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New player, need advice on leader
Hi guys,

new to the game although I've some experience playing PAD years ago.

I started with a Azazel leader since about a week ago with a mono water team.

Rolled 10x seals during the Maya event (no didn't get Maya) and got a few good cards I think:

Circe (5* form)
and some other ethereal dragons, dragon spiritor.

Did the 100 coins draw and got Guan yu.

Just want to ask if it's still viable to use Guan Yu as a leader in this meta? Can't seem to find many Guan Yu allies....

Currently I'm running:
Guan Yu (L)
Dipankara (got him the next day as the daily roll)
Azazel (since he's the highest level I've)

Some other cards I have which might be worth mentioning:

Imanotsurugi & Usumidori
PQOW (farmed)

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, as now, go for something like Guan Yu - Circe - Huifre - Agnesi - PQoW. I think she is a powerful start, you should ask for more friends with her on the forums or facebook groups. She is still viable. For meta everything from Fallen Halos and after that is still valid, and there are many leaders before them that can be considered viable.

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