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Rainbow Leaders (Hades/Fusion/Archer/Daji/Sirii/Valac/Astaroth)
This thread is for the following cards and the cards in their evolution lines only:
Fusion Leaders
[Image: 480px-532i.png] Wen Zhong the Grand Preceptor
[Image: 480px-538i.png] Jiang Ziya the Grand Duke
[Image: 480px-8006i.png] Maleficent the Evil Mistress
[Image: 480px-8010i.png] Priestess Yzma
[Image: 480px-9006i.png] Stolas the Prince of Knowledge
[Image: 480px-9010i.png] Malphas the Earl of Warfare

Universal Leaders
[Image: 480px-139i.png] Paladin King of Earth
[Image: 480px-288i.png] Sirius of Solar Eclipse
[Image: 480px-289i.png] Sirius of Lunar Eclipse
[Image: 480px-372i.png] Court of Sagittarius - Hertz
[Image: 480px-440i.png] Paladin Shooter

[Image: 480px-595i.png] Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji
[Image: 480px-8012i.png] Captain James Hook
[Image: 480px-8014i.png] The Obsessive Evil Queen
[Image: 480px-9012i.png] Valac the President of Murmurs
[Image: 480px-9014i.png] Astaroth the Duke of Hell

[Image: 480px-580i.png] God of the Underworld - Hades

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: Sparklz
ID: 6492016
Main ally: Noctimetallic (Lv 99, CD 6)
Other allies: PR Daji (Lv 99, CD 15)
Wanted allies: Astaroth (Lv 99, CD 12)

IGN: てつや [TH]
ID: 43622002
Main ally: PR Daji (Lv 99, CD 15)
Other allies: PR Loki IV (Lv 99, CD 10), SS-Beasts
Wanted allies: Hades (Lv 90+)


[Image: 1signature.jpg]
Regular Ally : PR-Loki, PR-Daji, SS-Beasts, can be changed up on request
Wanted Ally : Saruman, etc.
IGN: byakuya
ID: 54561023
Main ally: Valac (Lv 99)
Other allies: PKOE III (Lv 99), PR Idun II (Lv 99), Elizabeth *6 (Lv 99)
Wanted allies: Saruman, Pr Daji

IGN: hlai
ID: 47277448
Main ally: stolas
Wanted allies: stolas/malphas
Hi Guys!
IGN: Jun
ID: 60070062
Main Ally: Malphas the Earl of Warfare Lvl 99 CD 16.
Wanted Ally: Hades and Daji, but anyone is wellcome.
IGN: Андрюха
ID: 56490404
Main ally: PR Daji(will be soon max lvl) 17 CD
Other allies: Valac max lvl 19 CD
Wanted allies: Hades, PR Daji
Main ally: Hook lvl 99
Wanted Allies: Pr Daji, Hook/Valac, Hades
ID: 65920297

Main ally: Pr Daji
Wanted Allies: Hades, Hook/Valac
ID: 46250814
IGN: alphaQ
ID: 62 309 388
Main ally: PR Daji (99lv cd15)
Other allies: PR Loki and Tyr,Artemis,Hades,Leo,Taurus (all max lv and low/perfect cd) All ss Dogs/Ducks
Wanted allies: active daily player
PR Daji 15 add me plz.

I have stolas and pr tyr. Account number in sig
Userid: 55 2626 84
Guild leader of Guild [SG] 1577

ID 2215974
Have Valac max, Hades max and other

need anybody good Big Grin

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