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Oriceles Meta Analysis [14.3] + Leader Tier list 15-01-2018
(01-12-2018, 09:06 PM)Fauxy Wrote: I mean, doesn't how little you see Honda speak for itself? I think he's, if not the worst, among the worst of all rares, which is a shame cuz his art is great. Even Abraham sees more play, even Merlin, who is literally only good for one team (though let's be honest Bedivere is the real 3rd rare from KotR). Meanwhile, people were using Rose to clear the final boss of Age of Black Iron, but you say you haven't seen enough of her. TSZ has one of the most rigid team/race/member restrictions in the game, but he's top over everyone and this is just widely accepted fact. I think Akanto is advocating for pushing Aether down instead of up though.

For your future list there needs to be more of a uniform and transparent standard of what makes a team qualify for a tier. Or. We can survey monkey it and vote, and just have a general consensus tier list, which people will still complain about, because that's normal, but at least everyone can feel like they had a say.

pretty much what I wanted to say. xD Thx for rewriting it understandable.
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