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Pollux - Swordsman of Equinox
Is it worth using Pollux as a team leader or a member of a mixed dragon deck?

Another question: What are the required elements of getting the evolution materials for Pollux and the cost for the evolved form of pollux?

Looking for Ethereal Dragon, Dragon Spiritor Allies.

Regular Ally
Dark/Light DS
Fire/Water/Light ED

ID: 18,955,885

[Image: 90fe978a.jpg]
For Pollux as leader, click me!

The team cost of the evolved form is 14, I can't remember the exact materials for evolving but you require some of those materials found in the Zodiac stages Big Grin

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Pollux can function well as both his skill could literally replace a gsod if cooldown wasn't 4turns higher maxed and he beats dark paladin final form leader skill

[Image: 3250089_1153130463.png]
He has the same min CD as GSoD. Just that his skill maxed at higher level.
[Image: 890294b0.jpg]
Oh well ok then he's a more expensive and better version of Gsod,expensive as in team cost
[Image: 3250089_1153130463.png]

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