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Oriceles Newbies and Returning players guide [17.1 Update]
Hello summoners, this time I bring you a definitive guide to cover most of the game features and what to do on early and late levels with the resources you collect in-game. If you are a returning player you might be able to skip some of the content based on your current level and the amount of time you left the game. If you are a Newbie this guide will describe you all the in-game features and link you to other relevant guides and links.

Author Introduction:
I'm a gamer from Valencia, Venezuela. I play TOS since April of 2014 and have never stopped the game ever since. Currently, I'm around lvl 405+ with 1650+ login days. My guild is Guild of Saviors from which I'm the Leader. And I am the main admin of the Tower of Saviors EN Discord. I love this game way too much, my wish is that the community for the English version gets bigger and better, and that is why I've been dedicating so much of my free time on writing other guides for the game like my meta analysis and your all max reward guide. I am also active dropping comments on the Wikia discussions and on the Facebook groups.

  1. Before you start
  2. Resources
    2.1 Basics and currency
    2.2 Material
  3. Game progression
    3.1 From level 1 to 150
    3.2 Lost Relic Pass (optional)
    3.3 Now what to do?
    3.4 Relevant events
  4. About Arena
  5. About card seals, team building and meta
  6. Understanding all the phases of a card
    6.1 Oriceles method for maxing cards
  7. About Dragonarycraftt forging
  8. Dragonary craft in general
  9. Investing in the game (or How to Whale Properly)
  10. Other useful links
1. Before you start:

The are some stuff I want to clear up for all the new players picking up the game for the first time and some common things you should know but nobody tells you.

1. About rerolling: After you have cleared tutorial since version 17.1 a new "Newbie Friendly Seal" was introduced which allows you to redraw endlessly until you get a card you want, sure you will not get OP game breaking cards, but some of the choices are still relevant on the meta, if you really want to chase for a leader you can pick a norse god of your preference (Loki is the most popular choice because he is second to Ying Zheng on dark mono and can use Hel). Here you can see the included cards.

2. Pick Molly as a starter, you will get all the starters later, but picking her will give you rewards with better filler members later and you can build the Matthew + Atlantis team faster which can clear most of the early game from the 1st to 7th seal. in theory, Matthew can be played with a plethora of other adjutants, including Refinement Wukong for 5th seal Nidhogg boss stage which keeps causing nightmares to all newcomers.

3. Don't use your first diamonds in the Carver and Engraver banners, instead save around 50 Diamonds and then use them on whatever increased chance of limited time seal is available at the moment, you can read more about this in the 4th part of this guide. You can also ask around in Discord #general if there is an upcoming event for which you should hold your Diamonds.
4. Read everything from the Information tab in the Wikia.

2. Resources:

In the past basic resources were not as relevant as now, we currently have lots of features and stuff to do in the game that you need to plan ahead how to spend everything, or otherwise, you might get stuck waiting for days to recover and be able to accomplish a single card evolution.

2.1 Basics and currency:
The magic and precious stones are the premium currency of this game, you can get them from different types of rewards and daily login. The most important use for this resource on the early game is to draw cards from the seals, you can skip to section 4 to read my advice on how to spend diamonds on summon as a F2P player.

The common currency of the realm has a lot of uses: you can recruit mercenaries, purchase stuff from the Trade Fortress, stages from Lost Relic Pass, refresh the arena, and pay for evolution and level up cost. Usually, you will receive millions of gold from rewards but that money can vanish in a blink if you are maxing cards in the wrong way or refreshing arena constantly.

Black Keys
This is important because it's the easiest way to get Power Release/Virtual Rebirth Mats, you will also be able to get materials of every single type, including Harpy. You can get them from completing daily guild rewards. Since version 17.0 onwards it is remarkable that you should save the keys for Shedu which is a late game component used for Supreme Reckoning which is the next evolutionary step after virtual rebirth and it is used on Norse Gods right now which current status can clear most of the endgame content.

You will be in need of expanding your inventory which will delay the number of cards you can hold at the same time. Personally, I have 700 inventory but that is because I hardly keep dupes of cards and I don't keep event cards I can't max or don't plan to use at all in the future, I'm pretty shrewd about it but micro-management is a huge factor on RPG's. Most event cards return eventually unless stated. 

If you are a returning player please go to settings on top-right, then press store materials, and all those Level Up and Evolution materials will be moved to the Material inventory which is unlimited. Since Version 17.0 you can also transfer KFC and double maxed skill feeders.

Friend Slots
You will need to get friends with relevant adjutants for your teams, using your friends provide more friend points than using adventurers, and using the adjutants provided by fellow guild members or mercenaries doesn't grant any points.

Friend Points
Usually one of the most annoying things to collect if you don't have a relevant jackpot card. By doing a 10-pull draw from the Friend Point Seal you will be able to get 1 guaranteed Baby Harpy. Since now there are better ways to get Baby Harpy, you are better saving those points until Madhead decided to bring the event with increased draw rate for them. You can get around 4-6 Baby harpy from a 10-pull when that event is on. Please read the 2.2 Material section of this guide for more information.

Another relevant thing from Friend Point Seal is obtaining specific series that are only available from there: 

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
Protagonists: They come in 2* form but once you manage to train them to 6* their Boundary Breaking skill fits most of the teams in the game and is a problem solver for most players that struggle against skills like Quintet Elemental Shield, Puzzle Shield, 7≥ Combo EX, etc. So there is no miss on training them because they will be useful in all stages of the game.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
Spiritual Civilization: These beasts are really powerful and can help you have some needed burst damage. Depending on the cards you have collected you might also build a beast team with them. The only one without skill lever feeder is Iquitos because it is a control skill, all others can be trained by finding specific feeders from stages or black hole. Right now they are still meta effective and can be used with either Haza, Suzuko or Cathieves leaders.

[Image: 150?cb=20181002073327&path-prefix=zh] [Image: 150?cb=20181002073328&path-prefix=zh] [Image: 150?cb=20181002073324&path-prefix=zh] [Image: 150?cb=20181002002843&path-prefix=zh]
Creations of Wonderland / Total Annihilation - Robotron:
This series consists of 3 machina cards that have quite useful effects, when you have the three of them together in the same team and placed side by side you can combine them in to "Total Annihilation - Robotron", Ideally this fusion is designed for Turing but I think it can also be used on any WFE team that can support it.

2.2 Material:
Level up materials
There are different types of level up materials, one more efficient than the other. Using materials of the same attributes as the target card grants the double amount of EXP.
  • Level 15 Witches and Elves: this usually drop on some regular stages and events, they are also nice to drop at guild missions.
  • Mobs related to the series: sometimes a specific card series have some mobs related to them that grant an additional EXP on top and have some minor chance for increased for brilliant and perfect Level up. Some of these mobs are the Greek Daemons, Celestial Devotees, Imperial Soldiers, and Nameless Soldiers there are many more so I do recommend to check if there is one for the series you are maxing.
  • [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
    : The most classic and traditional level up material that comes in many different sizes, crafted by the Elf queen with the souls of the summoners that never returned again to the game. They are a common reward by daily missions, yet some players only use them to feed KFC. You can get more of them on the Lost Relic by clearing the day of souls, you are recommended to get the elemental doggos to clear the 10 stamina stage 3 times everyday. You can also save the Prime Millenium versions to trade them for KFC on the Trade Fortress.
    [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
  • Plump Precious Beasts a.k.a. KFC: One of the most effective methods for level up, use 8 of them and 2 Madhead's and you will be able to max almost any card. They are known as KFC because the first card of this type released was the Dagger Wielder chicken.
    [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
  • Yummy Alpacas: This oblivious cards can grant almost the double amount of experience than the Plump of Precious Beasts but without the feeding requirement, and also have an increased chance for brilliant and level up results. They tend to come as rewards for achievements, giveaways, or some special events.
    [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
  • Dim Sum Delicacies: Named after traditional food dishes, they grant about the same amount of experience than a Soulstone, but the difference is that if you feed all 5 of them (different attributes) to a card it will receive 1.500.000 Experience (which can be increased by Brilliant and Perfect result), so for most cases 3 copies of each to make 3 sets should be 4.500.000 Experience in total, most cards tend to have an EXP curve of 5.000.000 at Level 99.
    [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]
  • The Essence of Spirit: This cards basically exist to be decomposed, I'm not kidding, depending on the decomposed card you can receive 3, 10, 50 or 100 souls. Souls are used for the Amelioration system for more information read below.
Skill level
Honestly, this part is lengthy so I would rather recommend you to read Fauxy updated guide about this. In short, my best recommendation for cards without feeders is 14 Baby Harpy + 4 harpy.

Souls and Amelioration
The saddest item on the inventory. Souls usually can be obtained by clearing Day of souls event, or decomposing dupe cards from the seal. The souls are used for the amelioration system or to be used as currency in the Soul Exchange shop of the Trading Fortress where you can get animated costumes and some really old cards along with other rewards.

The Amelioration system consists of unlocking passive skills for a specific card, every stage of the passive skills requires you to pass a challenge in a stage that costs 20 stamina. In most cases, amelioration will grant additional stats and "Amelioration skills" which usually consists of bonus that is triggered upon dissolving specific runestones under the column of that card, in other cases The Amelioration can also change the Active Skill or Leader Skill.

Read the entire information on Wikia.

Dragonary Core and Essence
Dragonary Cores are dropped on Crafting Day every Wednesday and Friday. Essences are made from Cores and then you can proceed to build your custom Dragonary Craft. This system is really expensive, and please don't bother on jumping into this until you are way in the late game min-maxing stuff, by expensive I'm talking of the fact that the RNG will make you drop tears of blood and you will need to cash severe amounts of money to obtain effective essences.

3. Game progression

3.1 From Level 1 to 150
First of all, if you just joined or you are just returning without having advancing too much in the past go to the Lost Relic and look for the Crash Course - EXP Stage, this level will grant you a lot of experience, and drop 3 Soulstones of random attribute per run. You can jump from tutorial to lvl 150 in less than 90 minutes quickly (depending on your multi-tasking skills) by repeating the stage over and over again. You will end up with enough Soulstones to max all the cards you get for the next 3 months lol, and you will get all the level up rewards.

From version 16.0 MadHead started to give away cards from specific series from the diamond seal at specific levels, at level 150 you will be able to pick an ALL MAX Greek God - Virtual Rebirth of your choice, please take in consideration that you should take his as a smart decision based upon your inventory and that a Greek God which by Version 16.1 is above the standard tier should help you clear most of the game up to the 9th seal but you will have to work on the members for this leader, you can join the Discord server and ask in #build-discussion tag @Scholars and ask what to do with your inventory and which Greek God to pick based on what you have collected.

3.2 Lost Relic Pass (optional)

Most of the basic utility cards in the game can be obtained here, so before heading to clear everything that comes after defeating Diablo, you might want to stop here and farm some of the older and basic cards like Medusa, Urd, Idun, and Brynhildr. Many guides of defeating the seals will refer to cards that can be obtained here, so keep it in mind.

These are the cards that I recommend to farm, they will be useful even in late game:
[Image: 50] Urd, Valkyrie of Memory: Some bosses are too dangerous at CD1, so you might want to freeze them and take them down slowly, this is particularly useful against CD1 enemies that summon minions. Her stats are amazing, sadly she is not figuring out too much in current meta, but everyone will acknowledge that it is a good card to have around.  

[Image: 50] Skuld, Valkyrie of Cycle: One of my favorite cards, sadly her CD is too high for current day standards, she is pretty useful as a cheap "unlimited movement of runestones" skill, in most cases she can be replaced with PR Sean, but her stats are better so it's up to you to decide. 

[Image: 50] Verthandi, Valkyrie of Destiny: Good ol' days grind card that can heal you every round, you only need 1 copy of this card since you can feed honeymon 5 by 5 before power release to max her skill and then feed 2 harpies. Her active can overcome puzzle shield and ignores defense, so yeah, heavy utility and can help you overcome that awful puzzle shield in Lucifer ultimate stage. 

[Image: 50] Brynhildr the Scythe Warrior: She is the best of this set, and without a doubt is a card you will keep using until this day because locking active skills is still a thing in 2019. The damage boost that you get from her active is amazing. You only need 1 copy of her since you can feed her with clowns with 5 by 5 method before power release and then feed 2 harpies after that.

[Image: 50] Inheritance - Paladin Queen of Water: From all the Paladins she is the only one that keeps being relevant to this day, sadly her CD is too high, but it is one of the few workarounds to the enemy Initial Shield skill or anything that can land a 1HKO on you that can be prevented. She also got a Dragonware which increases the time for movement of Runestones by 1 second!.

[Image: 50][Image: 50][Image: 50][Image: 50][Image: 50] Defensive Dragons: They are fast converters, but also snipers!, and snipers only work well with Egyptian Gods since they increase the damage dealt by active skills, so if you happen to have any of those you can make a sniper team that consists of spamming the skill buttons. You can literally make a team like:
7* Shu + Rattasauridae + Rattasauridae + Rattasauridae + Rattasauridae + Adjutant 7* Shu. Also, the defensive dragon team skill will increase their attack up to 1.6x. Other making this cookie cutter team, these members are valuable for their ability to break stealth and provide runestones quickly.

[Image: 50][Image: 50][Image: 50] Chinese Mythological Beasts: The good old CD5 converters are okay to grab and can be maxed with Gnomes and Slimes, they can be used as fillers in early mono-elemental teams.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] Mech Mythological Beasts: Okay so MadHead suddenly decided to revive this series in version 16.0, Newbies and Returning players should know that Machina race was a thing introduced in version 15.0 (somewhere late in April of 2018 if I'm not mistaken) and since then the expansion of that race is still too slow and there is too much stuff to improve. I will really recommend reading the Meta Analysis of version 16.0 for a full explanation, but in short, I think is worth to get this cards if you have managed to get a decent amount of relevant Machina and Beasts. 

Right now there is an event going on which rewards you for maxing this series for the first time, you will get a free dragonware for each of them and 1 diamond.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] Mech Western Beasts: along with the Mythological beasts they are also converters and convenient can be used on many teams, I would highly recommend on expanding your machina pool from the start because Madhead keeps expanding them steadily.

Right now there is an event going on until May 5 that will grant you 1 diamond and 50 black keys for every beast you evolve for the first time.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] Cyborgs Companions: You will only need these guys if you get a Cyborg Scholar and decide to evolve it as a human instead of Machina. The fusions can be helpful in many different stages because of the short CD snipes. Combined Cyborg Scholars can increases their attack to x4 when they use the snipe skill at max.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] Sprites: If you are a returning player you might remember them as being only good as fillers for Diablo team and nothing else. 6* Power Release version of them are pretty strong and can make a major difference because they got additional utility while their effects are in play. WFE cards of this series also have a leader skill that makes all runes to have 25% effect of heart runestones, and team attack x3, so teams like Yvette+Khaos have become quite popular as a cheap and strong rainbow team. If you are looking for a cheap water leader to upgradeMatthew+Atlantis, Yiddhra would be a good start.

3.3 Now what to do?

Main stages

If you jumped from 1 to 150 as I said you can start clearing the 5 isles until you reach the Tower again to fight the next seal boss, this will be the same routine but every time harder than before until you manage to reach the "8th seal". My recommendation is that if you picked Molly starter (which you should because she was the only Waifu choice), after you clear the First Seal you will receive a [Image: 25] Dreamer Matthew, which is probably one of the best early game leaders you can get, pair him along with Molly and other water cards you get from rewards and use an Atlantis Adjutant and you will be clearing everything way too fast. If you didn't pick Molly (lame) you will have to get some other water cards to fill the Matthew+Atlantis team. Please avoid decomposing Matthew or any other relevant card that you are not sure if they are useful or not, always ask about them in Discord or any other community group of your preference, don't be a [Image: 400514367038160896.png?v=1] Furu.

That team will be effective until somewhere around the 7th seal, from that point you will start to be in need of real teams and a lot of the cards from Lost Relic Pass. You can read this forum or visit the Discord server for more guides about specific stages and ask for team building help.

Story mode (The traveler memories), a.k.a. Ranto the dragon on the top-right corner
These stages are easy 5 diamonds grab, but after a while, they might offer some good stuff, and you will be visiting them periodically to get relics for the daily guild missions, and some specific materials for evolution. I would recommend trying to clear them in their release order. Clearing the extras to grant additional rewards, so be sure to check the Wikia to see if you are strong enough to challenge those.

Void of the realm a.k.a. the portal on the 8th seal
They are more like gaiden episodes with a stronger focus on the RPG side of TOS. The stages are available after the 7th seal, but actually, they were released after the 9th seal, so yes you can expect them to be a lot harder. Clearing the stories will grant you a lot of valuable rewards and you will know the story of some important characters of the TOS lore.

This stages also have exclusive enemy skills and the fact that enemies will also have attribute advantage against the cards on your team. Most of the stages also have mobs with high damage (around 15k) and no spare rounds to stall.

Completing the entire era episodes (no extra needed), you will have access to a final boss fight where you can obtain Hel, Stith, and Samoy their stages are only available on Tuesday.

3.4 Relevant events

From time to time, you will have to stop advancing in the story and focus on events to get Boss cards like Odin which are key to the game progression.


Those are stages that are available for two weeks and most of the time offer 5~6* characters that you can farm. The stages have achievements that grant extra rewards and you can compete with your friends to see who is on top of the leaderboard on clearing speed and damage. Most of the cards released here are questionable choices, but some other are very important additions that can save you when Madhead decided to troll with overheal shield on a tailored stage for greek teams or something like that.

There is this additional guide about what biweekly cards are worth to farm.

Ultimate / Nightmare / Horror / Terror
These stages come every Friday until Sunday, just like bi-weekly you can compete here for achievements and leaderboard. Most of the boss cards are actually useful but I would recommend you to ask around the forums or Discord if the card is worthy to farm or relevant for the teams you have right now.

The main difference from Ultimate to Nightmare is that most of the time Nightmare comes when a Boss gets its Power Release, but in some cases, they are straight Nightmare because the stage is challenging enough and the Boss is a card that is already powerful without evolution.

Horror stages are different because they are focused on a grading system that grants additional rewards.

Terror stages are similar to Nightmare stages, the difference is that the Power Release material is at the end of the stage instead of the middle, so there is no room to stall and recover the cooldown of active skills.

Coliseum and Joint Operation
The main difference from Coliseum to Joint Operation is that you don't need your guild members to clear it and it consumes stamina instead of spirit. The mechanics and encounters of the stage are quite similar as well as the rewards that are given. The cards can be questionable so you should ask about them if you are not too sure, especially when farming Coliseum because it can be resource intensive while JO is limited and more forgiving.

Guild Event
Once every patch there will be an event that drops a lot of goodies, and by repeating it over and over again your fellow guild members will need to fill the achievements of a bingo-styled board to complete all the rewards. I highly recommend not to skip this. Most of the reward cards are thrash sadly.

Guild War
A super bad move by Madhead in this patch, the system is lame, way too resource intensive and demands a lot of attention. Totally not worth to do.

4. About Arena

Since Summoner League racing mode was too bad and most of the time nobody played because of hackers and the roulette, Madhead decided to create a system that allows the player to fight and conquer other player-created stages. 

This mode can feel like a total chore since you will be running the cards that are boosted on given time instead of playing a team of your choice. I would recommend you to read the Wikia article so you get to know all the rewards that you can get from Arena weekly ranking, grades, and level. Personally, I keep an alarm that reminds me to not forget to play this every day because I stay at Legend and get an extra 8 diamonds every week.

5. About card seals, team building and meta
In the past the Diamond Seal used to be a huge pool with all the series mixed together, so the likelihood of getting dupes was too high, to solve this, Madhead started to bring Limited Time Seals that rotate on every patch and they are later added for a short period to the regular pool of the Diamond Seal, you can see all the seals and contents of the pool on the Wikia. Now the old Diamond seal is divided into 2 banners Carver and Engraver, one is focused on getting leaders while the other is focused on getting members.

Over the duration of that patch (6 weeks in most cases), you will see that the Ultimate stages are tailored to be passed with cards introduced in this version, either from the seal or Power Release/Virtual Rebirth cards. You can use some alternative teams that can accomplish the same but not with the same handicap. In this case is where players start to rant that old content doesn't help at all, but that doesn't mean that the tailored stages are not coming back, so you can prepare stronger teams for the next time they return (usually it takes 1 year since Madhead rotates the event stages too slow compared to other games like PAD and Monster Strike).

You will also see a lot of people pointing different points of view on what is the best on team building and what is most efficient on the current meta, that is why the team building forums have become so valuable right now for new and returning players alike, you can always refer to the meta subforum or my tier list in order to know which leaders you should bother to train.

Black Cards

[Image: png_2b751cb4-d765-4fea-82b0-120d3bd075d2.png]
After some time Madhead will also introduce a Black card, which is a 7* card with really game breaking and powerful effects, most players will break the piggy bank here since this cards are way too strong and have a lot of utility built-in unlike regular leaders, they hardly depend on members to achieve their goals. Please check for Genesis, Flowers of Pledge and Sindhu.

Personally, I like to plan ahead on what I'm focusing to build and draw when I see something I like. Usually having 50~200 Diamonds for the increased rate of rare cards from the current rotating seal which happens on the second Friday of every patch will net me 1 of the rares. 

Leaders from the old days that are still viable:
This section is for returning players that might have left due to power creep, you might be familiar with one or many of this series so I'll list the advantages and disadvantage of upgrading them.

[Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40] Greek Gods: One of the oldest and most popular series used to be powerful but everyone complained about the skydrop nerf happening and leaving their damage in the oblivious because they don't have a base multiplier. With their Virtual Rebirth their mechanics changed in the team skill, so you have to study how to dissolve they 5 types of runes to get a really good guaranteed skydrop in the first batch. It might be resource intensive, but if you have a dupe in your inventory you can use it and save the three horners required for the VR.

[Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40] Norse Gods: The vanilla series of this game has become a huge problem to get the most out of it, requiring you to own VR Odin, and optionally the Valkyries of Divine Wine maxed as well for the team skill. Loki is on a better spot than the rest of the cards from this series because he won't break the mono attribute achievement by having Odin in the team, and he has access to Hel which is probably one of the bosses in the game. In general note, don't bother maxing them right now, you are probably better trying to get a leader from the new series or even a F2P leader like Lionel.

[Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40] Egyptian Gods: Straight from the sniper era, they have revived recently with good short CD snipers like the Defensive Dragons as mentioned earlier in this guide. You can use this as a team for quick farming or add some valuable utility members to pass specific enemy skills.

[Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40][Image: 40] Crimson Grace: A really high multiplier that needs to ramp, you will need to have short CD converters to make it efficient, most players ignore the entire existence of this series right now due to how low their HP is, and the fact that they are quite vanilla with no additional board gameplay. Another common problem is the fact that their VR stage requires skills for rune stacking which makes it quite hard to pass. Go for it if you are confident, also their divergence form is super valuable. Yet, their damage output is quite high and can be balanced with some tanky members.

6. Understanding all the phases of a card


This are the little diamonds that appear along with the title of a card, in most text this is addressed with *. Black diamonds means that the card rarity can be increased by evolution or some other method.

Skill level (in case you didn't read above)
Honestly, this part is lengthy so I would rather recommend you to read Fauxy updated guide about this. In short my best recommendation for cards without feeders is 14 Baby Harpy + 4 harpy.

After a card reaches its max level it should be able to go for the evolution, in this phase it's very like that it's skill will change to a new one so be sure to check if the card has a skill feeder that matches with it. Since version 14.3 evolution branches were introduced and now a card will have multiple evolution routes, and it will depend on you to decide what is better.

Power Release
After evolution some cards are able to go for Power Release, in this mode you will have to use very rare materials that can be obtained on the guild black hole or some events. To obtain the power release you will have to clear a challenge stage similar to ameliorations.

Virtual Rebirth
This mode is an improvement over the Power Release, the cards can get to this mode by using even more rare materials or a dupe of any rarity (except a dupe VR). Once you obtain the Virtual Rebirth, your card will be able to alternate it's power on the inventory UI, changing between the Refinement mode which is meant to be used as a leader with major improvements, or the Divergence mode which is meant to be used as a member with a strong skill. You can differentiate both checking the question mark on top right of the card, or simply as the fact that Divergence mode uses a different artwork than the power release version. Here in the forums people use OVR and NVR abbreviature,[Image: 439426034367070218.png?v=1] but I actually like to use the official names.

Awakening Recall
Right now this mode is only available for series that have their own story mode. The Awakening Recall is actually an unlock of a major passive skill that can be triggered in different ways based on the card and increases all the stats by 10%. 

The most popular AR out there is the one from Pollux and Alma. Pollux AR allows him to increase his attack to the max x6 permanently during the battle every time you dissolve a group of 5 or more heart runestones (In theory you should be able to get 3 stacks in a single turn by dissolving 3 separated heart columns or rows, groups of 5 runestones dissolved during the skydrop are also counted towards the stacks), since this effect can't be reset by cd/stat reset, players have been trying all sort of teams around him. Alma AR allows her to poison the enemies (in a similar fashion to Verthandi) by dissolving a group of 5 dark runestones and then increase her damage over poisoned enemies by 4x, the problem is that if the enemy in question is uncontrollable her attack will not increase because there is no mark imposed.

This is actually a special dragonary craft to be used on the slot of a specific card, it grant some skills similar to those from ameliorations and also increases the stats by 10% or 1.1x, to create a Dragonware you need a 5* dupe of the card you want to forge the dragonware for, and 2 silver seals, which currently are way too rare and can be obtained via some events, achievements and promotions. You can find all the series with Dragonware and their effects on this link.

6.1 Oriceles method for maxing cards
I used to think that my record of maxed cards was low, but then after sharing it on Discord people told me that I have many maxed cards. As mentioned above already I got for 14 baby harpy + 4 harpy on most of the skill level 12 cards if they don't have a feeder mob or mob+dupe method. So, the rest of my method goes simply like this:

  1. Max the card skill before evolve if possible
  2. Do evolution to 6*
  3. Proceed to do all the amelioration, if it is too hard then...
  4. Proceed to Power Release... and clear the amelioration I was stuck in.
  5. If applicable then go for virtual rebirth using a dupe if possible.
I try to max at least 1 card per week, and it's not that hard since most of the cards don't need harpy anymore.

7. About Dragonarycraft forging

Personally, I'm quite ignorant in this part so I'll refer you to Kotori Full Craft Forging guide which is available as a Google document over here. The main reason why you want a custom dragonary craft is because you will be able to make some craft that are stronger than those given by default with the exception of some well known like "Khaos craft" or "3 heart columns craft" which were given by completing achievements of certain ultimate and sealed lords.

8. Dragonary Craft in General
Some really old returning players probably never heard of this, the dragonary craft are some items that can be equipped in the card slots and from there trigger special mini-games, depending on the final score the Dragonary Draft from the leader will trigger its effects/skills. 

Once you have equipped the dragonary crafts in the card slots while you are in battle you will see a gauge in the right side of the screen that will start filling up by specific conditions set in the dragonary craft of the leader, when the gauge is full you can trigger that by tapping on it while the runestones are being dissolved / skydrop / before damage calculation starts to happen.

Most of the time you can get some 2* crafts from Biweekly achievements, and 3* from new Ultimate stage achievements. As for what to use for a team you should know that the dragonary craft is meant to compensate whatever your team don't have or can't do in a specific moment, like spontaneous healing, filtering runestones, conversion, or breaking the stealth of an enemy by dealing direct damage.

Dragonary Craft types:
Every Dragonary craft has a specific minigame that is likely to affect your board in a way or another. This is already covered at some extent in the guide I linked previously but I got asked about it again, so I will be more specific, in that guide when it mentions "runestone stacking" this means that the craft allows you to pick and dissolve groups of runestones based on the mini-game and then have the board exactly arranged like that after the culmination of the mini-game. Be careful to get the runestones you want in the bottom rows. The enchanted part means that the board will get fully enchanted after the mini-game, this is quite convenient if you are facing enemies with enchanted quintet shield or something like that. The most recommended craft for stacking is Amulet of Reflection, and the most recommended for enchanting are Shattering and Opal of Shadowfall because it is too easy to get a high score on those two.

9. Investing in the game (or How to Whale Properly)

This game is from resource management as a F2P is totally doable but you need a lot of patience to have enough resources and proceed on a normal rate. Probably you REALLY like Tower of Saviors and you have decided to help the developer and drop some money on it to either speed up your process, or get that character from the anime collaboration you really like, or maybe there is a black card event and you really don't mind using 200$ to get the guaranteed Black Card via the pity system. So In this section I will tell you when are the best moments to purchase Diamonds and what are the packages that you definitely shouldn't miss. You can read about all the Gift Packs in this page of the Wikia.

First I will list the packages that are available during version 16.1 and later I will move to talk about the usual purchase rewards that you can find on different occasions.

Month of Good Fortune / The Monthly Package (a.ka. Patchly Package) - Average Price: same as purchasing 15 diamonds in your store (depends on the country etc) and it sometimes goes in discount.
For most players this is like paying their traditional subscription to an MMORPG, with this package you get:
- 10 Diamonds upon purchase
- 30 Diamonds total, 1 extra Diamond during 30 days (you don't receive if you don't login)
- 4 free draws in the 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th days after the purchase
In the long run this package is the equivalent of 60 diamonds so it obviously has the best value compared to all others.
You can save the extra Diamonds for the increased rare Draw Rate or simply refill stamina to farm ultimate and biweekly stages.

Novice Package
This one is available to purchase just once, the resources are about enough to power release most Gods to 7* also the exact amount of souls to reach Amelioration 4, you don't get any Diamonds with it, but if you are hyped about maxing a leader you can drop some bucks for it. This is meant to be used with the first purchase reward that is permanent (I can't find that link in Google because that is way too old and the new TOS website sucks), but when you buy more than 6 diamonds for the first time ever you will receive a pre-built Norse God team consisting of 4 cards of 5* rarity, you are supposed to max them with the Novice Package and the free Odin that is always available in the Lost Relic.

Dragonware Purchase Package
This package is actually really good, you do get 10 Diamonds at the price of 6 and about enough materials to get a Dragonware for the protagonist card of your choice, yet I would recommend asking around on this community or Discord if you really should craft the Dragonware for a Protagonist instead of another card you have (stronger effects depending on the card).

Crusader Gift Pack
It costs  1 Diamond and comes with additional materials, so for 5$ you get 25 Prime Millennial Soulstones and about enough Cabbages to get a card from the Konosuba Collaboration to the max skill level.

Priestess Gift Pack
About the same as Crusader Gift Pack but includes even more materials to level up. It includes the Diamonds of the price tag so I think is fine, you can purchase up to three times. This has about enough cabbages to max 2 cards from Konosuba.

Merchant Gift Pack
It includes the Diamonds from the price tag along with Level Up material which should be around 4.000.000 Experience, this could come in handy to max the level of a boss. You can purchase it only once so I think it is better than your usual 15 diamonds purchase but still kinda meh, you are better going for the next package.

Wizard Gift Pack
Okey in my opinion THIS IS THE BEST VALUE, y tho?, you get the Diamonds from the price tag, 5000 souls which can be used to max 5 cards from the series and receive 5 Diamonds from completing their amelioration stages, 7 stamina refills which should be 7 Diamonds value you can use those to farm biweekly stages or Ultimate stages and you also get the 30 Diamonds from the price tag!.

-- The usual purchase rewards that come in events:

First Purchase Reward
Every new version updates the first time you purchase 6 or more Diamonds or any purchase of Gift Pack which costs 6 or more Diamonds you will get a Power Release Material/Madhead, and one card of the featured Limited Time Seal skill level 7. So if you purchase the Month of Good Fortune package mentioned above which costs the equivalent to 15 Diamonds you will get this rewards. 

30+30 Diamond Rewards
This one is usually available during the weeks in which a Black Card event is going on or during any time that Ancient Coin Seal is open. "No matter a purchase has been made before or not, you will receive extra 30 Diamonds and “Madhead” x1 for the FIRST time you make a single purchase of 30 or more Diamonds within the event period. Each Summoner could receive the reward only once." So yeah this one is the best value because you are saving 20$ out of a 60 Diamonds purchase, this is the best value and really comes in handy when you are aiming to get the Black Cards.

Other than purchasing for packages and extra diamond rewards you should know that you need 175 Diamonds in total (35 draws) to get the guaranteed card from a Limited Time Seal (in Konosuba case Megumin) and in Black Card event case is 200 Diamonds (40 draws). So if we take in count Diamonds from Arena and clearing stages, if you purchase the 54.99$ 90 Diamonds package and the Month of Good of Fortune should be enough to get guaranteed Megumin for 70$.

The Oriceles Support Package [Image: 439426034367070218.png?v=1]
If you really like this guide and the rest of my content you can donate me any amount via Paypal, Bitcoin, or Checking account, and I will use that money to pay for my study expenses and to save in order of running away from this communist country (Venezuela) in order to pursuit my dream of working in Public Relations for a Video Game Company. And yeah some of the money also goes to monthly package in order to play something so I can alleviate the stress of living in a 3rd world country and depression doesn't kick in. In exchange, I will allow you to PM me freely over Discord [Image: 403545163814666250.png?v=1].

If you have invested more than 200$ in a month and you feel proud of it, you can claim the Madhead Sponsor role in the Discord Server.

[Image: CCIx2Ye.png]
10. Other useful links

I salute your for your hard work on this to explain some important updates for someone who came back after 2.5 years hiatus.
Thanks and may RNG be always in your favour.

(02-18-2018, 03:43 AM)timeekit Wrote: I salute your for your hard work on this to explain some important updates for someone who came back after 2.5 years hiatus.
Thanks and may RNG be always in your favour.

You are welcome  Big Grin . I'm planning to write a guide about emulators next.

I also appretiate the effort made in this guide! Im new and still pretty overwhelmed but having fun. Drew from the current event (eight trigrams) and got myself a He Xian'gu plus a few others. Been pairing with Lu Dongbin and them team seems very powerful. Ill make sure to refer to this guide as I continue to make progress. Thanks!
Updated for next version.
Awakening Recall
Right now this mode is only available for the 12 Zodiacs

fix pls
Some off topic stuff: read about what happened at Venezuela. Hope you folks there are doing good.

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That's what the Off-Topic section is for. Please start a new thread there next time. ^^
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(08-21-2018, 11:24 PM)Sayokyoku Wrote:
(08-21-2018, 01:35 AM)Daniel Sim Wrote: Some off topic stuff: read about what happened at Venezuela. Hope you folks there are doing good.

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That's what the Off-Topic section is for. Please start a new thread there next time. ^^

Yeah could have been better as a DM as well, but I do appreciate the feelings, I'm trying my best to survive by making content for the game.

Thread updated to version 16.1, still pending to expand further but I'm trying to draw the line so it doesn't cover what other dedicated threads are doing.
Thank you so much for this guide! It's has almost if not all the information i need right now to get back to the game. Keep up the good work!

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