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Poll: Guild thread usage
I am a frequent visiter and I depend on this thread for everything guild related (events/news/etc etc)
I visit this thread occasionally (for the kicks, updates and trolls)
This thread is useless, I am born a line user and half my brain is connected to line chat for guild news/information
ralfhero please make the thread better.... (pff...)
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[RECRUITING] Super Casual Level 19 Guild - EN Forum United Div 2 ID:126805
Hello, I submitted request for invite

IGN: Venjjeance
ID: 80,011,065

Guy's I've replied to your pm, please check your inbox!

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
(12-14-2013, 12:42 PM)ralfhero Wrote:
[Image: coollogo_com-12958480.png]

[Image: coollogo_com-54641000.png]
This guild was created from day 1 with the intention to unite this forum's greatest trollers, jokers, hard core, no life, forever alone summoners and to have fun and be crazy

All controlled by a little kid name balaur whom fetish over Ursula the dragoness and the 2 Vice leader (1mini_cow the great old deep perv and (2)Alungi the king of slime who one day want to take over and become tower of slimes.Guild everyday function maintained by a table of elites (Gramps, Alungi, Ian, White Shadow, Kurp)Guild page maintained by me the great dark one (Self proclaim) & anyone Guild ModsBasically daily dose of chaos is expected, trolling of guild chat "Line" is highly recommended and total freedom of expression in the guild. Feel free to be yourself in the guild, there is no age restriction here, no racial discrimination, as long you breath you're welcome.

Mods/SuperMods in Guild

mini_cow (Forum Representitive)
ralfhero (Forum Dark Lord)
Alungi (Forum Slime Lord)
Metacreeper (Forum Strategist)
wong93 (Swag Lord)
Balaur (Ursula Fetish)

Valued Contributor

History of Guild's team Victory 
[1] The Deep Thinker - Santa (Over Killed)
[2] Defeat the Root of All Evil - Saruman (Over Killed)
[3] Blessing from the visitors - Ducks (Golden Badge + overkill)
[4] Rank 6 - Trail from the Astralists
[5] Rank 11 - Purify the Lustful Mind
[6] Rank 3 - Catch the Glutton
[7] Rank 79 - Trail of Stars Part 1
[8] Rank 87 - Trail of Stars Part 2
[9] Rank 56 - Clash of the Chessboard
[10] Rank 60 - To the Moon
[11] Rank 27 - Endless War Song
[12] Rank 91 - Revenge after the Festival
[13] No Rank - Ode to the Saint
[14] Rank 71 - Wine of Abandoned Love
[15] Rank 65 - Search for Surprising Eggs

[Image: coollogo_com-54621270.png]

Hall of fame for 
Revenge after the Festival

1. m i n
2. Damien
3. TJ
4. InfinitySinX
5. kResLar
6. ralfhero
7. Alungi
8. iDon'tCare
9. YeohYL
10. Hazrin

Hall of fame for 
Ode to the Saint

1. m i n
2. Ryotine
3. Ralf's Yumiko
4. TJ
5. Lloser
6. Tatoru
7. DeLiLuMe
8. M. Taha
9. ralfhero
10. kResLar

Hall of fame for 
Wine of Abandoned Love

1. m i n
2. Ralf's Yumiko
3. InfinitySinX
4. Routine
5. Missingo
6. Lyn
7. YeohYL
8. Lloser
9. kResLar
10. TJ

Hall of fame for 
Search for Surprising Eggs

1. m i n
2. Ralf's Yumiko
3. Hikari
4. InfinitySinX
5. ⅏⅏   ⅏⅏
6. kResLar
7. Goodnight Kiss
8. Lyn
9. iDontCare
10. iLLuzions

MVP in the guild, in no particular Order (Top 10, 3 in a row)
++ M I N (Illusive player who always get top points in event)
++ InfinitySinX
++ kResLar
++ TJ
++ Ralf's Yumiko

[Image: coollogo_com-211311709.png]

We don't require minimum levels, or for you to be P2P or have an arsenal of allies at your dispoal.

We want players who want to belong to a community, love playing the game and is generally active (in chats) and in the game. Thats it!

Leave your IGN and apply for the guild at 1172
Join our Line chat, we have members of both sexes, several countries and timezones, so there's always someone to say hello!

[Image: coollogo_com-18698375.png]
We require all our members to participate in the guild events regardless of our score. The guild leader will assign a minimum point mark to be achieved individually. This minimum goal will never be absurd, and does not require members to spend any of their diamonds—simply to play the event during the week a few times (Equal or just above Madhead’s Minimum points for the MAX reward). New members must not fail to obtain these points during their first guild event with us. All other members will be warned if they do not achieve the points once, kicked if they fail a second time.

The reason we ask for participation for all our members regardless of our overall score is considering the effort all members have done to bring the guild to where it is today, as well as the inherent bonuses we get from it when we play outside the guild events. It is a way to show our appreciation for being part of this great group of people.

Any extraordinary circumstances which stop the guild member from playing during the event should be expressed to the guild leader to consider their exemption.

Hello is been a while after i quit TOS..right now,i played back which my last login is in june 2015..right now,im finding a good guild to play with..

Level : 179
Leader : loki newest evolution
IGN : [SG]Xiao_|Love

IGN:[email protected]
Looking for a new guild atm lel , frequent player here
I'm looking for guild too -3- my name is swegballz left previous guild cus it dieded

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Ok folks check your pm! I'll messaged everyone of you!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're full!! Thanks to all that have applied with us.

If any of you are still looking to join ENFU, don't fret, div2 may be full but div 1, 3, and 4 are all still open for recruitment! Drop me a pm and I can help direct you to our sister guild.

Cheers Smile
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
i lvl 94 only, consider beginner, can i join?
Yo guys. New member here. Uhh i was wondering if you guys could tell me the name of the line group or send me the link.
Thanks if you guys sent it owo
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
Hi , wonder if i could join i just applied

ID :36 653 908
IGN : Notice me jason

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