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Perfect my Chessia team :)
Hey guys Smile

Got back to the game last week and asked you guys to help me with getting back into the game and I'm hooked again so thanks Big Grin I've brought up my suggested Barhogg team (PR Barbara+PR Byakhee/Mufasa/PR Medusa/Demon Bull+PR Nidhogg). Not quite all maxed yet but I'm getting there Smile

The current Chessia team I'm building consists of Chessia+Medea/PR Sean/GSOF/Cerberus+Chessia 
Yes I heard Chessia doesn't work well with converters but I'm using them for the time being because those are the maxed cards I have for now. I'm planning to replace them with the Agnesi+Voiv combination as I don't have Thetis for the Achilles combo. I just got Cao Cao and thinking of PRing my Hephaestus and using Cao Cao with him as replacement. Any thoughts on what to replace the 2 cards in my team with?

Here are my fire cards:

Sorry for being long-winded and thanks in advance Big Grin

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With your fire card you can build good chesia and cao2 team.
Chesia, pr medea, pr seth, agnesi fusion, chesia.
You can also starting to raising agatha and ctungha, this 2 card if use together is really good.
For cao2 team you can use full demon or 5 demon+medea with tumbler effect for dissolving 4 set of fire you wont die with medea on.
Cao, antler, red nose, achiles, medea, cao
Cao, antler, red nose, achiles, umbrella of bloody tear, cao

Thanks a lot Big Grin other opinions are still welcomed ^^

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MVP for Chessia would be PR Skuld, ensures you will hit that maximum multiplier x2.

Currently my Chessia team is

dual CD max chessia (both ensures high burst turn)
PR Skuld max (another burst turn)
PR Medea
allmax Lin Yue Ru - either she convert Light/Dark into Heart/Fire or she give +1.5x attack if there is no Light/Dark runes. synergize with Chessia active for massive burst
Cao Cao - mini burst with mini TT
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Izanagi ally plz add

Thank you that's perfect Big Grin
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I personally use Heimdallr just because you can see the difference in damage and skydrop. I barely get any extra combos from the heart dissolve thing anyways.
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Sadly I don't have him Sad I get tons of extra combos but that extra skydrop would be much better
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ID: 41814942
Heimdallr very strong but by the time I activate his ability the stage is almost over. If I can draw a 2nd one to max his skill (together with spending harpies) then I won't mind but for now at SLV11 is very slow Sad
ID: 54962818

Izanagi ally plz add


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