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Oriceles Meta Analysis «17.2»: TOS×Saint Seiya + Tier List 13-5-2019
[Image: latest?cb=20160316103048]

I've been fan of Saint Seiya since I was a kind and in Latin America the fandom for this series is massive as if this was Dragonball, I've watched and read 90% of the material including spin-off so at first I got really excited because Kurumada and Toei were bringing a collaboration with my favorite game, but as a player I started to get mixed feelings and get conflicted after the skill reveals started to show up. Their gameplay is over complicated, but as power creep keeps going there is nothing much they can do about it to limit the rate on how they deliver power to the player. At some scenarios they feel awkward but not like Cleo, and more like Aqua.

Also this patch is pretty much standalone and member focused, right now they are going to promote the use of Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga via tailored content and stage bonus, yet it is pretty obvious this leaders won't last for long after their patch is over, except for the fact that I feel that the Age of Magic (the unreleased 3rd Age of Void of the Realm) is going to be favoring their use as well. Having dragonwares as a heavy strengthening point is interesting, but limiting the switch and the use of leader craft to a very specific one is lame, you can't even use their switch skill in the arena. Also it is even worse that we have to get random drop for a specific dragonware on a stage. Yet, specific dragonware means that you can get strong members that will last for long time. They should have let us get as well some craft cores and equip our custom essence (whales would rejoice playing Seiya so much).

The real excitement in this patch is not about them actually, but rather the fact that by the time I am writing this we got Fallen Halos Power Release confirmed on their Team Skills in game, which means they should be coming either in the third or fifth week of the patch, being the first limited time seal ever to get Power Release and bringing back some of the favorite characters like Chessia, Satan and Samle), I have big hopes on this because the previous two series that got upgrades actually feel like not dying fast (SR Norse and PR Revolutionary Heroes).

Frequently Asked Questions

- Should I skip this collaboration?
   It is hard to say for me, personally I think they are strong but as leaders they are unstable and not entirely reliable, but as members they sure pack a punch. If you lack humans you should get them, and if you are new, you should consider getting the whole set because this is a really good standalone seal, but for veterans this is just another addition to the deck with no big promises in the long run.

- Is there any card from previous series I should have for this one to work properly?
  Probably just Birb Cage and some traiditional Human cards that bring utility actives. Other than that, sure there are some good combos with cards from previous collaborations but nothing crucial. Also I kept talking about using the cards from this series with Aria as leader before they were fully released, but I still don't know how is that doing at all.

- Are you going draw in this patch?
  Yes, mainly because I am a fan of the series but as a player I can't deny I am conflicted. I also want to play some memes.

- Is this seal meta defining?
   Not at all, just strong members that do pretty specific stuff within their own mechanics but despite of their new gameplay they don't feel like changing the current game environment at all. Even Unearthly Charms felt more relevant with Eve being an alternative for those with no Chinese Emperor.

- Are you going to keep changing the way you format the frequently asked questions on every new meta analysis thread?
   I don't think that even Glauox could answer that.

Tier List
As you may know already the tier list is no longer part of this series of threads but rather it is available as a different resource in Google Sheets, it will be updated every now and then with more comments about how to use every leader and listing the changes in the placements. If you want to support this job and many other threads I create feel free to donate to me via my Ko-Fi page, Paypal or Bitcoin wallet.

Useful Links
# Patch notes: TBA
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide «16.2 update»

My country is blocking YouTube right now due to political reasons, they tend to do it globally for few hours, after the block is gone I'm going to link proper gameplay videos.

『Cosmic Summoning』 - 『Saint Seiya』

Personally I'm going to draw because I am a fan of the series and I really want to see Next Dimension on screen some day, but as a player I really feel reluctant about them because they are unstable and feel forced overall, sure some of the utility is kinda unique both most veterans will feel that this is just another KOF which means you are likely to be able to live without them as long as you have other relevant cards from the past 6 months. I really dislike having to bring a specific craft on the leader slot, and having to memorize even more board paths that benefits unreliable leaders.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Hyoga: He is the one I have received most complains, mainly because his 2nd EP skill doesn't feel like a burst and is water focused but favoring rainbow composition of cards from Saint Seiya.. yet the traditional water humans like Florice or Sie Kensou are pretty significant. Nen skill, I mean 7th sense... the craft trigger skill, is actually good on scenarios where you would bring Chung Xian for just one specific wave, but since the 7th sense can only be triggered as leader I think it is a waste and should have been fit as part of his actives (not EP2 because, yeah).

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Ikki: His active doesn't reflect what it would do on manga/anime at all which is disappointing for me, but worse is the fact that his active skills are really bad. In some bulky teams the damage reduction might be efficient, but still lame overall. Also what is madhead trying to do with so many forced skydrop active skills? as if we didn't have enough with Newton doing something quite similar 2 patches ago.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Shiryu: I think he is fine, except for the fact that he rewards you from starting on the very same position, which then again, is a problem because of weathered and electrified runestones, you can start from another point but no benefit. Overall I feel he is pretty vanilla and the most standard out of the three leaders so not bad at all and probably the best choice if you don't want to do math with Seiya.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Seiya: to be honest every time a discussion about Seiya comes to me I only get to see a bunch of data calculation that doesn't tell me much other that it is kinda hard to play because you must group and generate runestones constantly for proper damage output. I tested his team with the sample team and wow, that is a big chunk of damage but it doesn't change my mind on the fact that I still consider the 3 leaders as better choice for members. His combine skill with Marin is awesome and overall I think he does pretty well as a standalone damage dealer that can stay relevant for all other Light Human teams.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Shun: Non-switch active skill is meh, but after switch his skills become pretty decent, actually Nebula Storm (EP2) is a really solid skill, comparable to Jellal level of awesome. He is the kind of common card you want to chase for, yet I feel conflicted about him just for the non-switch form being meh. Also I have to mention this is second time that Dark teams receive a tool for solving quintet shield.

[Image: 60] Camus: He is meant to be a member for Hyoga and to combo with other saints, as a standalone card I wouldn't recommend him because we have way better control cards than him. The bonuses he receives with Hyoga like cooldown reduction and increased HP actually make him a good partner. For those not familiar with the series, Camus is Hyoga master in the first place, so this is pretty much like what they did with Rayzen, Yomi and Mukuro during Yu Yu Hakusho.

[Image: 60] Shura: Just like Camus for Hyoga, Shura goes the same for Shiryu and I can expect Dohko being another helper as well. Shura is a decent booster at CD6, but overall I think the slot could be used for something else unless you really plan to use the Athena Exclamation or you are playing boosted cards.

[Image: 60] Aiolia: A 2 types runestone converter and combo booster? I'm in, other than Erza we didn't have other skill that could boost combo count directly until now for humans (Hyoga can do it on switched form but needs to be leader and ally), my bad thanks Vesphere for reminding me Killua also got it, quite sad to know they are all part of collaborations [Image: 439426034367070218.png?v=1]. He is a really good combo card because it can save you spinning time and easily overcome problems like Combo Shield EX with reduced time.


[Image: 60] Aiolos: He is likely to be one of the best Arena cards ever, he is really efficient on cooldown thanks to the refund so he is good to take down mobs without much effort, I could dare to say that he can be great on Lucy or Erza mainly for that purpose, in Saint Seiya teams you are likely to need him as well since burst skills have quite long cooldowns.

Event Bosses
After this meta analysis version I will include all event bosses here, be it Coliseum, Joint Operation or Ultimate Stage etc.

[Image: 60] Marin: Her skill basically converts Seiya team to machina, launching up to 66 attacks if you go with 5 Seiya as members lol. Outside of that meme scenario it is really powerful and you should farm her if you are planning to get Seiya. She doesn't provide anything else but extra hits sadly.

[Image: 60] Mu: I have many rants about him as fan, as player I think that he could have been lowered to CD8, unless you REALLY need to deal Light damage against the enemy. So far I don't find him efficient and you could slot something else.

[Image: 100?cb=20190509154211&path-prefix=zh] Aldebaran: 3 effect offensive active skill, the fact that he also changes his attribute to Light can make him an interesting choice for fire teams to overcome water enemies or non-light damage reduction. He is meant to be used is specific scenarios rather than something to use often, but if you lack fire cards, go ahead.

[Image: 60?cb=20190506034730&path-prefix=zh] Deathmask: I haven't seen his fixed conversion yet, but as another conditional self booster on dark mono he is not outstanding at all.

[Image: 60?cb=20190509154306&path-prefix=zh] Shaka:I think he should be stronger somehow, but he is already offering 2 rounds of team attack and control at CD8 so I can't complain at all about it. I'm sad about the fact that this skill 2nd effect is likely to be applied over the enemy so it is useless against uncontrollable foes.

[Image: 60?cb=20190510050511&path-prefix=zh] Tesla: Another card we probably had big expectations for and should have been delivered during Gifted Scientists but there was no room for him, his active skill got 3 effects and is about a bit of everything, but sadly since we are still missing a proper Light Machina leader I don't feel he is interesting at the moment, yet to good to grab right now just because delay skills never hurt to have.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
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if you equip their dragonware in the normal teams you can switch using 0 battle points (plus it also somehow reloads the 3/4 random attribute shields so that's a way to use less rounds lol)

Progress: 9th seal
Athena, Kilua, Azathoth
Threw in 50 dimes and got all main cards except Seiya Dodgy and [b]Shura, [/b]multiple dupes of Camus & Dohko and couples of Shu and Aiolia.
Will be getting [b][b][b]Aiolos [/b][/b][/b]through Arena

Any recommendations on team build?

(05-31-2019, 01:26 PM)kimhoong Wrote: Threw in 50 dimes and got all main cards except Seiya Dodgy and [b]Shura, [/b]multiple dupes of Camus & Dohko and couples of Shu and Aiolia.
Will be getting [b][b][b]Aiolos [/b][/b][/b]through Arena

Any recommendations on team build?

Dohko ? the horror guy ? Sure or not.

How many Shiryu you have, that's the actual good card from this set. The guy with board clear.

And anyway this shouldn't be the thread to ask team build.
ID: 54962818

Looking for Gaia allies

Forum United 3 recruiting - 126856
(05-31-2019, 02:08 PM)spacelion Wrote:
(05-31-2019, 01:26 PM)kimhoong Wrote: Threw in 50 dimes and got all main cards except Seiya Dodgy and [b]Shura, [/b]multiple dupes of Camus & Dohko and couples of Shu and Aiolia.
Will be getting [b][b][b]Aiolos [/b][/b][/b]through Arena

Any recommendations on team build?

Dohko ? the horror guy ? Sure or not.

How many Shiryu you have, that's the actual good card from this set. The guy with board clear.

And anyway this shouldn't be the thread to ask team build.
Sorry, that Dohko was not from seal draw.

Here's the full result of my 10 draws. I'm broke now, no more draw.

Hyoga = 1

Ikki  = 1
Shiryu= 1
Seiya = 0
Shun  = 2
Camus = 4
Aiolia= 1

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