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Pupuro, Guan Yu, or Primal Greeks?
As the title suggests, this is pertaining to the free draw which i still have, I am lacking just a few cards which i have narrowed down to usability, Pupuro, Guan Yu, Phanes and Pontos. 

Which one is worth to get now? Reasoning and well taught out comments are appreciated! Thank you!

I'd say Phanes is the best choice, followed by Guan Yu.

Phanes just got PR, and he's pretty amazing with a 65x~164x multiplier (will pretty much never reach full multi for whole team with a practical setup but up to 4-5 members may get it after a good convert), rune generation, and really unrestricted teambuilding allowing for a lot of utility options. He has a recovery option with Shakuro, a load of enchantress options, and his active is pretty decent and low CD. He's just like a strong all-around team, weakness being any kind of initial fire dissolve shields and maybe combo shields. However. I don't think of Phanes as being rare at all, so it might be a waste to use it on him, you might draw a few copies the next time the 10 draw returns.

Guan Yu... is a card I've always wanted but haven't gotten so I dunno if I'm qualified to speak about her. I think she's gotten a lot of kind of bandaid buffs recently (Like Ubume) and that kind of prolongs her life but really the problem is with her as a leader, especially when you put her next to Maya who is her LDH counterpart and a black card: Guan Yu is too random, like all 3-dissolves. She has to dissolve 3 of 4 types to get her full multiplier (Unlike Maya who only needs 2 of 3). She doesn't have any heart equivalency, unlike Maya, unless you use her active, which has a longer CD than Maya and doesn't have a utility function, only boosting. Witches, which she relied on previously to stabilize her damage, have kind of been slowly making their way out of meta as alternative cards which do similar things with only the drawback of not being able to be turned off at will have been introduced. I dunno. I still think she's a good card, but she just doesn't seem to have the range that teams which are directly comparable to her have, and her multiplier is quite outdated by now. But she is quite rare, and MH is probably going to give her stuff to keep up now that they've realized she's falling behind (they just dumped a load of members for her) + her PR (or whatever kind of update the special seals are getting) shouldn't be amazingly far off since she's from one of the earlier special seal series. AR Dipankara might actually work really well in her team, if the skill on the forums is correct.

Third choice is Pupuro, who should be getting PR much sooner, next patch or the following. Hopefully it'll be special, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's just damage up.

Pontos... meh. He went from 9x to 10x, that's basically his PR. Not really worth much.

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I think Pupuro would be my choice. Her damage spike is more or less unique, and there's not many replacements for it (Ev for Elves, or Florice/Sun Ce which are both Human for Water). Leaders come and go and easily get replaced, but members stay more or less equally relevant over a longer period.

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