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Oriceles Meta Analysis «16.3», Tier List 2-1-2019
(01-17-2019, 02:09 AM)kukingkong Wrote: Lucy is pretty good for this JO. I use Kurapika as the main damage dealer, Wendy is the boost every turn, Jellal for trouble rune or 7-8 combos. Other slots I put Juvia if I think I can reach boss, she is good to get rid of dark runes, or the KOF earth card Nanakase to boost combos. With 3-4 combos, Kurapika can deal 15-20 mil.

I manage to get 60-75% per spirit. The only trouble is enchanted shield, either WFE, DL or 5 colors.

I do the same on challenge and get 70 to 80%.  I've keep jellal for enchanted 5 colors but u must make sure u have a heart or water enchanted in each column that is not at the bottom.  As an alternative, bring a DC and prep the board.  

Instead of Wendy I use Mavis.  Then u don't need kurapika because Lucy herself is a booster.  I use laxus to get rid of dark runes for the Boss.  U can also use laxus then jellal to get more enchanted runes.

Long-term Lucy is the best of this patch.  Natsu and Erza are ok but not Lucy.  Aqua still needed from extreme though.

(01-15-2019, 02:02 AM)jtsmith Wrote:
(01-12-2019, 03:43 AM)Bearer of the Cursed Ring Wrote: If u are using a starter or any enchantress then that means ur team is in trouble.

ayyy lmao

however ft collab = trash

Uh u clearly do not play FT teams.  With lucy in her current state, which is missing some teamskills atm, she is hitting 1 mill per card and full rcr by doing colums from rd1.  How is that trash?

Lucy will be best fairytail card imo after this patch i assure 7 that.  Use natsu for dragon stages.  Erza will be ok.

I am doing ultear biweekly wit lucy natsu makarov wendy megumin lucy.  When i get to the boss, i use megumin to get it to 1hp, then use natsu to kill.  Then use makarov to kill the hidden mavis before she can kill herself!

Remember Jt's rule...spin time, universal rune and hp.  Lucy will have all 3 and -cd to boot.  How is that not good.

The only issue is the slow rollout of the changes but who cares about that after a few weeks.

1kk per card at 2019 for a series that's never gonna be updated

you clearly do not play tos

(01-18-2019, 08:51 AM)Bearer of the Cursed Ring Wrote: 1kk per card at 2019 for a series that's never gonna be updated

you clearly do not play tos

Remember my rule!  Madhead ain't gonna update ur crippled enchantress teams.  U think madhead gonna stop pumping out op collabs?  This is not 2015 where ur stuck.

I intially wavered on collabs thinking well ill just wait until they update something...then I woke up.  Madhead just going to string u along hoping that you wait forever.  Then once u r so far behind they lick their lips as u open ur wallet because u boycotted every other series.


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