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Oriceles Meta Analysis «18.2»: Ancient Agonizing Annihilation
[Image: 1-2.jpg]
This patch is heavy, we have tons of stuff to collect and I barely have the time to process all of them at once. Madhead please stop overwhelming us with new stuff, we understand you are excited for the seven years, but we all want to get a slower process for collabs and more room for original long lasting series that should be receiving upgrades by now. 

I ask Madhead to Please bring old transmigration floors of 50+ waves so we can sink more time on different challenges without time limit and test team CD constraint rather than making us feel that everything can be solved by the push of an all mighty skill. The vortex shield everywhere is disgusting. I wish we could challenge more enemies like Hel. "The Extreme" series of challenges punish you on the first time you fail, and lucks is frustrating, players are tired of that kind of enemies. We have a lot of leaders with absurd amount of time movement, so recovery is the only way to cripple teams now that damage roof is broken by all the leaders.

Ancient Agonizing Anihilation is a triple A title, which means they want to push this game to be the best.

Useful Links
# Game Producer letter to the Summoners 16/10/2019
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide «17.2 update»

[b]Possible Questions
[Image: QuestionMark.png]
- Should I skip this seal?
We are bloated. Olden Trio is powerful, but most of the Common Cards are meant to work with Cang Bi, one for Veronica and another one for Enlil. The rest of the team members are slots free for the players that decide to start the game with this seal, or can be filled with utility members. The new black card is better option in the long run so please spend there instead if you are low on resources. Collaborations are in the next corner which I consider a shame because we could have moved directly to another big step inside the game lore.

- Is there any card from the previous series I should have for this one to work properly?
This seal is open, not self contained, you need to grab cards from other diamond seals to build your deck, so Olden Trio is promising in the long run for this year if you decided to train the right members which are member cards of higher rarity. Hopefully in the future I will have enough time to cover a members guide.

- Are you going to draw in this patch?
I'm going to draw for the black card and hope that some of the old cards I'm missing finally come to me as fated because I am a 2000+ days player

- Is this seal Meta defining?:
 Honestly, I don't feel it like it is impact enough, but Cang Bi brings the possibility of Grinding with Dragons on a new way, specially for those that are still missing Novalis and other cards from Prologue of the Universe. There is not much going on for Chinese Series, I was hoping for Power Release for 6* Sindhu and sadly it didn't happen. Which I think that might be released on 2021 to boost Tang Sanzang once more. After All, the journey to the west is still going.

Tier List
The Discord server Tier List is designed for new and returning players to get an idea of which leaders of their inventory to train. The future we want to expand it with a list of member cards that work with each leader and can be shared among them.

The Tier List got rebooted early this year, I really want to commit to more updates on TOS Stuff, but I need support of the community to keep going.

[Image: 4-2.jpg]

『Enchanted Crystals』 - 『Olden Trio

This series is mainly designed for you to beat the new Story Mode and farm Shamash, hopefully you may also adapt their teams in the future by using old powerful members that will get revamped at some point this year.

[Image: 50] I did some tests with him, and I'm pleased, but for players that don't stick or like to rely on dragons for grinding, I would rather recommend jumping to other solutions. Cang Bi can use Molin as team member, so you are free to wipe all kind of board hazards with your and keep chasing for damage. I think that grind teams have a fair room.

[Image: 50] Everyone keeps complaining about Enlil recovery, it is the same problem we faced with Xiwangmu. But let's be clear about something, her active is allowing fire to overpower just like Rakshasa is allowing earth members. The right God Team placement with her can allow you to partially remove board hazards and reset the board. The early craft charge is allowing you to have the Khaos craft charged upon stage entrance, which allows you to stall even more.

[Image: 50] I have to admit I'm surprised to see an earth beast version of this kind of active skills, Earth Beast teams are meant to be a thing in future I guess. I really wish the Bull King could have a way to create race Runestones without sacrificing the inclusion of other races in his team.

[Image: 50] Such a powerful control skill can't be ignored, this card is really powerful and is combining half of Zhao Yun power on a single skill.

[Image: 50] Lynx was a good meme, and Veronica is the new meme, sadly. Dark Beasts as a whole are turning on to a strong archetype of its own that is hard to collect with many scattered characters, so new players may end up adding utility beasts from biweekly and the lost relic while using Veronica and main damage dealer.

[Image: 50] So Dragons got their own version of Cassandra!, now it is time to play the uniqueness of Water Dragon teams along with SR Ao Guang and Ursula, for last slot, use Zhao Yun.

[Image: 50] Finally a debuff remover for dragons, it brings additional damage in case of it clearing other buffs too.

[Image: 50] His skill is an indirect combo for Enlil and brings three type conversion for hearts, I still believe it is better to use dupe YunYun with Enlil.

[Image: 19-1.jpg]

Shamash is too much. The perfect anti combo shield, as leader she is reminiscence of Atlantis days for me, because of that high damage reduction. I would recommend trying Einstein as member. I haven't grabbed mine yet to fully test. But I've seen the videos of her in action.

[Image: 1-3.jpg]

First of all, I wish you luck to you all farming for mats or clearing the stage three times, for me have been quite impossible due the week being so busy for me. Khaos new skill is a way for other God teams to have access to Ying Zheng Philosophy of Despotism.

[Image: 1-4.jpg]

He is as powerful as Ying Zheng, come on guys, This card even helps you to guarantee 5 types of different achievements New S tier. I don't have much to say because I'm overwhelmed with the amount of cards released and it is hard for me to digest all the content. right now. If you have team ideas please share them and I'll post you in this thread.

[Image: 15-5.jpg]

We have waited forever for release of this series. Basically they are recycled actives from collaboration cards, you can match them with Enlil along with the upcoming Lantern of Tradition - He Xian'Gu for more damage.

[Image: 20-5.jpg]

I have to say that I'm surprised that now all the Gods will have access to overkill damage on Demons and Elves. Her skill is another recovery helper for Enlil.

I will do what newspapers do now, and I'll post this and keep working on the article during the week. I still need read about the biweekly cards and build curated teams for the new leaders with old cards. I want to return to my style of bringing curated teams from the leader boards.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
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Thank you guys so much for helping me and encouraging me to continue posting more content for this game and the community!.


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