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[Now Recruiting] Level 18 Guild Kogarasumaru #1646
(05-20-2017, 08:22 PM)joetjef Wrote: You're more than welcome to join, looking forward to see you ingame!

Many thanks! Just applied to join your guild. Hehe Big Grin

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Welcome all new members!

There is a huge guild event this coming week and we are still recruiting any active players so just leave a msg here and apply directly!

[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
As clon888 above mentioned, starting on Saturday we will have a new Guild Event. The setup is totally different from previous Guild Events as we have 9 days the time to complete a number of achievements. Time will tell how difficult it will be to get all achievements, but no doubt that larger and active guilds will have the advantage.

More information about the achievements can be found at Madhead's announcement and Purge the Plague on the wiki

We are a casual guild, there are quite a few very enthusiastic players who will try to get most, if not all the rewards, but we don't set requirements for our guild members. No stress or pressure, just enjoy the game. We will try to coordinate our efforts by using LINE chat and Google Sheets to get the most out of the Guild Event. Very exciting!

That said, we are always looking for more active player to join our guild. Interested? Send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello, I applied in game. I hope you still have space; I'm active with the game but have so far had trouble finding others that are active. Your guild seems laid back and like a good fit for what I'm looking for.
Thanks, I've sent you a PM for the details, see you hopefully soon in our guild!
i would love to join
just started playing 10 days ago and i'm in love
i just reached lvl 60
and my name is shmaic
after 1 hour i will be able to apply because i just left a guild yesterday
Thanks for applying and welcome to our guild!
Hi, i applied for the guild. Hopefully, you'll accept me Big Grin
Welcome WizzErnest, enjoy the guild event!
Welcome all new members! We are currently still recruiting come join us and don't miss out on the guild event this week.
[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653

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