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Oriceles Meta-Analysis: Version 14.1 [Updated AS 15/10/2017]
Hello summoners, here comes my second thread for meta analysis, this time for the upcoming patch 14.1. On the previous thread for version 14.0 I said I would be posting on September 10, but I decided to go ahead and post before that, and then update the thread as content is being released.

Today I'll be updating with the content from the patch preview, discuss the event cards and stuff that was missing from the previous meta thread like Maya and the Awakening Recall (limit break) system.

1. Event Cards:
[Image: 100?cb=20170706150441] Summer
The new MadHead mascot and image of the community manager got her representation as a card on this patch, her stats are mediocre, but what really makes her shine is that her skill allows you to refresh/convert the entire board, on the same way as Diablo but without the increased appearance of heart runes, this can really help to clear locked, weakened, and masked runes. What really bothers me is that she is only available for one week and her stage costs 40 Stamina, personally I'm not willing to farm her skill level. She also got an outfit...

[Image: 6080i.png] Exoskeleton Summer
She looks like she received some help from Cyborg Scholars or Transformed Maidens, and during the first release she got stats akin of those of a Dragon, most players complained because of the low recovery which personally I found absurd because most of water-human teams already have around 2500-3000 and giving up some of that REC for the double amount of HP was ok, but... all of the sudden MadHead decided to nerf her on the second day after her release, apparently that stat change was actually a bug so they reduced her stats, I can't check the stats but it seems she is retaining her base outfit stats now ?.

[Image: 1524i.png] Diabolical Summer
On another event we got this mysterious card, which has no skills but requires 5 million exp to max unlike the water version which required 500k. There is a lot of speculation around this card, some say she is a trigger for a next event, or maybe she is going to get an eventual evolution. Her stats are literally the same as the water version... Let's hope MadHead is not trolling and actually turns her in to something useful.

[Image: 1589i.png] Terry
He was nerfed a lot!!! I remember that in his original showcase his active skill changed enemy drop to 1 diamond instead of anything, but I guess Terry himself is keeping that card for him and gave us the actual story farmer with built-in lazy mode 50k direct damage.

2. Black Cards

[Image: 1439i.png] Maya the Calendar Creator
She is the second card of the Genesis series, and this time MadHead finally decided to introduce a new leader for Michael Lucifer who was being neglected since Beelzebub release (technically you could have used Peryton as leader, but the team cost was nuts). Maya comes to help light mono with the match 3 gameplay of Guan Yu, Pontos and Erebus, but in addition she got access to a X-shape rune dissolve before the turns ends, which can drastically increase the team skydrop. Many players are complaining that she is underpowered compared to Tan Sanzang, Rankshasa or even Anubis, and because of that MadHead decided that they will be rolling some buffs for her on next month (version 14.2 probably), it seems that the reason is because she needs a lot of team cost to add members that can be effective, and also newbies can't handle the X-shape dissolve properly while pro players can exploit to get the most out of it.

Personally what I've enjoyed the most from her is how people is using Virgo and Lyra instead of the standard Lucifer setup, which is also being buffed with Luna Awakening Recall, but more of that later in this same thread.

3. Awakening Recall

The Awakening Recall system, originally introduced as Limit Break in the rough translation can further increase the stats of cards with a story mode (10% according to joetjef), they also can get new skills or passive skills that work on many different ways. MadHead decided to buff the 12 Zodiacs series with this, I guess because Virtual Rebirth doesn't make sense for them, they never managed to stand out as leaders because of their bad multipliers.

[Image: 816i.png] Aries of Courage - Poppy
This control skill got improved by a lot, but the condition is not that friendly for people that don't know how to stack runes. She is now 1.5x booster and on top of that you can use 2 Poppy, triggering the second one when the effect of the other one is over for a total of 10 turns stun, I know there is a video of this with Amaterasu as leader somewhere on Facebook but I can't find it right now.

[Image: 817i.png] Taurus of Berserker - Armstrong
Sigh, I feel so bad for Taurus, he never gets to shine other than in grind teams, we all know that Wild Warrior/Berserker skill is only good if you have members with low cooldown or skills that have continuous effect like the enchantress, his skill can trigger a 1 turn tumbler, and that is it, you can no longer trigger that effect again, it's really lame when compared to the rest of the effects the other cards are getting.

[Image: 818i.png] Gemini of Recall - Castor & Pollux
I guess this is the best skill for the entire chapter 1 Awakening Recall, he is better than Lancelot now because as far as I know, that self-attack x6 can't be cleared. The only thing that bothers me is that we usually don't need heart converters anymore, but I guess this skill precisely solves the need of adding someone like Basti, Lancelot or Ed and getting the heart utility on top of that. He protec but he also attac.

So far I've seen good grind combos of Luna and Pollux with Daji leader and Wukong as ally, this combo can work on Amaterasu and Ophiuchus as well, because of god race lol, but so far I haven't seen anyone testing that out.

[Image: 819i.png] Cancer of Resolution - John
Cancer has always been one of the most conditional cards in the game, and has lost popularity since better snipers have come in to play like Osiris. But now he is more useful than before, he is the solution to one of the most annoying skills ever! and that is the Initial Shield, in expense of 50% of your health you can attack an enemy with Initial shield, so try to burst after using this skill.

[Image: 820i.png] Leo of Gallantry - Galio
So close, so far, his skill works as critical chance, not bad but only applies for light monsters and that is meh because we know that Leo has always been a good filler for Hades, yet he got a good spot on Maya now where we players can bring Kejouro, Lyra and Virgo as low CD members, the passive is meant to have synergy with his active skill, so after canceling the skill of other members they will have the x2 from the active and the 35% chance for x2 additionally.

Check the spoiler for a video of Galio in action

[Image: 821i.png] Virgo of Guardian - Persephone
Right now Persephone is turned in to a powerhouse, CD 5 (3at the start of the stage), 1.5x on first turn of the effect and being able to launch 2 extra attack, having 2 Persephone in the team means you are launching 6 attacks totals in the same turn just from them. Also that extra fire attack can come in handy to deal with those shields that reduce light and dark damage by 90%. You can check Virgo in action on the same video I linked on Maya description.

Check the second post for the upcoming Awakening Recall skills.

[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.

4. Upcoming Awakening Recall (Limit Break)

[Image: 822i.png] Libra of Justice - Luna - UPDATED

Luna value as core member intensifies, according to what I can understand now Luna adds +400 bonus flat ATK to all gods in the team!!!, this greatly solve the mediocre stat of many gods whose attack is below 1500. But if we want to see the strong side from this, each lucifer will have a value of 2500 base ATK!!!. If we can think of other members and alternative teams that doesn't rely on Lucifer, be sure to check Persephone and Pollux + other alternative meta leaders that can work with them like Amaterasu and Ophiuchus. The other bonus she is granting is 1 more second of spin time, I guess that comes from the theme of her leader skill. We also have to test if multiple Luna's in the team will stack the effect, so having 2 would grant +800 and 2 seconds of spin.

Finally after some time players confirmed that Luna AR does stack:

[Image: 823i.png] Scorpio of Agility - Alma
Jen Selter got stronger as well, I was expecting something pretty different from the rough translation. By dissolving a group of 5 runes Alma will inflict a poison on the enemy that deals 3870 non-attribute damage that ignores defense, Alma attack against poisoned enemies increases by x4. I was expecting something different but this small utility is acceptable.

[Image: 824i.png] Sagittarius of Frankness - Red Boy
Bull King son got the power to reload his arrows way faster now,  if you dissolve 4 types of Runestones his current cooldown wiill get reduced by 2, his current amelioration also reduces his cooldown by 2 when you enter to the stage as well, that means you will get his active on 3 rounds if you manage to fill the condition. I think this condition is not that hard to meet, but it doesn't increase his strength that much, this effect will be turning him in to a CD4 card as long as you are able to meet the condition every round.

[Image: 825i.png] Capricorn of Meticulosity - Domon
I was expecting a better effect like team attack x2 when using the active at full stacks, or ignoring defense, but nah, MadHead decided to grant the following effect: at start of the battle 3 random runes will be converted to earth Runestones, and then turn 1 Runestone at the start of every round. This is pretty useful for those leaders that doesn't have their way to generate their own runes (like VR Belle), also using this skill with Freyja could allow us to get 3 generated runes every round lol.

[Image: 826i.png] Aquarius of Fantasy - Carrie

Personally Aquarius has been useful for situations where you really don't want to attack the enemy but you have to get your board and members ready, for example when facing those enemies with Uncontrollable Fury that are usually after other enemy that you just had to burst, I know that Runestone stacking can help you overcome that skill but wrong skydrop can kick you out of the stage. After defeating that enemy Carrie becomes useless unless the boss is CD 1(2) or something like that.

Now her Awakening changes her active once more to the following: for one turn team attack x2.2 and -50% damage received, if no attack are launched this turn, team attack x3 on the next turn. I guess it's pretty effective and flexible now and can fill both the role of booster and shield.

[Image: 827i.png] Pisces of Empathy - Cateua & Ravniss
Ok MadHead went lazy and ran out of ideas and they said f**k it, let's give Pisces the same skill as Domon because they do the same and are meant to solve the same problems, I'm pretty sure that in the future when Norvi gets her AR she will also get this skill. If you want me to really point out, well Pisces is now meant to be used on Elizabeth or any other water leader that can't generate it's own runes like Abraham.

5. Descendants of the North — Power Release UPDATED

Oh boy, on the current meta Swegde, Vali and Modi & Magni are shining bright, but this power release came on the best time.

(I'll be using 6* version pictures, I'll update them once 7* avatars are out, I'm going to stick to their names instead of title because I can't understand them at all).

[Image: 1336i.png] Emblem of Triumph - Swegde
Turn 4 to 7 random Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones (Light and Dark Runestones rank first in priority), if 4 or more humans are in the team the chance to convert 7 Runestones is increased. She is turning in to the main converter for Honda+Sun Quan, I tested that team with Modi & Magni as members as well, and the damage output is really decent. Her job is turning pretty different from the role of Florice now.

[Image: 1337i.png] Incurable Madness - Heimdallr
Nothing new for the guardian, I was hoping that he received some love on recovery, but nah, they actually added more attack, this is probably because of Shakuro synergy.

[Image: 1338i.png] Mourning of the Armband - Vali
Yass the guy with the mustache got buffed by a lot now, they decided to remove the 0 recovery effect from the active but leaving the final heal, he is amazing because of God-race and CD 7 for 3 rounds effect is quite powerful, I'm hoping to see more of him in play now specially because his active is team attack and can work with Ophiuchus or Amaterasu.

[Image: 1339i.png] Noctilucent Lightning Parvis - Modi & Magni 
So... This card right now made the entire Lucifer nightmare in to a joke, quite fun to see that his CD5 skill counters the shield entirely. The fact that there are 5 meta leaders that can benefit from him is also quite good: Thor, Maya, Yi Ye Shu, Arthur and Honda.

[Image: 1340i.png] Bereavement of the Soul - Norvi
Dark mono has way too many converters, but she is one of the most available and easy to max, this power release is not a surprise, they just gave her the same active as Domon and Pisces on their respective PR. Personally I bring Norvi to the stage if I need to remove heart runes, other than that I think that Yocto and Sunnie are a better choice for fast converter.

[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
The translation of the livestream content was posted by Alice Quah at Tower of Saviors English Fans Group.
You might need to join the group to be able to check the content, I won't be reposting that to the forum, if someone is willing to do that or add it to the current teaser thread for patch 14.1 that would be great.

6. Card Seal - The King of Fighters

From the content that was introduced right now, the cards look quite interesting on their own, a lot of big stat buffs around them, specially useful for big spenders or people that is lucky enough to get their hands on all the cards from the seal. In this post I'll be commenting from what I can see on the new cards that were mentioned on the broadcast, we are still missing the 3 jackpot cards information but they are to be announced on the next broadcast.

[Image: 1573i.png] Kim Kaphwan - UPDATED:
Ok we got a crazy booster right here but for him to be efficient you will need unlimited movement of runestones in 15 seconds (Think of Ophiuchus enchanted path, Santa and Li Hsiao Yao are the only humans able to do that right now) or Mai active skill but she is one of the jackpot cards. The other part of the skill sounds like an alternative version of Philena, but taking in count that this card is far stronger and that it will be part of the specific setup of KoF members, it might end up being super useful for burst potential.

[Image: 1574i.png] Nikaido Benimaru
Ok as leader this guy is more like Margarite, Satan, or Su Huan Jen, meaning that your team should focus on help the leader and ally to deal the most damage. I don't find myself attracted because it still requires you to add 3 KoF members for the leaderskill to work. The active skill helps to burst and trigger his leaderskill, but it doesn't sound interesting to work as members of any of the current meta teams.

[Image: 1578i.png] Athena Asamiya
She doesn't seem the type of card you would slot on normal teams, small damage reduction with a low multiplier, but being able to trigger a x2 on demand with an annoying condition... As now I don't feel attracted to this skill at all, but if I think about it, dark attribute doesn't have shields that last that long. I can say she is a derivative of Louis, but Louis has a shield that is far stronger and a huge ATK that is meant to be added on Elizabeth and nowhere else.

[Image: 1571i.png] Sie Kensou
YES what we have finally been waiting for!, another alternative to Birdcage and Brynhildr!. But he has another crazy part on his active and is the fact that there is a 75% chance of healing the HP completly!, his CD at max is 5, so if he is like Brynhildr that doesn't require that your skills are locked to trigger her active, then we would be able to try to get a 100% heal every 5 turns, this can come really handy for those that need an emergency heal on Troy+Wen Zhong combo and don't find Delphinus any effective. The team skill with Athena is just for the sake of the KoF teams.

[Image: 1577i.png] Terry Bogard
I guess this skill from Terry is meant to help Benimaru deal more damage, but I think we could actually find some play for Terry outside of King of Figter, we could actually try him on Maya, Thor, or any combo of Yi Ye Shu (3 extra attacks with Ye Shiao Chai or Tang Yu Rou damage).

[Image: 1572i.png] Kyo Kusanagi
As leader I think it's quite interesting, really high damage output and being able to play like a rainbow Babylon is really interesting. As member... The damage output is insane, fire version of Lancelot, if you combine the first and the active skills you will be able to launch 4 x9 attacks (at max stacks). I expect to see people to trying to make some of him as member for Nobunaga.

[Image: 1575i.png] Iori Yagami
I can't even comment too much about Iori, he is broken, too broken, Being able to neutralize the enemy stats every 9 turns is really crazy. If can ignore the fact that this card alone can break the game, well there is more, you can add him as member to Yi Ye Shu and Ye Shiao Chai for complete madness, pair with Septem for full 9,999,999,999 experience. Honestly I think Madhead will add more inflation to enemy health and damage after this patch, taking in count that this entire series has stat buff for pairing them.

[Image: 1576i.png] Mai Shiranui
So far she is one of the cards I can see most play as leader outside of the KoF Series, she can be paired with Lancelot, Circe and Medea. She work the same way as Zhao Ling Er, but you don't even have to spin on the second active.

7. Arena

[Image: 1585i.png] Leona
A very convenient card, a CD6 version of Beowulf that can also help a lot on leaders with amelioration like Freyr. I would recommend without a doubt to max her for water mono, almost all the current water leaders can make a good use of her.

8. Bi-Weekly

This pair is a nice combo, I would recommend to max them and use them on Honda+Sun Quan. Also we are missing the information of the raid card that was teased on the end of the video, that raid is probably Yashiro Nanakase who we also can see on the background of Chris Artwork.

[Image: 1582i.png] Chris
Being able to launch 10 extra attacks of fire type is more than enough to deal with earth enemies, also the cooldown is pretty low.

[Image: 1584i.png] Shermie
According to the description I think she works like Fylgja, because it scales with hit count I'd say she is best stacked when used in conjunction with Chris skill, or you could wait 3 rounds for full stack and then burst at full potential.

[Image: 1583i.png] Yashiro Nanakase
This is so good to use on Hideyoshi, also pairing with Circe will feel so good, I really want to test him.

[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
8. Coliseum
[Image: 1581i.png] Chizuru Kagura
As right now Kagura as leader doesn't seem strong because that heavy condition for the extra multiplier. As you can see on the preview video, she removes all the runes that the main KOF team won't use at all and turns them in to something that can help all the members. Outside of that main team I see some use for her as utility for rainbow teams or WFE, but we still don't know her cooldown, I bet it will be CD8.

9. Ultimate Stage

[Image: 1580i.png] Rugal
At first sight I thought Rugal could be cool for other teams, but nah as you guys have pointed out in this thread, he is meant for KoF teams because CD9 it's not that efficient, and the fact that the columns can be put togethere can ruin the synergy in other kind of teams, except Namtar probably.

10. Guild Event

[Image: 1580i.png] Houyi
Short CD multi hit human that also gets a reset?, completely OP + the fact that this guy is the first dark card to throw attacks from another element. You can also use him on Ye Shiao Chai for lulz.

11. Possible upcoming content
According to Joetjef, Khaos was finally added to the game and his skills are quite interesting, we can expect his stage to be worst than the one of Qi Tiang Di. You should check this and this post for full content.
[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
GJ on the analysis and ty for your hard work.

I said this before in the teaser thread but i will sum it up here too. The new AR seems really good. Definitely will revive those cards.

Decendants of the north will prob see some stats increase and modi-magni looks great. Swedge is pretty conditional but was good before PR. Same with hiem.

Norvi just broke even. Vali is pretty useless unless u dont have a better option like domon or anything high cd. 1.8x so low u hardly notice. He is only going to get reset anyhow.
Just a quick note, Luna's +400 attack is only for god members so it takes away most of the power of puting her in a Beelz team with ML, on the other hand she works great with Pollux and I can see some fun Satan team involving her, Pollux and maybe even Lancelot.
ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
(09-06-2017, 08:15 AM)Joaqs Wrote: Just a quick note, Luna's +400 attack is only for god members so it takes away most of the power of puting her in a Beelz team with ML, on the other hand she works great with Pollux and I can see some fun Satan team involving her, Pollux and maybe even Lancelot.

Ohh! thanks for letting me know that, I'll be adding those Luna details on the next post update. The entire value of the series is going up, I just wish MadHead could revive other cards that are dead like the Ethereal Dragons, they are the only gold cards left on the diamond seal and they are pretty awful.
[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
Inanna is God
(09-06-2017, 12:30 PM)evilvoice Wrote: Inanna is God

Yeah, she could benefit from the new Luna AR, but Babylon is dead on the current meta, their multiplier is far too low and they can't handle board obstacles.
[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
(09-06-2017, 03:26 PM)Oriceles Wrote:
(09-06-2017, 12:30 PM)evilvoice Wrote: Inanna is God

Yeah, she could benefit from the new Luna AR, but Babylon is dead on the current meta, their multiplier is far too low and they can't handle board obstacles.

To each their own. I like her a lot more than I like Beelzebub. Without converts I can't keep the dissolve 5 going. If you're not dissolving 5 light each time, there's no point running her.

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