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Rainbow Leaders (Hades/Fusion/Archer/Daji/Sirii/Valac/Astaroth)
IGN: Vixen
ID: 76 131 831
Main Ally: All Max Daji
Wanted Allies: Any as long as you are active

[Image: 775fe471.jpg]
IGN: 囧
ID: 32592946
Main Ally: All Max Daji
Wanted Allies: Any as long as you are active

IGN: [GR] BromoDany
ID: 53970219
Main ally: Poseidon (ALL MAX)
Other allies: Stolas (Lv 80+, CD ALL MAX), Elizabeth PRed (Lv 99, CD Lvl 10)
Wanted allies: SU DAJI PRed (ALL MAX)

Please add me Smile I need daji

IGN: Vardian MX

Main Allies: Nezha, Evil Queen, Inanna, Ninurta

Other Allies:

Lots of cards like SM bosses and low level cards for achievements

Some of my diamond seal allies

[Image: KLsUDn6.jpg]

Wanted: Very Active Players

Please add me
[Image: lmjSrHg.jpg]  [Image: Hr6XjJ9.jpg]

ID: 13183015
Main ally: All Max Daji
Other allies: Double max Atrahasis, Inanna (Lv 99, CD 16)
Wanted allies: As long as you are active and use me frequently.
[Image: 1c5f8c3b.jpg]
IGN : Ameeraaznel (level 79)
Main Ally : Paladin Queen Of Water (Level 85 : will max lvl and PR soon)
Other Allies : Max level : Phantomasour, Byakhee, Metablaze, Jackie The Postwoman, Jack The Gentleman. Also have Court of Cancer-John (haven't PR) and Court of Capricon-Domon (haven't PR too) [Do request to change]
Wanted Allies : Daji, PR Daji, Hades, Valac ?

Ps:I'm very very active and I use Daji almost all the time so do add me ?
IGN: Tracey
ID: 78,158,488
Main ally: PR Daji (All Max)
Other allies: PR Faugn, Valac

Wanted allies: Anyone who will use me daily!
In particular- Rainbow leaders (Hades, Valac, Astaroth etc), PR Nezha, PR Wukong, Dragons (PR Faugn, Wawel), Brynhildr/Valkyrie
[Image: vy2Qzkt.jpg?1]
ID 78,158,488 :: Main ally PR Daji (All Max) :: Adding daily users!
Other allies: PR Faugn, Valac
ID: 78316504
Main Ally: PR Daji, Max Lvl Max Skill, Ameol 3 (getting souls, soon to be all max)
Other Allies: All max Domon (still working on others)
Wanted allies: hades, Valac/Hook,
IGN: Van Helsing
ID: 76 625 668
Main Ally: PR Daji AM, PR Nezha AM (On -50% stamina day)
Other Allies: All babylons maxed level, hep and artemis AM, PR faugn, hades maxed level and cd, PR water and dark egypt.

Wanted Allies: Anyone that can use me / for now prefer fire babylon (for guild event). Will delete anyone not active more than 3 days.
IGN: Hauhart
ID: 27476745
Main ally: all max Daji
My often used leaders: PR Nezha(IV), Loki(IV), all Greeks(IV), Dio, Douman, Faugn, Lu Cheng-Syuan, Jabbanero, Ducks/Puppy(IV), Tuchigumo, Astaroth and much more...
Wanted allies: any :-) (...but Ducks/Puppys(IV) are very welcome)
Hauhart - ID: 27476745 - Lvl: 300+ /addme if u need Daji/HFD/Lucy
      [Germany] - [Kogarasumaru]

[Image: 68664e-1461751252.jpg]
...come to the dark side ;-)

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