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Nighteleven's video corner
yes, i still use astaroth. i like that i only need to stall 5 rounds and the team comes online. really hard to stall on SM stages for 10+ rounds before enchantresses come online (mine are not max cd yet).

i run him with 3 fast converters - alma, sgb and cheshire, so i dont have to spin so much to burst.
last slot is pr loki, with ame 4 and enchant runes, i can consistently burst 3MM with time crack.

[Image: 94e9bcf7.jpg]
Daji hades teams removes the reliance on having specific coloured runes to deal damage. A decent combo will deal damage not significantly lesser than a dual astaroth team, ceteris paribus.

Dual astaroth teams rely on a lot of low CD converters, which aren't hard to get eg. 4 baphomets fully ameliorated. But to get that far means dumping a lot of souls on duplicate cards, which reduces ur decks flexibility.

woah thank you for sharing! I'm not really smart n okay in the game, your video motivates me hahaha and hello

tired of soulstones stages that take you forever to finish?
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other allies: G-Dragon, PR Thor, AoF, or pm me I might have it
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Celestial supremacy:

It is good site.

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