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Oriceles Meta Analysis «17.1»: Tears of Beauty + Tier List 3-4-2019
[Image: 1-3.jpg]


Welcome to a late iteration of the Meta Analysis series of threads, this one took a bit more of time to be posted for personal reasons. For this version, we land on a scenario where Gods are recovering their strength thanks to SR Norse Gods potential. In this version, I think we are continuing what started back on Yu Yu Hakusho patch which consists of more Demons and Elves that can advance over the 10th seal easily, also Madhead decided to expand some other recently released teams like Tang Sanzang and bring back the attention of some old members.

Notes for 3/4/2019 update I will not be adding sample teams and such yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I draw here if I don't have Ying Zheng?
A: Personally I think this seal is totally something else, sure some of the cards are awesome to use with him, but not something that depends from him at all, also the main focus around the seal and event cards seems more around building Even identity despite Ying Zheng predominance. Overall all the common members are worth to get this time, and yes you should still draw for them.
Q: Is there any card from the previous series I should have for this one?
A: Metagaming is still present here, the series is pretty much covered within its own but as usual, it never hurts to slot Ghroth, Shyplant or Ubume if you are able to.
Q: I don't have many demon and elves to begin with... Should I still go for it?
A: Absolutely you should take the chance to expand your member pool, also some old cards of those races are returning on this patch so you should take the opportunity to expand if you don't have them already.
Q: It's not better to save for collaboration events instead?
A: this is complicated to answer because it is likely that you already skipped the Gifted Scientists series waiting for collaboration, which means you already should have about enough members and could take the chance to draw on this seal, at least for the common cards. The rest is answered in the next question.
Q: Are the rare cards and jackpot any good?, should I whale for Eve?
A: personally I feel that there is nothing really over the top here and that this patch expands upon the current existing content rather than bringing something that you must obtain. Unlike the Gifted Scientists series where most players were actually in need of Machina Leaders, a lot of players already possess demon leaders from Yu Yu Hakusho, Ying Zheng, and Illuminated Savant, so Cleo and Wu Zetian might feel like something good for Arena and Coliseum score right now but not to be lived later on. Eve, on the other hand, is far more notorious and prominent, I think she should have been released before Ying Zheng, she is amazing on every aspect, really powerful and versatile, the only thing I really dislike from her is that she is locked to be leader and there is no way around it other than going meme with multiple Eve members, this is mostly to balance how broken the CD3 active skills would be if paired as member for Ying Zheng. So, if you don't have Ying Zheng and want a leader comparable strong but sadly locked she could be your next option. If you decide to whale and chase for Eve Waifu, be sure to not miss Ouroboros and Bao Si as members.
Q: Is this seal meta defining?
A: It is not, this just expands upon current content, and meta is still the same since version 16.3 (probably even before), and from that point onwards we have been waiting for more challenging content to be released.

Tier List

As you may know already the tier list is no longer part of this series of threads but rather it is available as a different resource in Google Sheets, it will be updated every now and then with more comments about how to use every leader and listing the changes in the placements. If you want to support this job and many other threads I create feel free to donate to me via my Ko-Fi page, Paypal or Bitcoin wallet.

Useful Links
# Patch notes: “Tower of Saviors” 17.1 Version Updates on “Tears of Beauty”
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide «16.2 update»

[Image: 2-3.jpg]

『Sinister Remains』 - 『Unearthly Charms』

In contrast to the previous series, the leaders are far easier to build because elves and demons can mainly be obtained via events rather than the Diamond seal. Most pros are making fun on how bad Cleopatra design is, bringing mixed tools of leaders which are pretty unpopular (Caocao + Shiva anyone?) and yet she is the budget option to be able to play Eve and that's about it. I wouldn't skip the common cards at all, and mainly if you want to survive the Arena you could play Yu Yu Hakusho leaders/Ying Zheng with the common cards and still land a decent score (reach legend/king for most EN players). 

Another important thing that I have to point out regarding this series is that they have a pretty extensive kit and you need to get familiar with all those tools, Eve and Wu Zetian sound easy on paper but you can mess up easily if you don't plan ahead, Cleopatra in the other hand is a bit more meme and can be dominated more easily despite the board hazards and tornado paranoia

The common cards team skill this time is quite interesting and adds a lot of value to them, constant additional damage on runestones thanks to the race conversion and easy way to keep conditions that ask for race runestones to be dissolved. The weird part is that the common cards are split among elves and demons, with elves being predominant despite that the 3 leaders being demons.

[Image: 60] Deceiving Motherhood - Li Ji: I find this one a bit questionable but the cooldown is fine for the tools she offers for a 2 round effect. Right now I think the leader that would benefit the most is Aqua, followed by Cleopatra who might need the unlimited movement on complex boards where her conditions are hard to achieve. In other notes, water attribute already has a lot of alternatives for unlimited movement of runestones but Li Ji brings damage boost to the mix with faster cooldown than Matthew and better effect than Kenshin.

[Image: 60] Origin of All Sins - Eve a.k.a. everyone's waifu/hot momma: I don't really feel like explaining the entire mechanics behind Eve or how to play her, please open a request for a dedicated thread for her if you want. I think we have never seen a meme team so efficient as full Eve team with that huge base attack addition, yet for real gameplay, you will want to maximize her by bringing more fire elves and fire demons to the team. She can nuke by her own and it is really fast and cost savvy on arena thanks to the fact that her skills are just 300 BP. 

Right now I could say she is the top tier damage leader after Ying Zheng, but overall she is race locked quite hard and still lack many tools that other cards on the A+ tier possess. the fact that they had to lock her to leader position puts her on an awkward place right now but this is nothing that would be reflected on actual gameplay but rather on a player point of view among the leader options we have right now. She is fun, powerful and durable, a strong card that is not broken and can survive pretty well on the current state of the game.

[Image: 60] Purely Sensual - Longyang Jun: To be honest this looks like tailored for Mesopotamia but she already got access to Lu Shun which is way better. On the current seal, it looks like something for Eve to survive when she is unable to. We are talking of a 1 turn shield with a complicated condition so you either build with this strategy already in mind or totally discard him of your options.

[Image: 60] Militant Heroine - Wu Zetian: She is being compared a lot with Daoloth, but she is quite more versatile because her team skill is designed to deal with puzzle shields more easily, yet if you don't keep that team skill in mind you can mess up really hard on other scenarios like quintet shield or combo trojan. Damage reduction makes her fair on survivability but not immortal and still vulnerable to the likes of ambush. The thing that attracts me the most of this card is that she got a 3 effect active skills (explode, time extension, and extra light attacks). I really don't see her surviving much after this patch but since she is so alike to Daoloth she might end up replacing him on leaderboard clear speeds, what I'm sure about is that she will stay relevant as a strong member choice for a long a while.

[Image: 60] Diva of Obsession - Cleo: at first sight, she looks underwhelming but she is designed on a different way to Eve with power that is not reflected at first sight but upon taking it to actual gameplay. I would really recommend you to read this thread posted by Joaqs days ago which really explain her strengths as dual-leader. Yet I still think that her best is to play her along with Eve.

[Image: 60] Mass Extermination - Bao Si: This card is super strong and really underestimated, it is obviously designed to favor Eve the most but Ying Zheng can do wonders with her as well because it is easy to convert the whole board to enchanted demon runestones with her along with launching extra attacks that ignore armor. Team skill also calls my attention for rainbow demon setups and allow the free usage of Patra outside of Illuminated Savant which also increases the total number of demon runestones converter per round to 6!.

[Image: 60] Suicidal Romance - Yang Yuhuan: Sadly demons didn't get their own stat removal but conditionally can use this elf or any other human remover if they are able to (think of Sensui, Florice, and Yukimura). The rest of the portions of her active skill can only be triggered in 3 different scenarios: 
  1. Frutties are being used as team members on a full elf team. 
  2. The enemy has a skill that turns the team recovery to zero. (Cassandra wouldn't work because she would clear the effect before the rest of the active skill takes place as far as I know).
  3. You are playing Tang Sanzang, which really needed something this good, but kinda clashes with the fact that he would be using the elf slot for Wang Zhaoju instead.
[Image: 60] Forbidden Masculinity - Mo Xi: PR SATAN TEASER ANYONE?!, really there is no natural way that other leader could benefit from this card unless you are also adding Xi to the mix. I like to see more continuous boosters, but this card is pretty simple on what she does and is only fair on cost thanks to the race conversion, other than that I don't feel is worth to use it unless... Satan Power Release happens. In that case, I will take my time to expand upon the usage of this card versus other existing dark cards that have been used there before.

Arena Cards

[Image: 60] Faded Memento - Yu Miaoyi: So, does anyone remember Leona and Sun Ce? this card is pretty much just Leona 2.0 on both duration of the debuff and that the runestones are converted to race runestones. If you missed Leona or you were not playing the game by that time you should take the time to get this card because attribute changing is quite useful sometimes and can save you a lot of pain on the void of the realm.

Biweekly Bosses

[Image: 60] Tender Soul - Li Lianying: I am really surprised that this card was not a skill level 15 diamond seal card instead, and is sad that at least right now is not really needed because with the recent wave of collaborations fire mono got quite a lot of fast converters that offer a far more than just enchanted fire runestones. The real use would be to get rid quickly of LD cards, so for convenience, I would say that this card is optional to farm because right now you might have better fire cards than this, but if you are new to the game or you are returning Li Lianying is way better fire converter than some of the other early game options like Cerberus or the Golems.

Ultimate Bosses

[Image: 60] Voluntary Victim - Wang Zhaojun: right now I think that the only 2 teams that would benefit from her would be Tang Sangzan and Sakura. Tang Sanzang being more prominent because he is in serious need of more cards that can keep generating more race runestones every round, so this one paired with Erza and Kejouro can provide 3+ race runestones every wave or 2+ every round.

Event Bosses

[Image: 2070i.png] Crime Inducer - Ouroboros: He is another member designed for Eve that Ying Zheng and the Illuminated Savant can take for wonders. He got 3 effects active as well which makes him pretty noticeable for the control and the fact that can help to overcome enemies that don't receive full damage unless it is a particular element.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
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