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Noob looking for advice
Hi everyone, looking for inputs on how to move forward based on my small pool of cards. I'll follow a simplified template to keep it as short as possible:

1) List according to attribute

5* Aqua Elementalist Molly
5* Paladin Queen of Water
5* Qinglong the Sage of the East
5* Icetoragon
4* Yidhra
5* Tefnut
5* Inferno Swordsman Sean
4* Insane Iquitos
6* Clara the Nutcracker
5* Dipankara the Monk
5* Govindasaur
5* Yvette the Butterfly
6* Yggdrasil Worldtree
5* Geironul
3* Mufasa
5* Apollo
5* Dragon Spiritor - Light
5* Jack the Gentleman
6* Keeper of Festivals - Nian
5* Inanna
6* Penguin Druid - Dodo
6* Threader of Love - Yue Lao
6* Queen Arthur
5* Baphomet the Demon
5* Faugn, the Horror in the Hills
6* Underworld Rebel Lucy
4* Decapator
5* John the Shadow Assassin
5* Morris

2) Current teams

Underworld Rebel Lucy: Yggdrasil Worldtree, Yvette the Butterfly, Yidhra, Morris + Underworld Revel Lucy
Faugn, the Horror in the Hills: Govindasaur, Icetoragon, Qinglong the Sage of the East, Dragon Spiritor - Light + Reverberation of the Whirlpools Ursula or random relevant Dragon
Penguin Druid - Dodo: Baphomet, Tefnut, Insane Iquitos, Mufasa + various Beast leaders

3) And any accompanying questions

a/ What kind of team can I build out of those?
b/ Who should be my adjutant? This is the card I should spend my souls on, isn't it?

Thanks in advance for all your precious advices. Keep it fun!

2a) Mmmm...You don't have many good cards yet. Maybe Molly + PQoW + Hermit of Dainty Rivers + Icetoragon + The Water Roe will do for now...
For the 4th seal boss, could ally Wukong and grind him, could ally Daji and try to one turn burst with a water team.

b) I don't see any popular leaders yet, so it's up to you. Don't bother investing in something you don't use though.

c) There are a few cards in the newbie seal that are "worth it", but most of the good cards that you would want are in the main diamond seal. I recommend building up your inventory with the diamond seal and coming back to the newbie seal later if you have a team that needs one of the good cards in it.
(Good cards: Medusa, Cerberus, Baphomet, Moonlight Golem, Verdandi.)

As for the MS Hero seal, you can pull more, but I'd advise against trying to complete the series. If your luck is bad and you get dupes, quit and draw from the main diamond seal instead. The seal is one time only, meaning the cards are likely to go out of date pretty fast. That said, it couldn't hurt.

d) The craft set under your leader determines what effects you get for activating craft. The other crafts determine how fast it charges. If the leader craft is 2* or 3*, then you need more same-type crafts on your team to unlock higher tier abilities. Higher rarity crafts have more abilities and have a higher damage boost cap.

New crafts can be obtained through events, clearing achievements, playing multiplayer, and spending exorbitant amounts of money in the Sunday merchant shop. The wooden opal was distributed to all players as an apology for an error.

2* crafts are likely to be distributed through low difficulty achievements for a weekly battle (like the MS stages running right now), 3* crafts are likely to be distributed through achievements for ultimate stages or transmigrations.

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Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
a. Because you have a small collection, I'm going to recommend these only as temporary setups. More draws are definitely needed for late-game teams.

Dragons - Faugn|Govindasaur|Icetoragon|Hermit of Dainty Rivers|Yggdrasil. Dragons tend to have high HP and low REC, while elves have low HP and high REC; Faugn's leader skill and Yggdrasil (elf) supplement the team's low base recovery. Yggdrasil's active also helps to burst (though it won't help against Diablo or enchanted shields because it's colorless). Your ally would likely be Daji, Wukong or any dragon-boosting leader.

Earth - Geironul|Govindasaur|Yvette|Yggdrasil|Sean. Geironul is your best leader so far, and while not an end-game one she's still quite powerful. Sean is there just as filler for skill training; Molly removes earth runes with her active which is not as good for this team. Li Hsiao Yao (LHY) would be the go-to ally, being earth and having a powerful leader skill; other Earth boosting leaders or Daji also work.
Another way to run this would be to replace Yvette with a water card to trigger LHY's 1.5x additional bonus; You could use one of his wives Zhao Ling-Er or Lin Yue-Ru with the other-colored main character to have all RGB runes trigger each other's colors.

Elves - Clara|Yvette|Yggdrasil|Govindasaur|Faugn + Daji. Two of your 6* cards are here, so I thought I'd mention it. The two dragons are there for HP; they still get damage from Daji too.

Cards you can take to end-game:
Hermit of Dainty Rivers (Qinglong, or GSoW/AoW)
Molly and Sean should be PR'd as soon as you can.

Less useful but still okay cards:

The others are too niche to deserve being trained for now.

If you need a leader for durability, Mystical Stele of Inheritance is not a good choice. Use PQoW instead, or ally a Wukong or Idun.
b. Iquitos is a commonly used leader for low-level players, who often run beast teams. You might set him up, but no need to invest souls.

c. MS Hero seal actually has 7 cards, 2 each of earth and dark. They're relatively easy to train and are at the very least decent cards, which is more than can be said for some diamond seals. But as agnesi said, this is as good as they're ever going to be, so pull at your discretion. Lucy (one of the 2 dark pulls) is a wonderful generic leader, which you lack right now.

d. We have these two guides on the forum, which explain in pretty good detail how crafts work.
austzorro's General Introduction to Crafts
Arigato's Guide to Selecting Crafts

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btw... there's a 'habit' that new player try to re-roll, keep restarting until they get a good card.
if you're not sentimental and attached to your existing cards yet... or havent spent money for diamonds... might want to consider re-roll until getting some strong leader...
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For that Geironul team, it might be better to ally power released Circe because then you have a team with good multiplier and excelent healing. While the multiplier might be less than what it can be gotten with LHY, LHY multiplier depends on how good is your spinning and if you just started a static multiplier might be better. An all max pr Circe ally also has the benefit of being a permanent damage boost after 6 turns as long as you can do 4 combos, if you see you can't get 4 combos you can just deactivate her and have her active back in a few turns.

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Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
@ agnesi: thanks for the water team suggestion and other advices
@ KaerfNomekop: Man, you bring me luck, just pulled Lucy from the MS seal! thanks for all the 3 teams and the craft guides.
@ rxwing: I've read about that, my account is already linked though and let's say I'm fairplay, I'll continue with what I have Smile
@ Joaqs: thank you for in depth analysis on the ally choice. I need to warp my mind around all the info.

First post updated with new card list, removed the Mystical Stele of Inheritance (thanks KaerfNomekop) and added a question regarding guilds.
Team by agnesi is most likely the most stable team for now, but since you have Lucy, you can use
Elf Babylon, one of the sweep teams in the game. Also, note your cards by Attribute, makes it easier to make mono teams. If the team uses an race like dragon team, its easy to spot as many people in forum are highly familiar with them, but its hard to scroll through the whole page trying to find 1 color.

As for Lucy team,
Lucy, Worldtree, Butterfly, Clara, Yihdra, Lucy
Note Butterfly is yvette and Yidhra is Water Roe, forgot you were new to the game
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Looking for: Aether, Freyr, Poseidon, Sun Ce, Cornflower, Ninurta, Phanes, Chessia, Samael, Athena, Gaia, Beelzebub, Apollo, Artemis, Namtar

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuki, Aether, Hephaestus

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Hideyoshi
Looking for: Daoloth, Hideyoshi

Thanks Carlo for yet another team, OP updated as per your recommendation.
Grats on the Lucy pull! I'll elaborate a bit on why I called her a good leader.

- Universal leader skill. Unlike Molly (Water ATK) or Clara (Elf ATK & REC), Lucy's leader skill does not apply to any specific race, attribute or combination of either. So you can just throw in any members and they'll all get their attack boosted, even if they have no internal synergy.

- Guaranteed heart drops. Often new players die because they can't heal over enemy damage. Even really skilled players will die if they have bad luck and not enough heart runes drop. With Lucy, you can force hearts to drop by making columns of 4 or 5 identical runes.

- 20% damage reduction. Compared to Wukong II's 80% reduction full health, this seems minimal, but it's still quite helpful, especially against bosses.

As for your guild, 1% of all members' EXP gains (including yours) is added to the guild's EXP, shown in the upper left (touch the bar to toggle between % and flat values). Once the guild reaches full EXP for its current level, the guild's leader or vice leaders will have to decide to pay the guild level up fee. This fee subtracts from guild gold, which is shown in the upper right (tapping toggles between gold and keys). 0.1% of all members' donations is added to this gold stash, either from guild missions or direct dontaions.

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Thanks again everyone. I've been running all of the 5 teams recommended a little (minus some limitations due to available team points). I find it yet difficult to run mono team since I often run our of runes of said color for lacking sufficient amount of cards that can convert runes. Anyhow a few more questions then:

- Is there much interest in me running leaders such as Molly, Sean, Geironul, Clara or Faugn rather than Lucy? At maximum they multiply water, fire, earth, elves or dragons damages by 2.5 which Lucy does all across the board plus add 20% hit protection at full life and convert the rune board in a balanced amount of damage and heal. It seems to me Lucy eclipses all of the others leaders as of the moment. And then again, I am not forced into a mono color approach which avoids me to run our of damaging runes or face enemies of the opposite attribute.
- @Carlo: Following the same line of thinking, please advice as to why you proposed a complete elf team while Lucy as no elf only related skills? Am I missing something? This being said the Lucy leader + Lucy ally on its own is quite deadly already.
- @Carlo: Did not really get the Elf Babylon reference and what is a sweep team? That probably explain why all elves?

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