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No dragonary craft for 3* clear of Ed SM
The prizes for achievements on the Ed SM are incorrect. At the moment it states that you get both a stone inscriptor as well as a dragonary craft. This is incorrect - you only get the inscriptor (I.e. the rewards from last time the sm was here, before compulsion was introduced). Don't feel compelled to get all the achievements if it would cost you diamonds. I wasted my time getting the dual beast achievement, but you don't have to Smile

Edit: actually, I think the listed achievements are all wrong. They should be 0 diamond clear, same leader/ally and recovery < 1000, as per the wiki.

Edit 2: I had cleared achievements 1 and 3:last time ed was here and did #2 with dual tefnut in 19 turns today. Tried clearing with a team with 3 light members but I still didn't get the craft. From the other posts here it seems possible to get the compulsion although it's not clear why some people got it but others didn't.

Edit 3: a number of people (myself included) have reported receiving the craft now.

[Image: 3afcf367c35bd7a024de000c5f16a4db.jpg]

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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Another compensation around the corner.

? No...I'm quite sure the achievments are right. The hidden achievement is finishing it in under 30 turns

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Wiki has the achievement for last time which are the less than 1k recovery.
New one's should be those posted on the ss.
I was wondering the same thing but accidentally clicked too quickly to read the achievements.

I'm guessing they changed the achievements but didn't fully update the system. Maybe the dragonary craft isn't available yet (i.e. not in the gallery) so there are problems when getting it (I think I had a similar problem when I got the purchase reward for the Babylon God before the update, so I claimed it but nothing showed up).

I do hope it's a good craft and MH gives us good compensation. Pulled a JZY right after the SM and I was hoping to keep the good streak going (especilaly after a 10 round, 0 diamond run).
Actually I just did it and got the Dragonary craft from the 3* achievements.
Mind telling us what craft it is? Trying to decide if worth it. Smile
My achievements are all yellow in colour before i even attempting it...
Clear it once with nidhogg-dagon...but no craft for me, too bad
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[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
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I had two achievements marked as cleared before I even started. Just did the leader/ally beast and got this.
[Image: 1WNFafA.jpg]

[Image: rCfmScF.jpg][Image: haCUF0c.jpg]
What are the ach? is it corect?
[Image: aa212902.jpg]
[Image: 31edd2bb.jpg]
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