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PSA: Super cheap Greek Daemons and Imperial Soldiers
Greek Daemons and Imperial Soldiers are currently purchasable (i.e. Not swapping a copy around) from the Trade Fortress for 99 Gold in either single copies or batches of five. ^^

[Image: kqwWSZi.png][Image: jq82kOv.png]

They can be used to raise the SLV of the following series:

Greek Daemons:
  • Star Burst Pulses (Andro, Ophi, Lynx)
  • Greek Gods (Must evolve Greek Daemons)

Imperial Soldiers:
  • Imperial Warlords (Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Lu Bu)
  • Sengoku Samurai (Nobu, Yoshi, Honda)
  • Imperial Warlords II (Sun Ce, Zhu Rong, Xiahou Dun)

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
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Thanks! I didn't realize it and was waiting for a batch of 5 to trade for same element!

Take advantage of this now, as I think it is a bug on the English server - the Chinese server still requires exchanging with other attribute equivalent cards.

I dunno if it's a bug or an intentional change, but I have maxed out a lot of shit because of this.

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Yep, spent 10 baby harpy, few coins & got 10 maxed monsters. Just in case.
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Would they do rollback for things like this? Usually theyd cost millions by itself.
We don't know. The only precedent I can recall is the black hole harpy bug, but that one was obviously wrong since black keys weren't dropping. In this case we have no idea whether they legitimately wanted to make the feeders cheap (maybe the bug is actually on Chinese server). The number of feeders we can purchase is also limited.
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Oh its a bug, stuff that is only available for coins is on part of shop marked with "$" and there are new series feeders only.

While "-> <-" sign represents exchange, which means coins+monsters for monsters.

Still I bought them all. Will see if I regret later.
The other major bug was the rewards for holding arena, which were massive when arena first released, and the bug didn't exist on the Chinese server. It was around for a whole season before MH noticed, and they didn't do a rollback.
Also infinite Light KFCs for purchase that one season of arena. No-one got punished for that either though pretty much everybody bought like 50 of them.

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