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Question regarding leader attack multipliers
Have a small question regarding leader multipliers on the example of this card.  "Wilting Pistil - Paperwhite"

It says , earth att x 3 and earth elf att x 4. If I have full team of earth elves, this fulfills both conditions and therefore it should be x12 attack for all members? With dual leader, they should stack, and then we have 12 x 12 = x144?

To make it short, are damage multipliers exclusive or inclusive regarding stacking conditions?

While we are at it, Lű Dongbin says "Dark Attack & God Attack x 3.4", which by my interpretation should mean these are exclusive in case of full team of dark god members, so we get 3.4 x 3.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 = x72.25 in the case of 15 runestones dissolved in dual Lü Dongbin team, right?

By logic, operator "and" includes both conditions but it seems that in case of Lü Dongbin, these conditions do not refer to members directly, but on leader skill itself, or in other words it will check if member of team is either god or dark member and then simply add up the multiplier if either of these conditions are fulfilled once? (this is why he can also use gods of any color without losing on damage, or dark cards of any race, right?)

I ask only to be sure of myself and interpretation of some leader effects, since I find myself many times confused by some actives/teamskills/leaderskills because of strange wording or logic in some cases.

The conditions together share a multiplier. Paperwhite gives 4x to Earth Elves, and 3x to any Earth non-Elves; Lu Dongbin gives 3.4 to Dark AND Gods, Amaterasu gives 4.5x to Fire AND Gods.

As far as I can remember the only similar card that works differently is Andromeda, who gives 1.5 to Water and 3.5 additionally to Elves (and that word is what makes the difference).

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