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Oriceles Meta Analysis «16.2», Tier List 18-12-2018 + Christmas Present
Fixed Santa calculation formulas thanks to Gorngonz *#7029. Also added Gon to the list of suggested adjutants for Santa team.

I might be wrong here because santa is not here but i think you are over calculating pr santa team attk with yusuke in your merry christmas team. Yusuke is 50% by himself light and water interchangeably. Sean and santa are fire so their attk is seperate rainbow. Anyhow i dont think a calulation that assumes a mono capability is the same.

Same holds for gon...he will get the ts but u need to add killua as he is needed as a member for the ts. In any case it is still semi rainbow due to 50%. There is no universal rune in these teams.

I was thinking u could ally pr santa then replace sean with katherin but then you lose the pr santa teamskill at least as it is written now in game.

No guarentees the above as things change sometimes before and slightly after they come out. Pr santa seems usuable and for someone who does not have yusuke or gon then it certainly seems like a christmas present.

Megumin is just average as a leader when she came. She isnt trash but not as good as gon, yusuke. I knew this when i first got her. Aqua was the real jackpot of konosuba but forget about her this thread as she cannot be paired with santa. Back to megu, u cant activate her ts with santa as leader or ally. The other two can through member ts activation. Even though i never used i did notice this when i got the cards.


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