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Oriceles Meta Analysis «18.1»: Tales of Minerelves 26-10-2019
[Image: 1.jpg]

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote a Meta Analysis thread, I know that Ultraman and Vocaloid collab were awesome but I was too busy with real-life problems to keep up with them and get the time to review everything.

This patch is coming with a huge focus on utility that replaces a lot of ancient cards, and as the game moves towards 7 years and more than 2000+ card I think that developers can't do anything but try to help new players to get all the possible resources to max their cards as soon as possible.

Madhead is aiming to communicate more with the players to comfort their doubts about power creep and the lack of regular content that we had for so long (I'm still waiting for Age of Magic to be released).
So if there is something that you don't like or want to see in the game, just don't hesitate and talk about it on the official fans group or in the EN Discord #suggestions channel.

I'm expecting a lot of buffs in the nearby future and later in this thread, I will indicate what predictions I have for future content.

Useful Links
# Game Producer letter to the Summoners 16/10/2019
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide «17.2 update»

Possible Questions [Image: QuestionMark.png]
- Should I skip this seal?
I don't recommend doing so because the Elf race is one that tends to have a short amount of cards, so usually whatever you can get can be useful. The Common cards in this seal are replacing a lot of old ones that need harder skill training so don't doubt about grabbing them.
- Is there any card from the previous series I should have for this one to work properly?
Well, to be honest the seal is pretty much self contained, but there are some advanced utility cards that were released on the previous series that you don't want to lose like clearing debuffs or having additional combo counts, this being said I'll be mentioning some old cards in the leaders descriptions and some series I think you should check (good thing that the game now allow us to filter by series huh?).
- "I don't have too many Elf cards, should I still go for it?":
I guess that it will depend on your needs, but if you have a decent source of diamonds I wouldn't hesitate on grabbing everything and start with this seal.
- Are you going to draw in this patch?: I want to get all commons and Amber, Diamond looks cool enough but I don't feel like I need it.
- Is this seal Meta defining?: YEEES. Right now I only own Jade and I have to say that I'm surprised of how powerful she is, I did some runs on the 10th seal while farming Tunestones and clearing the current ultimate stages and I was pleased with how much utility and damage she got, so yeah, this might be the start of a new wave of power creep because they are all 6* cards with Craft Trigger skills ("Crystallization"). I know you guys got too excited with Miku and Ultraman and feel that there is some lackluster with the release of this series, but I do feel this was needed.

Tier List
Right now the tier list hasn't been updated properly, it needs a major overhaul and major revision since I don't have the time to gather the feedback from the #meta-analysis channel as I used to or playtest extensively as I did in the past. To address this problem I'll try to update with simplified sheets and better updates on card comments.

About cards from previous series
  • Elfish Perennials: A lot of cads and changes introduced in recent updates are helping Sakura to shine once more, Cornflower is sad and dry as usual but he is an amazing off-color member for any of the new leads as well.
  • Unearthly Charms: This seal included Elves but at the time they felt out of place because there was a heavy focus on Demons, the three commons feel like fillers because they offer tactical solutions rather than strategic.
  • Toy Pixies: Wow, this series is too old now, but Morris is doing wonders for Jade and Matryoshka will forever be one of the best tactical cards to use against overheal.
  • Sprites: Their Power Release was released along with the Elfish Perennials introduction and they are highly underestimated, they are all around CD:8 but their skills last for multiple rounds and now that Jade got cooldown reduction on the first wave you can abuse all of their amazing effects. Please check for Yidhra+Pupuro deadly combo.
  • More cards could fit but they are assorted across different series or they are boss cards from Ultimate stages, it would be nice if someone could release an Elf index for new players to have a reference, but that might be too much spoon feeding.

[Image: 13-1.jpg]

『Enchanted Crystals』 - 『Minerelves
Okay, so the big deal with this series is that they are paving the road by adding massive amounts of utility on to single cards and solving the long cooldown problem of many powerful cards. We are getting more craft triggers and I that shows how little influence Draconic Compulsion has nowadays against enemies other than some very specific boss crafts.

[Image: 60] Timid Prodigy - Sapphire: So, she is like a better version of Jinnie overall, the problem is that her effect is control-based, so if the boss is uncontrollable you will have to find another way to pierce its defense (which historically elves doesn't have a problem with this, I did clear Sensui thanks to Pupuro+Giemsa heh).

[Image: 60] Heated Fluorescence - Amber: let's be honest, she is meme as she can get, and it's been a long while since they released a leader that played on a different way from simply boosting attack and runestone effects, she is fun if played with that in mind rather than just aiming to clear with some vanilla gameplay. I'm aiming for her because I think she is amazing for both Sakura and Jade. As for the traditions, well: Izanagi styled board for Elves.

[Image: 60] Pride of Regalia - Jade: I can't thank the RNGods enough for allowing me to pull her on my 3rd draw, seriously, the damage and all the utility is far too cool, the Crystallization effect and tumbler alone puts her on A+ tier for me right now, probably S if you have the right members. Her active skill is something that you must keep in mind at all times because it provides too much power and can save you from many situations where you are locked by board hazards and even if you don't have recovery because of an enemy debuff or skill, you can still play the tumbler for 2 rounds by triggering leader and adjutant.
This is the team I've been playing for the past two days to clear Bhairava & Nandi and Shire:
[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]

[Image: 60] Paragon of Brilliance - Diamond [Image: alarm.gif] UPDATED: So basically if you bring any unlimited movement of runestones you can combo to get a Daji active skill. He is an entire powerhouse thanks to the stats and the fact that can ignore dead like Gon, but now that he promises the entire power you need to focus on adding members that can solve the board hazards, shields and debuffs which is less troublesome when comparing with Jade in that matter.

After some testing I did like him, but I feel that he finally adds justice to the existence of Li Ji. Other cards from the series do obvious benefit because of the team skills and great actives that solve different hazards, as long as you get proper board control, it will be unlikely that you will lack damage. Another worthy addition could be Sengo Muramasa, that even if it feels out of place it can speed up that long CD10 cooldown.

[Image: 60] Unbridled Ego - Ruby: So she is supposed to be the opposite to Sapphire, but turning enemies to Water attribute as a Fire card that promises extra attacks seems a bit odd and unreliable, yet I feel she is just a new toy for Sakura or Ruby so go and give it a try. I assumed that they both changed attributes of enemies but it is just a flavored control skill, thank you guys for pointing it since I didn't see it in play yet @emodicer @omnicrom.

[Image: 60] Gem of Vitality - Emerald: I know that she is underrated at first glance, but she is all about combo mechanics. Think of the tumbler scenario, you are at 1HP with Jade team and don't want to use her active or simply don't have it anymore and there is no heart on the board, then you can trigger emerald to boost your recovery and generate 2 groups Enchanted Heart Elf Runestones to hit like a truck and recover at full. Then next round if you ran out of heart again or the enemy converted them away you can still use the 2nd round of her effect.

[Image: 60] Dorky Dreamer - Opal: I find her redundant, but if you are facing an enemy that keeps popping board hazards every round like Nidhogg and his weathered runestones madness then she makes sense. The additional damage at CD6 is a cheaper version of Darwin active skill and shouldn't be underestimated.


[Image: 60] Exquisite Nimbus - Pearl: To be honest this card is boring and doesn't offer nothing but a plain short CD damage boost, but since her cooldown is exactly 6, it means you can clear stages quickly with her thanks to Jade cooldown reduction.

Event Cards

[Image: 60] Crystalized Fetish - Amethyst: I almost got tricked on to believing that this card was plain bad and in a world where Shyplant has been there for us for so long we wouldn't need another Elf with a shield. Amethyst is easier to get, so newbies can get something cool from the start. Her effect doesn't let you down if you get <50% health like Shyplant. Also if the mechanics are right, by facing multiple hits her cooldown should go down accordingly. So don't be fooled.

[Image: 60] Charming Siderite - Rhodochrosite: I actually wish all biweekly cards were this good, you can play her either on Fire teams that tend to lack recovery or as member of Elf leaders, seriously don't skip this card once it is available.

[Image: 100] Wisdom of Minerelf - Aquamarine: We have already have better cards for Elves as a whole, but if we look at "Water Elf" as a specific thing, this card comes to save the day from masked boards and marked runestones, so his active is similar but yet inferior to Rhodonchrosite. I would get keep one copy just because it helps against some shields, but he is not a card you should rely on.

[Image: 60] Unraveling Jealousy - Malachite: The entire kit is lore-based. We want Heart Runestones constantly in this patch so yeah good, 2nd portion of the active skill is great for ALL kind of damage, so yeah, even Amber will benefit from him.

[Image: 60] Opalescent Deluxe - Moonstone: Dear Khaos, let's talk about this meme. Right now the only Elf leaders that come to my mind that keeps having Heart Runestones present on the board continuously is Sakura and is not guaranteed. So he is pretty much similar to Delphinus, a short CD active that let's you keep running the effect in play as long as the condition is met. In a meta filled with heavy board hazards and enemies that focus on control rather than plain HP inflation, I don't think that Moonstone can offer that much

[Image: 60] Principal of Erudition - Super Seven: This card is really strong, simple tool to solve problems on exact initial combo shields and quintet shield as well, there are many memes you can do by pairing his active with other members, like using both Daji active skills for full board dissolve and shared effect. I guess that soon other players will be releasing fixed board paths for him, but as of right now I can also think about some crazy combos with Sakura by matching the hearts and fire Runestones and separating the other Runestones in groups of 2.

[Image: 60] Synthetic Existence - Cuff: Graves is that you?. Friends over discord have been talking about how cool is that he got a benefit that was exclusive to Jabir. And yeah, he is continuing on the strong Earth Machina cards that bring benefit to BedKu, Turing and Li Tieguai.

Content that should be coming in the near future
The game does have the tradition of releasing evolutions of series in the same order they were released, so based on that there is some content that should be coming by now:
- Age of Magic
- VR Diablo
- AR Descendants of the Norse
- Missing Imperiality of Egypt characters
- PR Imperial Warlords
- Another big batch of buffs for old cards deducting cooldown
- Any PR Ultimate Lord
- Rework for Dragonary Craft forging process and more Dragonwares being introduced.
- Complementary seal for beasts
- Another seal for Humans (non-collab)
- PR Kojiki
... And the list goes on.

I'll be adding videos as I find them. Please feel free to discuss any point of view or ask about team choices etc. I hope you can find this thread useful.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
Wall of Donors:
@Tenmaru#8678, @Santa#1778, @Clueless#5064, @Lilacse#0020, @thanyou#8485, @furu#3839, @Dukevoid#9847, @ian#0749, @k_sum#2718, @HellBilly#8774, @Xsaren#9280, @NodiusC#2966, @KTR#8460, @Zenix#7374, @attanond (Ivan)#4797, @Evelyn#3563, and Loredas#6382
Thank you guys so much for helping me and encouraging me to continue posting more content for this game and the community!.

I'll be waiting for the draw rates up event before spending those precious dimes. we'll see if rngesus will bless me this time.

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
(10-27-2019, 01:33 PM)Oriceles Wrote: So she is supposed to be the opposite to Sapphire, but turning enemies to Water attribute as a Fire card that promises extra attacks seems a bit odd and unreliable, yet I feel she is just a new toy for Sakura or Ruby so go and give it a try.

For your information, Ruby (and presumably) Sapphire don't change the enemies' attributes, as shown in this picture:
[Image: sF0Spkn.png]

At face value (without considering enemy skills), these types of controlling skills (ie Freeze, Ignite, etc) are just flavor descriptions. OmicronBob from discord server described it succinctly:
Quote:Summary: ignite, freeze, petrify, electrify, etc are all cosmetic differences on "apply a generic controlling effect". What they do is what the rest of the skill description says.

Notice the difference between Ruby's skill wording and other cards that have Freeze controlling skill, like Aquarius Camus:
Quote:Freeze all enemies to inactivate them and change their Attribute into Water for 1 Round

Quote:Freeze all enemies to inactivate them and change their Attribute into Water for 1 Round

or Urd:
Quote:Freeze all enemies to inactivate them and change their Attribute into Water for 3 Rounds

Notice how all of them specifically state that they change the enemies' Attribute. Ruby does no such thing, which ties in to what Omicron said.

(10-27-2019, 07:57 PM)Emodicer Wrote:
(10-27-2019, 01:33 PM)Oriceles Wrote: So she is supposed to be the opposite to Sapphire, but turning enemies to Water attribute as a Fire card that promises extra attacks seems a bit odd and unreliable, yet I feel she is just a new toy for Sakura or Ruby so go and give it a try.

For your information, Ruby (and presumably) Sapphire don't change the enemies' attributes, as shown in this picture:

Oh this is terrible for me to assume, thank you, I'll correct it and mention now.

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