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Pr Sprites help
Whats up guys
Is Pr sprites a good cards overall?

If so, what teams can I make with them (as leaders) and (as members)

And for potential as leader which sprite is the best?


Yidhra, Magrence and Yvette are quite useful to have. Their leader skill becomes [ATR] and Elf ATK and REC 3x and all runes have 25% Heart effect, which makes them incredibly powerful healing leaders. Magrence lets you ignore rune burning skills, Yidhra can be considered a two-turn 2.1x booster and board enchanter, Yvette gives insane healing with her leech.

Yvette | Circe | Nidhogg + Khaos is a fun team that I've been playing around with, and I cleared last week's SM with a Yidhra-led Water team.

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PR Sprites seem to have been made specifically to give newbies good-but-not-too-overpowered leaders in every color that could carry them a little. You can stick just whatever in their teams if you don't have a specific stage you're trying to clear. They have a strong synergy with heart eliminating cards like Wen Zhong or Yunyang because they turn all runes into healing runes, so heart becomes unnecessary. If you wanna go into SMs with them, you're gonna have to tailor the teams more for the specific stage.

As members, they're probably best in Diablo or Perrenial teams, with other elves. As Kaerf said, Yidhra, Magrence, and Yvette have the most general usefulness. Marguerite is a little difficult to place even in an elf team, and people seem to agree that Isabel got the short straw and is not much better than her pre-PR form.

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Ah ha thank you guys I am a noob so I don't have any proper team so in gonna buy the lost relic passes for Pr sprites and farm Yvette and yidra and magerence

Their hp is very weak though.
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