51,791,663;
Main ally: Hades ALLMAX;
Other allies: See signature, ask in-game;
Wanted allies: In signature as well, also accepting everybody who will use my allies.
PS: Will delete people if they don't login for too long, if you are deleted feel free to send me a new friend request ^_^
ID: 51 791 663; IGN: Ikkoru; Outdated:
[Image: s.png~original]
Need: Everybody!

IGN : [SG]多比
ID: in sig.
Main ally : Double maxed PR Daji
Other allies: Elizabeth, PR Tyr, PR Loki, PR Freyja
Wanted: PR Nezha, other maxed daji
IGN: Wezlex
ID: 55 757 834
Main ally: Hades (Lv 99, CD 18)
Other allies: Valac (Lv 99, CD 20), Leo (Lv 99, CD 15),PR wukong (Lv 99, CD 16)
Wanted allies: PR Daji
IGN: Stewart Law
ID: 54478523
Main Ally: Malphas (L99)
Wanted ally: Daji, hades, malphas, stolas, valac.
IGN: meepmeep
ID: 56 672 306
Main ally: valac lv99
Other allies: Carrie, Artemis, Pisces, hades (still leveling), paladins (all max level except pkol), fate sisters (pr idun, pr verthandi, pr urd), earth dd. Most max level. Will change upon request~
Looking for: active player with maxed lv card.
Hello all,

I've managed to pull two 'different' Gods, and am looking for friends.

My Allies: Wen Zhong (main), Randeng (#2 and/or farming)

Looking For: Wen Zhong, Mono Blue, & John the Assassin of Darkness

My ID: 70, 297, 467

Active: Daily

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