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Pompei team
Hello everyone,

I was very lucky to get the Pompei card in my first ten draw.
[Image: 100?cb=20180510151557]

I'd like your point of views on possible teams?

Mono fire? only mecha?
Which team are you the best at training?

I'm thinking of monofire build :

Pompei + Smilodon + Agnesi (mecha form) + Medea + Nezha (with craft) + Pompei

But I'm wondering of other converter card like : rococo or Meng Huo
Or maybe Oda Nobunaga for burst ?

And you what would you play and why...

Moved to Team Building.

Please use this forum for advice on building teams in the future. ^^

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Pompeii works best as Mono fire I think. If you put other attribute Machina in, the charging time is too long. And honestly, I think you setup is very good.
I'm currently running Pompeii, Smilodon, Agnesi, Seth, Medea, Pompeii.
I would run Nezha instead of Seth as well if I have her. Rococo is also great for her fast converting, making the fuel charge up faster. Not to mention her alternate form the 2nd active is like a huge burst for the team.

Thanks for moving my post...

I heard that smilodon is not so great...Or maybe it's need to burst with Oda Nobunaga ?

I have few harpy and could MAX only smilodon or Agnesi,
I should go Agnesi right ? (cd4 burst 2.2x)

What about the new epsilon card (cd6 converter) ? Does he have a a place in pompei team ?
Smilodon is fine. I would prioritize him over Agnesi (Agnesi is farmable, IDK why you would need any harpies for her). Smilodon's only real problem is he costs way too much in TC.

Why the obsession with CF Nobunaga? He's not that good. Your first team idea is better.

You only need 3 mechs, you'd maybe want more for more damage, but there are other cards you can put in that are better. Seth is great utility, as Attanond is using. Medea or Fire Bride will probably be a stronger overall damage booster than another mech or Nobunaga.

Only problem card I can see is Nezha, because he removes earth (and depending on the form water) so you'll never get the full damage value while using him, but then again, dissolving same combos of WFE is really impractical on a turn to turn basis anyway.

Fire needs a new time tunnel. Or norns need to get a VR.
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I was wondering if Perseus is a good fit for the team. He converts light and dark to fire, water and earth to heart. You will lose the WFE boost, but all the runes will become attack runes. But CD 7 is probably too long to be that useful...
Thanks again, I will take your advice and stick to my first team...
Everyone is welcome to share other thought about valid teammate.
I would recommend you replace Smilodon with Rococco or potentially another Agnesi if you can. Smilodon is a good booster for Pompeii himself, but doesnt boost the whole team, by replacing him with Agnesi you get increased stats and a good booster or recovery card for pesky shields. Rococco is a super offensive booster with a 3CD fuel charger.

Also, if you say you only have enough resources to max one or the other, i assume you are using harpies. DONT. Just farm up another Agnesi or give it to Rococco. Smilodon is good, but very replaceable by the other 2. I personally run Pompeii - Agnesi - Rococco - Medea - Fire Yan (Replace with booster) - Pompeii.
Smilodon is good next to the leader Pompeii because of all the extra attacks he's launching, and if high defense becomes a problem Smilodon will help him pierce through. Because he's persistent he has a lot more value over time than Agnesi, who is still CD6 even after reduction. Agnesi is good as another team boost on top of that, but I wouldn't prioritize her.

Is it really necessary to stack a team of 2x for him? I get that's the standard team setup for fire and all, I use it for my Heph, but he doesn't seem to need it I think.
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To add to Fauxy, Smilodon also brings Utility such that by inactivating him, you enchant the whole board

Also, about Nezha, I think she's good for being a fast converter (CD5) which helps Pompeii charge up fuel much faster. So I'd prioritize charging up to 100% over getting those 2 extra hit per Pompeii off. Also Nezha's craft increase the spinning time even more. At +2 Spin time, I'm already averaging 7 combos, so the extra second would probably help me do 8. So basically give you more space for error and to dissolve the 6 fixed spot.

And to be honest, Agnesi is just a place holder for now until MH release another good fire machina member

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