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Oriceles Meta Analysis «16.3», Tier List 3-2-2019
[Image: 2-3.jpg]


First of all, I want to wish for a great 2019 to all the readers of this thread, I can't thank you enough for your appreciation and support because without your financial support I probably wouldn't have survived 2018 as much as I did. I started this series of thread in the middle of 2017 hoping that it could help fellow players to get familiar with all the content that started to be released in such a fast pace and then joined the Discord server to build a solid community that is quite friendly and wants the game to constantly improve.

I do have some expectation for this year, especially on the eve of the 6th anniversary of the game I would really like to see PR Khaos being a thing and the virtual rebirth of Nidhogg and Diablo which really deserve it, as well as the Power Release for Revolutionary Heroes and Fallen Halos which was the first series to be released in the new limited time seal format.

As for my general opinion on Fairy Tail I am somewhat disappointed with what we got, this could have been way more but for some reason Madhead failed to deliver this time, for example Erza not being a switching card is pretty lame, especially after the introduction of VR Saruman which proved that the game is capable of doing something like that. The leaders don't have much synergy with the common members either, so the arena season might be a bit tough.

There is something more, this series goes really well with cards from previous collaborations so you can have fun recycling what you have. I am also suspecting that Madhead is planning to introduce another Elves series soon and they have it under their sleeve, remember that we got the "Green Apple" biweekly card and that series got halted by the release of Cathieves?, well probably that series of Elves will be quite flexible and play a nice role with the cards from Fairy Tail, but this is all speculation based on how the content schedule has been moved due to the collaborations, like the late release of Shatarupa Joint Operation. Personally, I will skip and wait for whatever is introduced in Chinese New Year, if I get more than enough diamonds to cover the 35 cost, then I will use the spare diamonds in this seal.

If you are a new player and don't have much of the recommended cards don't worry, I will try my best to provide viable teams that you can get as a newbie, be sure to join the Discord server so you can get help asap.

Some frequent questions that I've got regarding this series:
  • Q: Is this limited time seal meta defining?
  • A: It is not. So far I don't see any new mechanic being introduced or something that can be directly Labelled as overpowered. This series is being built upon existing content, either to expand it or bring back some cards we don't see from quite a while.
  • Q: What about Power Creep?
  • A: There is no noticeable power creep here (at least telling from the card descriptions), and since Shamash, the current endgame boss was introduced in the previous patch I think we won't have a big push in a while. We will have to wait for the tailored content to actually see how giant is Igneel HP bar to justify Natsu having that additional 2.5x on Dragon enemies.
  • Q: Is Natsu a good jackpot?
  • A: Hell yes!. Natsu looks pretty much like an option for the guys that didn't manage to get Yusuke Urameshi during the Yu Yu Hakusho collaboration and feel like they really need a proper replacement to beat the 10th seal. As for members and possible teams, I will get into that later in this thread.
  • Q: What about the other rare cards?
  • A: Erza is pretty strong and have a strong resemblance to the gameplay of Mesopotamia but having access to the entire human utility and partial elf utility, you can form pretty strong combos with that. Lucy is a bit more complicated she sounds more like the card you actually want to play in the arena and personally I don't like that her entire kit is locked behind the amount of unique Fairy Tail cards that are in the team, which means that you are cutting leader power in favor of utility.
  • Q: Should I whale for this seal?
  • A: If you are a new player I would consider at least purchasing the Monthly Package a.k.a. Month of Good Fortune and the Ultimate Guild Gift Pack which brings a lot of goodies for the price of 30 diamonds. The rares of this series can take you really far in the game because they do have a lot of flexibility and bonuses, but the dupe value is quite underwhelming, I feel like at most 3 copies of each card is more than enough. 2 Natsu dupes in Megumin sounds fun as meme because of the snipes in both active skills.
  • Q: I can find nothing about Fairy Tail when I log in to the game. Did I miss something?
  • A: This is probably because you are outside of the SEA region. Please join the Discord server and check the #FAQ channel, we will clear all your doubts on how to get everything working properly.
Tier List

As you may know already the tier list is no longer part of this series of threads but rather it is available as a different resource in Google Sheets, it will be updated every now and then with more comments about how to use every leader and listing the changes in the placements. If you want to support this job and many other threads I create feel free to donate to me via my Ko-Fi page, Paypal or Bitcoin wallet.

Useful Links
# Patch notes: “Tower of Saviors” 16.3 Version Updates on “TOS×FAIRY TAIL”
# Discord Server Invitation:
# Newbies and Returning Players guide «16.2 update»
# Watch Fairy Tail anime for free in

[Image: 3-3.jpg]

『Fairy's Light』 -『 FAIRY TAIL』

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110136&path-prefix=zh] Celestial Wizard - Lucy: I feel that she is the indicated to be the Arena leader for this patch, her team skill deducts the arena battle points cost. Overall fun team to play but I'm not fond of the fact that requires entire team full of Fairy Tail characters in order to get the entire team skill. Getting the final team skill of -3 makes it great considering that you can accelerate Wendy to CD 1 with reactivation and Gray and Juvia combine skill every 3 turns. I think Lucy is quite decent against enemies with Neutralize because you will get the effects quickly, but still prone to Neutralize reset so watch out from that. Now talking about archetypes the Water/Light/Heart combination has been pretty noticeable and there are a lot of cards that support that, in Lucy case, most of the older cards are recommended to take the final slot (unless we are talking about the arena). Talking about older cards I will just highlight on Shyplant, Fylgja, and Pupuro. Sure Cassandra could be a good idea but I think is counterproductive because this team focuses on heart runestones.

Sample Teams:

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110136&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110158&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102050900&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110340&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110226&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110136&path-prefix=zh] Open the gate Aquarius!: With this setup, you can get runestones on demand thanks to Wendy and the Combine skill of Gray and Juvia which is useful to unmask the board and deal with high combo shields. Also, Wendy is here to get the bonus from the team skill. Panther Lily should be your main damage source since you will get an x8 full attack every 4 turns. You could consider Laxus for this setup, but basically, he is just 1 turn faster than Lily is and will move the damage curve from the team to himself, also his utility can be provided by Juvia since she is also able to explode the dark runestones.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110136&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110340&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110226&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110240&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110136&path-prefix=zh] The Power of Friendship: Pretty much the same tools as above, but 3 attributes for achievement and the fact that Natsu is able to change the enemies to fire attribute can increase the entire damage of the team. Also being accelerated to CD4 makes him really efficient as DPS tool. Mirajane is situational, but CD 5 for 3 turns of 15 seconds of movement of runestones basically turns Lucy into Aqua with downtime of 2 turns.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh] Salamander of Fire – Natsu: He is a crazy damage dealer, against dragons that is, outside of that scenario he is a tank leader in a similar fashion to Yusuke Urameshi, proves to be quite versatile because allows you to slot 3 races of any attribute and the entire kit allows you to use Fairy Tail members but actually feels more rewarding when you build Natsu in to a fire mono setup, he doesn't provide shared effects of fire runestones or heart runestones in any form so you might want to slot multi-type converters for fun or for actual burst.

There is something missing and is the fact that you can end up with a lot of HP and poor recovery if you don't plan ahead, sure you can use Natsu to turn the enemy in to fire and recover 60% of the damage received, but if the enemy can't be controlled you are going to need to add more humans or elves to get a better recovery value.

Over Discord, I've been drawing comparisons of him with Nobunaga because fire human/dragon set up so we can recycle some of the stuff we used with Nobunaga back then in 2017 (a fun thing that [Image: 294155999470944256.png?v=1] decided to bring back the biweekly cards from Shogun Emblems now right? [Image: 403545163814666250.png?v=1] just look at the skills of Musashi from the biweekly). There is another good value in him and is the fact that both active skills provide snipes of a fairly short cooldown along with DPS and delay utility so we can use him as a really decent member for Megumin.

Sample Teams
I really tried to build Natsu with members from his own series but the result was quite underwhelming, they are all more compatible with either Lucy or Erza.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102050900&path-prefix=zh][Image: 100?cb=20140622092408][Image: 100?cb=20151117182241][Image: 100?cb=20180416092038][Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh] Fiore's Guild Recruitment team explained: The main thing I like from this setup is that he provides enough hp to make Medea viable, Sean is there for the high combo count and time extension as usual but Igneel is there for that as well, you can't stack Seth and Natsu "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist" because you can't place more than 1 control skill over an enemy so you would have to use them in separated instance (like saving Natsu skills for the boss while Seth is for the rest of the enemies). I would trade Sean for something more relevant and Divergence Seth for Refinement Seth or any other utility fire human.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 150?cb=20190102110144&path-prefix=zh] Fire, Earth, and Dark: This idea is mostly for fun, One of the typically forced archetypes where you take members mostly for utility sake without sacrificing that much damage. Santa is good in this formula because 5 members will receive the boost and the time tunnel can be used to overcome metasphere. Fthaggua should be your main burst especially against enemies that can't be controlled by Natsu. Xiahou Du active along with Shyplant should provide enough recovery and damage reduction to recover some cooldown.

Relevant Members
Here you can find a quick filtered selection of good cards to use with him, notice that I am not adding collaboration cards into this list, if you are familiar with previous collaboration content you should know already what is good enough to use in Natsu. I am not expanding this section to full today (2-1-209 -4:00), but the card icons are linked to Wikia so you can read the skills if you are not familiar with them.

[Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 100?cb=20151117182241] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50] [Image: 50]

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110158&path-prefix=zh] Sky Sorceress – Wendy: To be honest I just find her convenient as member for Lucy and Erza to get on-demand runestones and that is fine because she provides that addition 1.1x boost in the team skill along with her boost upon activations. Outside of the collaboration might work as a good solution for Gaia RNG conversion which leaves her with no heart runestones.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh] Fairy Queen Titania – Erza: My short descriptions for her are "budget Human team  Mesopotamia" or "Luno but extra attacks instead". Super flexible but still requires to add one elf to the team. Her active and leader skill cuts the need of time extension members to fight combo shields, but if you decide to slot time tunnel or boundary breaking you can have a lot of fun with all those skydrops. I think she is the one with more options going on because you can simply add something like Shyplant, Fylgja or Mavis and call it a day and just slot water and light humans like good ol' Honda. If you decide to go for the Light human-focused route neither Hattori or Huang Zhong will trigger their team skills because of the elf presence.

Sample Teams:

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh][Image: 100?cb=20170523210237][Image: 100?cb=20170911194010][Image: 100?cb=20170119122808][Image: 100?cb=20180330083114][Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh] Light mono: This setup is free of collaboration members other than the leader and most of them are easy to get, Hattori is scheduled to return soon and Katherin should return as well since she always returns by the time of the game anniversary. Nyx is there to unmask the board and provide help against quintet elemental shield, same goes for Katherin. You are not sacrificing much for this team to work and you can get more than enough burst damage with the Modi & Magni active skill and Erza herself.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102050901&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110233&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110226&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110340&path-prefix=zh][Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh] 15 base combo board: more than enough damage in the entire team, this setup is kinda cheesy and everything because juvia and gray combine skill (see Izanagish board for reference above) just needs to move 1 position and the entire board will be dissolved, if you decide to use Laxus in to that combination he will dissolve the 14 hearts and generate a bunch of light human runestones so you will have to scramble that and you will get a full board of Light and water, this could be a good setup for the arena.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh][Image: 45][Image: 100?cb=20180528095636][Image: latest?cb=20170619071555][Image: 100?cb=20180416092146][Image: 150?cb=20190102110210&path-prefix=zh] Tower of Collaborations (Erza edition): Seriously, Erza is strong, just add some collaboration rares and call it a day, unswitched Yusuke also works if you want to. No much explanation because this cards are never returning except Shyplant which is there to push the damage reduction even further and buff the entire team.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110217&path-prefix=zh] Metal Dragon – Gajeel: Dark mono doesn't have a budget solution to ignore armor, so I think it is fine to finally introduce it like this, but seriously it sucks because there is no synergy at all with any of the leaders. [Image: 488985987578593290.png?v=1]

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110226&path-prefix=zh] Ice-magic Wizard – Gray: As standalone he is a decent burst solution but if your team base damage is low don't expect wonders from him (or from any extra attack card actually). His real power is that if you place him with Juvia as member for Lucy team you can trigger the Izanagi styled board every 3 turns which proves quite powerful.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110233&path-prefix=zh] Lightning Dragon Slayer – Laxus: He belongs in Erza team but you can also use him in Lucy if you think that he can do better than Panther Lily because of the amelioration and explode, the light human runestones grants him a lot of damage but if the team is not light focused then the damage of other members might be overshadowed because of the lack of runestones (ie removing hearts in Lucy). Outside of Fairy Tail teams, he might stay relevant mainly for the explode and as a good burst alternative since the light attribute doesn't have high-self attack boosters since Luno.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110240&path-prefix=zh] Satan Soul – Mirajane: This is the common card you actually you want to chase for, the set of utilities she provides is not common at all, it's been really long since the last time we got something that can counter enemy poison. Overall I can see mainly outside of Fairy Tail teams (Or to be precise, other human teams from previous collaborations).

[Image: 1-1-1.jpg]

Black Cards

7* Sindhu getting their Power Release is excellent to celebrate the Chinese New Year, also Ying Zheng power is beyond game breaking and completely replaces all available dark leaders in the game, this being said I will expand with 3 or 4 sample teams to explain the full potential of Ying Zheng and Tang Sanzang.

[Image: 60] Majesty of Millennium - Ying Zheng: I can't stress enough about having to explain why this guy is so good and is redefining the S tier as a whole for 2019. So let me tell you that basically Ying Zheng removes the need of many cards that were too predominant when building dark mono and were hard to balance as well. The access to the entire demon pool allows him to play many everyone favorite balloon along with some powerful utility, and just like Mesopotamia, having access to so many good members is hard to be precise on what members are the best for him, because basically whatever you bring on him will be good, yet just like I said, there are members you can discard out of this options:

1. Since he generates dark drop based on other type of Runestones dissolved like Greek Gods, you don't really need converters
2. Leader and Adjutant ignore armor, so in most cases you won't be in the need of using Tsukuyomi for that anymore
3. High damage and preference for demons make it so you don't really need Alma/Pollux unless you reaaaally want to generate heart runestones
4. Dark = Heart, make it so you don't need Hel at all

Along those lines you can see that he basically demolished a lot of dark staple members by adding that to his kit. The only trouble I see is that he is a black card and that all current leaders don't have as much power which might bring a super high power creep on enemy health at some point.

Sample Teams:
Take in consideration that you should change your members according to your stage needs and that so far there is no exact "best team" for him, just some fun ideas based on possibilities.

Mono Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
This setup is basically the removal of some hazards, a bit of time extension and cancelling hearts because you won't need them on this team on a similar fashion to Atlantis and Priestess Xi. Feel free to replace Endor with Khaos or Tsukuyomi or anything you can find more convenient.

Dark Luxury

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
With Qi Tian Di and Anubis deactivation you should have more than enough damage to nuke anything and pairing Xi with Anubis basically would turn Ying Zheng on to a Greek God lol. Daji is there as over the top time extension and if needed to avoid any board hazard.

Mono Dark - Demon

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
I have seem a lot of people running Tuchigumo but I feel that the skill is more vulnerable than the one from Theressia, sure you can always add the 2 of them if you feel like it. Ying Zheng actually does have the tools to keep up Younger Toguro running at 100% of his power with permanent 10x attack every round, if you lack this Toguro you can use Lancelot. Other popular choice tends to be Hiei because you can absorb the damage from the enemies with his Draco of the Darkness Flame, Zhuge Liang for combo count, and Feng Chih Hen to solve metasphere and other time based problems.

Fire, Earth and Dark

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
Sadly he doesn't share offensive runestones effect but still having access to demons from other attributes and with no penalty for off-race makes him pretty scary. Ghroth basically means absurd power.

[Image: 50][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 45][Image: 50]
If for some reason you want to push the HP to absurd amounts with your new favorite black card you can play this, it's full of team skills so easily you can reach something above 50k HP. You can also try to mismatch any of this combos with cards previously mentioned on the sample teams.

[Image: 60] Mahayana Punisher - Tang Sanzang: Active skill alone improved by a ton with the utility, I wished they had given him Team Attack instead of Light Attack. As leader I don't want to talk a lot about exactly how to build his teams because right now people will just focus on either max his damage potential by constantly producing race runestones, match high stats thanks to fenrir or check what are the best utility from light he can take without repeating members of the same race. I see a lot of potential but I'm not pleased that they made him really reliant on members to take full access of his kit. In the future we will be getting more cards to improve his current identity like Edison so let's see how much this Power Release version can last.

[Image: 60] Devastating Tornado - Rakshasa: Bleh, they didn't grant her on-demand deactivation mainly because that could mean we could get constant encirclement, but they could have also removed that part of her active and turn it in to removal of burning positions and make her an amazing card. So, overall the improval of just adding -2 on deactivation will be helpful but doesn't really make her any outstanding from what she offers right now.


[Image: 150?cb=20190102050900&path-prefix=zh] Elite Cat - Panther Lily: Another member that is more about Lucy, in that setup he can burst every 4 turns, you will need to know how to spin the entire combo though.

Biweekly Bosses

[Image: 150?cb=20190102110340&path-prefix=zh] Water Wizard - Juvia: The explode and runestone transfer for 1 turn can be quite convenient to deal with trojan electrified combos or similar board hazard that target only dark runestones, outside of that scenario she can't do much by herself. She is bound to be used as combine trigger with Gray (read his part above for reference) so don't miss her and without a doubt don't skip this biweekly.

[Image: 150?cb=20190102050901&path-prefix=zh] Fairy Tactician - Mavis: she is a tailored card that comes as a bonus for farming Juvia and that's it, why tailored? outside of Fairy Tail, I don't need to wait for 8 turns to get 5 turns of 1.5x. In Lucy is another story because we can get her working since the very first turn and her skill cooldown is reduced to 5 which means she is in permanent effect.

[Image: 60] Time Manipulator - Ultear: to be honest i find her disappointing, both effects are good but so they are okay for new players that lack both shields and damage boosters, but overall is not interesting if you have more advanced choices to achieve any of those skills.


Ultimate Lords

[Image: 150?cb=20190102050900&path-prefix=zh] Fire Dragon King - Igneel: Since 90% of the seal cards and biweekly are focused on Lucy Igneels right now is the only support to the series jackpot. Entire kit only helps Natsu and probably some future dragon leader, so it might be a good idea to farm him because his active skill can provide 3 effects in a single skill.

[Image: 60] Crime Sorcière - Jellal: Without a doubt he is the best member card released on this series, sadly the condition is a bit unforgiving because you can't use him on water mono, fits rainbow pretty well, helps to clear board obstacles and have brought a lot of possible fixed board paths that ease the pain against enemies like Behemoth. He got the potential to be one of those members that remain on time and age pretty well like Septem did.

[Image: 50] Dark Wizard - Zeref: Before talking about the card, let's talk a bit first about tailored content, a lot of you guys compared him with Qi Tian Di on level of difficulty, but I call bullshit, if you had any of the Fairy Tail leaders with Mavis or Natsu himself alone you were able to beat this, a lot of the cards needed to cheese this stage are from events so really there was no excuse to not get him. 

Now, Zeref as leader is interesting and can meme really well with Ying Zheng Adjutant. adding tumbler and on top trojan damage makes him a bit scary when paired with Theressia. As member I find him to be a bit of overkill but also necessary for dark mono. Like I said on the part of Ying Zheng, I do expect this year to introduce 500m HP bosses and making cards like this one actually necessary.

[Image: 60] Chifonette Fairy - Yan & Xi:This card is literally a jackpot gift from Madhead, and I call it like this because her multiplier is really powerful if you have the skills to actually keep dissolving the conditions every round. The active skill is a modern replacement of Yu Wun Tuo, adding the active portions that were introduced on the Power Release of the Tao Trio. I highly recommend to get at least 1 copy of her because this kind of skill is always good, especially with light humans which tend to benefit on dissolving all light runestones present.

[Image: 60] Dancer of Execution - Selena: She is another wave buffs similar to Zeref and Fylgja but with varying damage, pure boosters are not so good in the current phase of the game unless you are planning to rely solely on this skill as main damage source. Since the cooldown is low looks nice to grind down bosses, but that's it.

Event Bosses

[Image: 60] Master of Fairy Tail - Makarov: He is one of the reasons why Lucy is so strong right now, being able to sniper many enemies regardless of skill helps you a lot on leaderboard runs and crushing overheals. So far I think he is an amazing card but it is a bit sad that he got so many member conditions to be used.

[Image: 60] Wings of Darkness - Acnologia: This card is plain awful, he is mainly designed for the people that are still without Novalis and are really on need of having an alternative burst for Azathoth/Copper Bullet. If you have Novalis you can discard this card as burst option. The other scenario he can be used is in case you can't dissolve dark runestones and you are forced to dissolve other attribute, but still I think is something that can be solved by simply stacking runestones.

[Image: 60] Primate Conqueror - Yuan Zhen: I am pleased to see support for Ghostie on a similar fashion to Mothman when it comes to persitant effects, he also can be really good with dual Haza or Haza+Zero. He is pretty specific, but not bad at what he does, on most scenarios he will be not needed.

[Image: 60] Exquisite Perfumer - Jiutian Xuannü: I really like the fact that we are getting 12 combos out of this card and that the initial conversion pretty efficient, I really think this is mostly for Vishnu and Lü Dongbin and He Xian'Gu but time will tell if we are going to get another leader that might benefit from this amazing active skill.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]
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Thank you guys so much for helping me and encouraging me to continue posting more content for this game and community!.

Grammar fixed, thanks CatGod for the reports.

Natsu is missing time extension imho. I dont think you can compare natsu to yusuke due to the lack of time, dual rune and switching. The good news is he is the best for fire besides pompeii since megumin was a dud. I think they held back because of pompeii which was a mistake imo. They always try to protect cards like that which is annoying.

lucy is the fairy tail exclusive leader. She is powerful with them but wont surpass aqua or yusuke outside of it. There are several situations in the game where you cant dissolve hearts or the enemies changes hearts which will be a no go for her.

Erza...finally we have a 3 color yjrd or sakura and personally what were you waiting for madhead? I really think she could have been pushed to 4 color. no hp so u get dmg reduction which is basically situational hp. No time extension hurts. She is good because well we have few light leaders.

This is still a good series but my opinion says that the lack of great time extension will make 2019 difficult. Madhead is moving to 5 debuff bosses and maybe they just go to a million debuff bosses because they dont know what they are doing in that department anymore. How am i suppose to beat that with year 2013 time? Im going to play a team with time to do it unless i have no choice.

If it wasnt for me not having pompeii and many light leaders i would probably skip this.

Thanks for the post as usual.

Quote:[Image: 150?cb=20190102050901&path-prefix=zh] Fairy Tactician - Mavis: she is a tailored card that comes as a bonus for farming Juvia and that's it, why tailored? outside of Fairy Tail, I don't need to wait for 8 turns to get 5 turns of 1.5x. In Lucy is another story because we can get her working since the very first turn and her skill cooldown is reduced to 5 which means she is in permanent effect.

Mavis' normal cooldown is CD 10, not 8? She is CD 7 in Lucy, so...not quite permanent.

Lucy really depends on that CD -3 reduction to get up to par with current top teams (Ghroth has essentially the same base multiplier plus an extra per combo multiplier plus the attack sharing), but the members are so restrictive (Fairy Tail only and no dupes) and without a ton of synergy that it's doubtful that the team archetype can stick around after the inital patch...

We've had restrictive member sets be successful long term before: KoF comes to mind. KoF seems to have had a much better spread of actual utility, though.
Board explosion is a pretty critical utility Lucy really lacks so far, but maybe the unreleased Makarov? will make up for it. Are there any other cards for Lucy that haven't been released yet? Confused

I would actually guess Erza for the Arena darling for maxing out the max combo score and straight up ignoring 5 turn-7 combo shield and spin time reduction effects without actives. Erza has less issues borrowing cards from other series if good ones are on bonus as well.
Even if Lucy can reduce BP, I think most of the FT cards are actually pretty meh as far as utility goes for the arena.
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
So far we only have names for Makarov and Jellal, but there are other empty slots that correspond to the series but those are likely not affected by the team skills like Igneel.

This series is quite controversial over the chinese community because it doesn't feel that deliver the fantasy and the amount of restrictions is annoying. I feel Erza lasting after this patch, but just like you guys Lucy which have the main spotlight right now, not so much. As for Natsu I am just doing a comparison in terms of stats, I know Yusuke is far more powerful in waay too many terms so yeah.
I've said this before on discord but Lucy can potentially work with no other FT card other than a second copy of herself, provided that she can survive the first turns.
Give her a harp to reduce the initial cd of the second copy to 5, and after that is turned on then you have 3 cd 6 actives which gives you on average 1 turn of wait time between activations, good enough vs cd 2 enemies, terrible vs cd 1 but Lucy's kit doesn't really look able to handle those. Still this would be a sub par team specially since water got such amazing additions in the last year.

i think that i don't trust in mono FT because i don't see the commons as utility heavy cards and thus i feel like you will have to bring one too many off series to really count on the teamskills.
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I really think they wasted the potential of the Fairy Tail collab. I was hoping for another set of switch cards. Like...
- Erza has so many different re-equip weapons/ forms.
- Wendy has the Sky dragon form.
- Gray has the form where he has the black tattoo all over his right side (demon slayer form).
- Gajeel has the form wherein his skin changes to metal.
- Natsu can be like fire and light element. since he can use Fire and lightning.
- Lucy also has the celestial dresses, like different keys give her different forms.
- Mirajane also has multiple demon forms lol.
(01-04-2019, 01:29 AM)Altialice Wrote: I really think they wasted the potential of the Fairy Tail collab. I was hoping for another set of switch cards. Like...
- Erza has so many different re-equip weapons/ forms.
- Wendy has the Sky dragon form.
- Gray has the form where he has the black tattoo all over his right side (demon slayer form).
- Gajeel has the form wherein his skin changes to metal.
- Natsu can be like fire and light element. since he can use Fire and lightning.
- Lucy also has the celestial dresses, like different keys give her different forms.
- Mirajane also has multiple demon forms lol.

Copyright limits hurt a lot, to the point that they couldn't even license the music. This collaboration backfired heavily in the ZH community because it doesn't meet the fantasy or fans expectations, as for regular tos players with no idea about the anime this is just a bunch of tools to use during the meta or grab some 4 cards that will stay relevant in the future and that's it.
I saw on youtube that some players reached trillion damage with Mirajane team, with Hiei as the main damage dealer. They activated around 8-10 demon skills (before & after transforming), and MH simply could not display the total damage 'cuz it was beyond their maximum limit.

However, IMO it is just for showing, because of low HP and weak damage along the way.
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First thing first, MH announced the rares will be getting an update, more info next week.

To farm the biweekly I've playing the Erza meme team down below:
[Image: 95b8061c43b95faab9ce225581ec5513.jpg]

My conclusion is that she is not consistent, the team is kinda like having two enchantresses with Maevis 2.5x and Erza's five extra attacks for half damage.
The team damage can vary between 3 million damage to 20 million just based on combos and light runes dissolved without mentioning the possibility of light rune drought. This problems might get solved with a converter and Kushinada is probably the best option for those the turns light runes conversion. Other than that there aren't many multi turn converter for Erza.

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