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PR Gemini Official First Look[Video] 20.25dmg multiplier!

[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
Kinda meh to be honest. Most tough stages these days have too much random shit to use Crescendo.

[Image: ccb0f352.jpg]
^ The absolute truth, it's doubly hard to make it appealing considering the difficulty around using trojan teams. Being a long time owner of a Gemini with max amel and CD, I have never once used his leader ability before Sad

I'm not entirely sure that crescendo has no place. to get up near the 20x multiplier, other teams have big restrictions on rune spin times. with enough time to spin, you can spin your way through many hurdles. Compared to last time, we now have many more cards to get around other hurdles like fast snipers and damage reduction actives (which don't see much play due to preference for offensive actives).

depends on what MH throws at us. round 1 tetris shield, with 4M health, hitting for 14k CD1? seems like a job for crescendo, or defensive team.

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Realistically though, it's more of an exhibition team. You play it on a medium-difficulty stage, put it on youtube, get views. That's about it.
[Image: ccb0f352.jpg]
Can't wait to assemble my crescendo enchantress team again. Can only imagine the kind of explosive damage it'll deal. It's such a shame gemini is so much less cool looking though. He looked so quietly sinister before, like a psychopath gentleman.

Speaking of which, when's my enchantress ame coming?
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[Image: 0370b187.jpg]
Crescendo is still awesome as always but to be honest like you guys said it's hard to use in battles recently due to the shields however I always try to use Crescendo team when it's possible cause I'm a big fan of it, even cleared 50 stage trans and Giemsa 0 diamond with it, for those who added me can check in leaderboard Tongue
[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
Sorry Abraxas , For that stage You Just Use Daagon + Nidhogg team XD XD
Crescendo team (PR Dark Pala) was the first team I used to pass the new trans. It has its place, but it is screwed once you have some first attack or initial shield monsters.

It is exciting to play though.
[Image: 12dfe8ac.jpg]
to be more specific, it is 9x with 2.25x conditional multiplier (dissolve light and dark)
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
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